Welcome campers to a brand new crossover story, “Tranquility Trails”! This tale will be starring Cuphead, Mugman, Felix, and Bendy, as they attend Camp TTP, a therapy camp. 
What are they there for? You’ll find out. We don’t want to spoil the story! Fair warning, this tale will involve themes of horror, character death, and other fun stuff! 
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All pages will have heart and soul poured into them, after all, quality is better than speed! (Though we can’t promise the art will be perfect.)

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The Taurus child-parent combination represents stability, comfort and security. Both enjoy material security and the finer things in life and don`t hesitate to work hard to get what they want. Being the sensible type, they appreciate and respect others` needs. This family is graceful and dignified. Both parent and child are hard working and are totally dedicated to achieving their goals. As both are fixed sign, they dislike sudden changes, preferring life to be stable and steady. However, the same quality can turn into a curse if they have differing ideas. They often find themselves quarreling endlessly. If they realize that they have a common goal, then no goal is beyond this family`s reach. They will have to be more accepting to each other`s differing ideas. They must recognize that their rock solid relationship is too good to be sacrificed for minor arguments. The best aspect of this relationship is their incredible loyalty to each other and their dedication to the job at hand. This is a strong, stable, and secure relationship. Their mutual love and dependability makes theirs an affectionate and a devoted family.

One of the most fascinating aspects of TTPC’s lore is how much of it is derived from interaction between the in-game events and the attitudes of the players in the chat.

General Lazorgator, Brian, and Espeon all fight against the oppression of the voices in the chat who try to kill them or erase their identity. The very reason the ‘break free of the shadows, define your own identity’ theme came about is because of people in the chat clinging to the old lore.

It’s arguable that without the Kill Gator trolls and old lore followers, the current story of TTPC wouldn’t exist (or at least, wouldn’t be the same at all).

The trolls have given us something to fight for.