Nightflash AU: The Flash has always been a figure of mystery, a mythical hero who stops crime and saves the innocent. No one knows for sure if he’s real, that is, until the superhero decides to step out of the shadows and make an appearance at an event the city dubbed The Flash Day.

The identity of The Flash is a secret to everyone save Blaine Anderson, who immediately recognized the speedster in the red suit to be none other than his boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe.


[Originally made for Seblaine Spring Fling 2016. Day 2: Prompt Day: Secret]

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thallen for the ship meme, pretty please with a cherry on top?

since you asked me so nicely. (pffft. like i would ever pass on an opportunity to write baddie, especially coming from you, bb.)

  • who’s the cuddler: 

cuddlingisn’t much eddie’s thing as much as it is barry’s. barry doesn’t miss a chanceto touch him: at work, at home, at the movies when the storyline becomes too boring for them to follow. barry’s fingers always find eddie’s hair, play with it until they move on to eddie’s neck, and then eddie’s arms, and eddie leans into the touch without missing a beat. when barry forgets, for some reason or another, eddie stays close enough that barry remembers and, if he doesn’t, eddie will give barry’s arm a tug and barry will look at him, confused at first, and then smile as realization hits him, splaying his arm out across eddie’s shoulders to keep him close.

  • who makes the bed: 

eddie isn’t surprised to find out, the first time barry crashes at his place, that barry is a restless sleeper. barry takes over the bed like a starfish, his limbs reaching for anything they can find; his nails clawing at the sheets and, occasionally, eddie’s chest. eddie makes the bed in the morning, before they head in to work, no questions asked even though barry is solely to blame for the mess; it is his place, after all. what he is surprised to find out, eventually, is that whenever he slowly fucks barry into the mattress at night, every calorie barry burns is somehow converted into energy in the morning: barry makes the bed before eddie is done waking up, gives eddie an accomplished smile when eddie blinks up at him, still half-asleep.

  • who wakes up first: 

barry’s grown used to eddie’s mouth on his neck early in the day, to a kiss to that sensitive spot behind his ear, to teeth sinking into the muscles on his shoulder. barry lies awake in bed, motionless, feigning sleep. he has learned to control his breathing even though he’s already hard against the mattress. eddie continues the torture, laughs against barry’s skin when it becomes clear that barry is enjoying it entirely too much, and barry kindly tells him to just get on with it already.

  • who has the weird taste in music: 

eddie will never understand how barry can go from listening to poker face to bohemian rhapsody to …baby one more time in an endless loop in the course of an hour. and, if anyone asks, eddie will deny ever having any of those songs on his phone simply because they remind him of the way barry smiles when he’s listening to them.

  • who sings in the shower: 

another thing eddie will deny and take to his grave is actually knowing the lyrics to any of the songs barry listens to. what he doesn’t realize is that he hums it under his breath every morning before barry hops into the shower with him, and that is something barry will have to take to the grave with him.

  • who is more protective: 

when they first started this, barry never once thought about keeping the flash a secret from eddie. he still remembers the awe in eddie’s eyes when he first showed eddie his powers. it was liberating, to be able to trust somebody fully. and then it happened: the flash got his ass handed to him on national television, and eddie was there before the police even were. he made his way through the sea of people, badge in hand to clear the path for him, and knelt beside barry’s body. his hands trembled as he pulled barry’s head onto his lap and barry offered him a bloodied smile. the last thing barry remembers hearing before he blacked out is, “i’ve got you, babe. i’ve got you.”

  • who cries during movies: 

ever since he started dating barry, eddie has probably gained more knowledge in the rom-com department than your average teen in love. he’s got to the point where barry will casually quote 50 first dates to him and he’ll throw a quote back before he even realizes what he’s doing. after a beer or two, when they settle on eddie’s couch with enough onion rings for an entire football team and that goddamned movie ready to go for the umpteenth time, eddie starts crying and blames it on the onions. (and barry.)

  • who spends the most while out shopping: 

their first valentine’s day together, barry drags eddie out shopping during the day (“really, anything i want?” eddie asks, and barry nods, smiles. “anything you want.”) and plans something unforgettable for the night. the hole eddie’s thousand-dollar vest leaves in barry’s bank account doesn’t seem as big when barry gets to fuck him while he’s wearing it.

  • who kisses more roughly

barry is a teaser, and eddie’s only so patient. barry’ll casually bump into eddie at work even though there’s another ten feet eddie isn’t occupying in the hallway. he’ll hold eddie’s gaze for longer than is necessary in a briefing, wet his lips ridiculously slow, and make eddie clench his teeth so hard his jaw is hurting by the end of it. he’ll sit at the edge of eddie’s desk while eddie’s wrapping up a report, eating entirely-too-crunchy fries and licking his fingers in the exact moment eddie glances up at him. and when eddie slides closed the door to his lab, after hours, when barry is pretending to analyze evidence he should have already handed over, he lets eddie grab him by the collar and crash into him, teeth and tongue and just what he wanted.

  • who is more dominate: 

barry tries. he does, but when eddie is riding him as his back is pressed to the headboard, his hands on either side of eddie’s hips, it’s a little hard to take control. eddie gives him that smile, the lazy one that makes barry whimper and twitch, says, “come on, allen,” low in his throat. “you can do it.” barry shakes his head, releases a breath that’s been suffocating him for a while now, and meets eddie’s hips with his own. “eddie, i can’t—i can’t—” he breathes out, and eddie smirks, rolls his hips harder, faster, until barry comes undone.

  • my rating of the ship from 1-10: 

to infinity and beyond!


