An old song, and still need to get it recorded properly, but here anywhoooo, yeah :)

Things That Irk Me, #42

When people in Costa order their drinks in small, medium, or large, rather than primo, medio, or massimo. I know that people can be busy (even if they don’t necessarily look it), but otherwise it just seems like they aren’t putting in the effort required to partake in the coffeehouse culture.


being an absolute lunatic-freak with my cousin, Jordan. we used to laugh at anything and everything and didn’t care what anybody said or thought about us. we had an indescribable bond that i wouldn’t have traded for anything. we were the coolest.

TTIM (things that inspire me) January2012

I like posting my inspirations so here they are. Things That Inspire Me (TTIM). You’ll be seeing lots of these throughout my blog.

Porcelain Dolls

They have scared me all my life and they will never come near my room ever. Their realistic eyes haunt me and even when I was looking for images to use for this post, I got shivers. I had to wake my grandma up just so I can stand up and open the lights. I am posting this at 1:49 am and I am crazy about every noise that I hear from inside the house. The dogs are barking at something.

To be fair, porcelain dolls are pretty and they have to-die-for dresses. These dolls, by their name alone, is obviously not made for little girls. It was expensive. Being expensive, it attracted a lot of customers and we hear about walls, book cases, closets, rooms and houses full of these dolls.

But what if they make porcelain dolls that INTENTIONALLY freak people out?

External image

External image

Sasha Petrova © Now this. This is inspiring. I’ll have drawings inspired by these before the month ends. More of her art in these links: sP sP2

Last thing, before I close this post. One last thing to make my point.

External image

Jessica Harrison © I’m really not into gruesome ceramics in my home but I do watch horror. There is more in this link: jH

My favorite piece of hers would be this:

External image

I’m a fan :))



New round of Things That Inspire Me. Unique/Funny/Gag furniture. People think it’s funny but personally, I would buy these (especially the burger bed).

Plus, it would be a wonderful conversation starter with a guest. I’m not a friendly person so I don’t talk to people as much as the next person (not because I lack confidence but because I just don’t want to).

It would be interesting how a double bed for married couples look like (talking about the last picture.)


So Google is doing a tribute to my brother’s hero.

My brother who is in grade 5 is a member of the origami club and lately, making small profit out of his artworks too (by selling to his non-origami-club classmates). And I think that he should know about the god of the Japanese art of folding paper, Akira Yoshizawa. Today is his 101'st birthday. Google to know more.

I’m not an origami fan but I can only offer my TTIM to him for today. I also have a 8 year old origami art that I kept because it took me hours to perfect (also because I was younger and messed up at least three drafts) that I will upload after a good nap.