my stupid dumb bat character for the tourist-trap oct on dA

im practicing colored panels (this particular bit of strip was taken from one of my audition pages, sans dialogue) and i think this simple style fits really well and its fast and easy and i have a lot of possibilities to dumb it down if i get tired of drawing it in later rounds


I notice that some of my fellow followers are members of Deviantart and I think that some of you might be interested in OCTs which are for those who don’t know original character tournaments~

This one is well our OCT

External image

Since I am getting a pretty big following maybe this will get the word out hopefully.  Auditions open on may 16… if you guys find this interesting can you help promote this by rebloggin?  I hate asking this but it’s the only way people will get a chance to hear about it and sadly we are not that popular on deviantart and we need your help in promoting us.

I’m not forcing any of you guys but it would be greatly appreciated if you were to help us out~  Oh and if you have a deviantart journal if you wanna help us we have no problem in you guys promoting us in your journals.

All I really am asking is you guys to please check it out guys I mean it can be really fun c:

TTOCT-Salty Dog Selby by kozispoon

Six days left for the Technicolor OCT over at deviantART! I’ve had this marinating in my stash while I finished off my comic intro page. I can’t tell you how happy I am I found that font for her name- they look like doggie bones!

Intro Comic

Hey hey, little lady. Showing some skin?

Salty dog Selby has a wicked navy tat on her back I finally get to show off in this comic for round 3 of the Technicolor OCT. The text is her proud ships motto: ‘Vis per mare’ which is Latin for 'Strength from the sea’.

Ugh, late night working on this. I’m going to bed.