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[V LIVE] 오랜만이야 핫티♡♡♡ 

20170708 - 2PM (- Nichkhun) Vlive, 2PM will attend “Lotte Duty Free Fan Meeting” @ Star Avenue 19:00 (KST)

Junho: Please don’t stick to Chansung when he goes home after work, it could be dangerous. He doesn’t get angry, but he’s scary if he does.

They care for Chansung a lot, it’s so obvious T^T

trans by: egle0702

Q: other than chansung being swarmed by fans on his way home after work, did anything else happen? why did he kneel on vapp just now? couldn’t catch they were all talking at once.

A: They joked that he should kneel and beg for forgiveness because his play performance was cancelled, but they had no idea he would actually go on his knees, so the moment he did it, they were like, omg no no, it’s not your fault and you know it, you have nothing to be sorry about it.

You could tell the members were annoyed with the drama production team about the cancellation.

Q&A via  egle0702

On tumblr, you may have seen bloggers who use very ‘strange’ sets of pronouns, like “bunself”, “catself”, etc.
First off, these are not “Otherkin pronouns”. Don’t refer to them as such. Correct anyone who calls them that.
These are called nounself pronouns.

You are probably familiar with what are called neopronouns - pronoun sets like xe / xer / xem made for nonbinary people who don’t feel comfortable with she, he, or they sets.
Nounself pronouns are pronouns based more directly off of words, made for the use of trans and nonbinary people only. Sometimes Otherkin might use ones that reference their kintype, but they do it only because they are also trans/nb.

It is very important to note that cisgender Otherkin don’t think themselves ttrans just for being kin, and just being kin doesn’t mean you get new pronouns.
These pronouns are for the use of trans and nonbinary folks only, and they’re not Otherkin exclusive. Troll blogs often claim “I’m poopkin so use shit / shit / wipeself pronouns!!!!” but anyone who legitimately thought they could be considered trans simply because of being kin would be corrected immediately by one of the many trans Otherkin on tumblr.

These pronouns have been mocked excessively by trolls. A good example of orochiumarukin (or whatever the hell their url was) claiming to use tamponself and chairself pronouns.

When you mock pronouns in this matter, you aren’t mocking ~~those wacky Otherkin~~! You’re mocking real nonbinary folks.

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My ex broke up with me because I liked snakes. I had a picture of a snake with a hat or whatever as my lockscreen and he flipped his shit bc he thought snakes were gross??. Found out later it was also cus I'm ttrans ha :^) also he liked scat&vore. :/