Eddie sits up and searches the floor for his boxers, while he’s content to settle back against the headboard, watching his– his boyfriend, he supposes, though he’s none too sure how Eddie would feel about that term. Eddie’s confessed to liking him, and it could be more, but they haven’t really talked. There isn’t much to talk about; Iris would be happy for them, hell, maybe even Director Singh, but Joe would think it far too complicated to all be happening within the same precinct. Joe doesn’t like complicated, especially when that complicated applied to his kids. - @ttinycourageous, If I Stay, It Ain’t Gonna Be Easy.

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holy shit, dee. tell me you didn’t just do this to me. (i love you.)

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains:

barry never carries an umbrella, but eddie does. whenever it starts raining, barry will snatch it from him and hold it above their heads, throwing an arm around eddie’s shoulders to keep him close. eddie will mutter under his breath, something about his height and barry being a dork, and barry will only smile wider as eddie begrudgingly leans against him.

  • who is the grumpiest in the morning:

barry rarely wakes up before eddie does. more often than not, eddie will wake up with barry sprawled on top of him, cheek pressed to his chest and a stubborn arm around his waist, fingers digging into his skin. eddie will try to move and barry will angrily mumble in his sleep, tightening his grip on eddie until eddie is sure there’ll be bruises on his skin later. eddie tries to reason with him, but barry will always complain about how it’s still the middle of the night, even though it’s 1pm.

  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt:

barry is probably the smartest person eddie knows, but his brain will function at half its capacity whenever barry gets a cold. barry will curl up on eddie’s couch with a blanket and hot chocolate and refuse to move until eddie has to manhandle him into the shower to lower his temperature. barry will melt against him, loose-limbed, and hide his face in the curve of eddie’s neck as the water washes over them, mumbling that he’s fine, but eddie knows better.

  • who plays pranks on the other:

sometimes, eddie will drag himself out of bed in the morning and make coffee for the two of them, still half-asleep. it’s not until he tastes it that he realizes something’s gone terribly wrong: it’s salty. he’ll walk back into the bedroom and stare at barry until barry stirs awake, just to see the look on barry’s face when he dumps the coffee all over barry’s chest, muttering, ‘you’ll do the laundry. and stop messing with my sugar.’

  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa:

friday nights are movie nights at eddie’s. they’ll settle on the couch, pizza and beer in hand, pressed together from knee to hip. in the first ten minutes of the movie, barry will have moved his leg over eddie’s. in the next ten, the concept of personal space will have been annihilated from their reality; barry will sling both his legs across eddie’s lap and eddie will bury his hand in barry’s hair until barry falls asleep against him. neither of them finishes the movie.

  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other:

eddie loves the way barry will blush whenever he calls him ‘babe’ or ‘bar’. one day, as they’re lying in bed, tangled up in each other and sweat and sex, eddie calls him ‘teddy bar’ just to see his reaction. barry stays silent for a moment, and then there’s a quiet slap against eddie’s chest, accompanied by the curve of barry’s smile on his skin.

  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep:

sometimes barry will crash at eddie’s after a long day at work. eddie will have barely made it out of his clothes when barry tugs at his arm, dragging him to bed, and promptly falls asleep on his chest. eddie has lost count of how many of his shirts barry’s ruined.

  • who says ‘i love you’ first:

barry is asleep against him when he realizes that he’s positively, unequivocally in love with barry allen. he’ll whisper it against barry’s hair and feel barry’s smile on his chest, and then barry will move closer, press tighter against him, and whisper, ‘i know.’

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Author: anisstaranise
Characters/Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe
Word Count: 15k+

Luck wasn’t responsible for everything that went right in Sebastian’s life, but it certainly helped him along.

Amidst the hundreds of other candidates that trained and graduated from the academy in Quantico, Sebastian was one in four specially selected to join the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Cyber Division; a branch dedicated to investigating and prosecuting internet crimes.

As his career with the FBI thrived, so did his personal life. As luck would have it, Sebastian had bumped into Blaine Anderson.

Author’s Note:

Originally written for Seblaine Sunday Challenge: Disguise

For ttinycourageous, whose encouragement provided much needed motivation and inspiration.
Thank you for agreeing to read the drafts and thank you for the comments.
I doubt I could’ve finished this without you.

Designed to attain privileged access to a computer.

You could say Sebastian Smythe was the luckiest man in the state. True, he was smart and dedicated, he worked hard to be where he was, but all of that amounted to nothing without a little bit of luck in a place like Washington D.C.

Read more at AO3

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any day now i'm going to start rewatching SGA because of you .____.

hee hee. TBH, I still haven’t rewatched in years, I think. We both should. ;) Meanwhile, I’ll just live off of McShep fic like usual and reblogging the things I come across/search out on certain baes’ blogs. *G*

PS - Now, let’s enjoy spammage of some of my old icons.  (People, please drop me a quick note in my ask if you’re snagging!)


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“u r at a haunted house and got separated from your friends and u are very scared, come here, i’ll keep you safe” au + barrisco : )

(send me a prompt + a pairing and i’ll write fic!)

“I hate my friends,” Barry grumbles right by Cisco’s ear as he’s tightly gripping onto his arm. They’re walking down a dark hallway, getting their backs as close to the wall as possible and Cisco can’t help but smile rather fondly at the other boy who’s completely attached to him. 

“I don’t blame you,” Cisco tells him, right before someone camouflaged to the corner of the room jumps out to scare them. Barry lets out a scream and hides his face into Cisco’s back. 

“Just get me out of here!” Barry whines, and Cisco smiles to himself again while he has arm around his new (adorable) friend, rushing through the next couple of horror rooms. 

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