“WIN: Another anti-trans bill bites the dust! Thanks to our friends at Tennessee Equality Project, ACLU,TTPC (Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition), and the many trans people who shared their personal stories with legislators, for their hard work on this campaign.

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As seen on the National Center for Transgender Equality Facebook page

One of the most fascinating aspects of TTPC’s lore is how much of it is derived from interaction between the in-game events and the attitudes of the players in the chat.

General Lazorgator, Brian, and Espeon all fight against the oppression of the voices in the chat who try to kill them or erase their identity. The very reason the ‘break free of the shadows, define your own identity’ theme came about is because of people in the chat clinging to the old lore.

It’s arguable that without the Kill Gator trolls and old lore followers, the current story of TTPC wouldn’t exist (or at least, wouldn’t be the same at all).

The trolls have given us something to fight for.