Arena Map:

Rundown, decaying, abandoned, New York City.

You start out in Time Square around the cornucopia. Each available place to go is labeled with a number.

Each building is only 3 stories tall (3 levels). There are just about 2 entrances for each building, except for buildings 2 and 4. All the other entrances have been overgrown, or have collapsed. 

The light blue are all the entrances available to enter and exit out of. 

The Dark Grey are all buildings you may enter and exit.

The Green is Central Park and the small patch of green is a new formation of grass behind the building that the Jumbo-tron use to be attached to.

The Light Brown is all collapsed building and rubble. Enter at your own risk.

The Dark Blue, as labeled, is the Overflowed, Hudson River.

The Purple are Subway entrances.

Rubble area 5 used to be the Zoo. Animals have reclaimed the land and have mated. There isn’t a large population, but there is a decent amount of animals roaming the city.

All the white is capable traveling area. It is open for you to run on. 

The Subway:

We are not sure if the Subway entrances are open or not. We are also not sure if any animals from the zoo are in the tunnels. There are small cracks in the ground leaking light into the unknown territory. Enter at own risk.

Central Park:

There are only two entrances. It is completely surrounded by a still intact, gate. It is very hard to get over in dire consequences. Animals may have made this their home, but it is unknown at this time. Enter at own Risk.

Cornucopia Setup and items:

1: Richard

2: vacant

3: Amanda

4: Dana

5: Tate

6: Prim

7: Neece

8: Noah

9: vacant

10: Natalie

11: Arrian

12: Carina

13: Annie

14: Titus

15: Cassia

16: Candy

17: Caroline

18: James

19: Jai

20: Natasha

21: vacant

22: Charlotte

23: Vinice

24: Tagan


a: 5 foot long rope with a rock tied to each end.

b: Backpack 1

c: a 5 inch bladed dagger,

d: a Metal Bat

e: Sheath of 15 arrows

f: One Spear

g: Scythe

h: Backpack 2

i: Leather holder with 8 throwing knives inside

j: Small Sword

k: Bow with 5 arrows

l: Backpack 3

m: Large Sword, or is it?

Items inside the cornucopia:

Multitude of food on a shelf, Large Swords, Another Bow, Sheath of 20 arrows, set of muti-sized knives, clubs with spikes, samurai swords, throwing stars, 2 grenades, .44 Magnum with 2 bullets, crates of survival items such as medicine, sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, night-vision goggles, extra flint and steel, lumber.

Vinice Norus - District 4

Reaping day has come around yet again, and I’m no less terrified than I have been the past four years. As always, I go out to the shore and sit. I let my bare feet sink into the warm sand. I can’t imagine having to leave this beautiful life to fight to the death in an arena full of innocent kids, forced to go against their morals just to survive.

I don’t know if I could ever do it, kill someone. Life is such a valuable thing, especially for us children, whose lives have barely begun. It’s sick. And the worst part is, there’s no escaping it. You’re either in the Games, or being forced to watch it. I try to imagine a life outside of this, but I can’t. This is how it’s been my entire life.

I lie down on my bare back, taking in the fresh air of the beach, the sound of seagulls’ wings flapping through the air. Even though I hate the world we live in, I can always count on the sea to compensate for it.

“Vinice!” I hear a familiar voice shout from behind me. The corner of my lip twitches up a bit. I stay still. The footsteps get closer until I can feel the person hovering over me.

“Hey, Maybelle,” I stare up at her. Those green, sparkly eyes hold my glance as her bright red hair blows across her face.

“Vinice, the reaping starts soon. We have to go,” she tells me. Then she reaches for my arm and pulls it up.

“Relax. It’s not too far from here. We have time,” I assure her.

“Your mom told me to come find you and bring you there.”

I sigh. “Can’t we just skip this year? I’ve never felt so unable to move before.”

“You know that’s not how it works. Now come on.”

I reluctantly pull myself up from the ground and brush the sand off my body. Maybelle shoves a white shirt at my chest and brushes away some stray particles of sand. I look at her quizzically.

“I knew you’d be at the beach and you wouldn’t have a shirt so I brought you this,” she tells me.

“You know me so well,” I smile as I slide the sleeves on and begin buttoning up.

We arrive at the reaping just in time. Maybelle and I separate to stand with our groups, boys on one side, girls on the other. The District 4 escort begins talking, even though no one is listening. Everyone is too terrified for the names that will be drawn out of the bowls. Before I know it, she’s making her way to the girl’s reaping bowl. The woman’s hand descends into the transparent bowl, full of white strips of paper. Her hand shuffles around until she retrieves a slip. She unfolds the paper carefully and reads aloud.

“Neece Shrawk.”

I let out a sigh of relief. It’s not Maybelle. I see a girl whom I haven’t met before make her way to the stage. Our escort does a quick introduction for Neece and then moves to the boys reaping bowl.

I pray silently that it won’t be me.

“And our male tribute is…” she begins. Then she lowers her hand into the bowl and pulls out a paper. She unfolds it just as she did for the last one and announces, “Vinice Norus.”

My heart stops. I can no longer hear anything around me. My vision grows weak. Maybe I heard her wrong. Maybe I’m dreaming.

But I know I’m not.

I make my way through the crowd and walk up to the stage. She’s saying words, but I don’t hear them. All I can hear is my heart pounding. I try to avoid finding Maybelle in the crowd, but it doesn’t work. I see her red hair peeking out from the crowd. Her face is blotchy and tears are already streaming down her face. She’s in hysterics. That’s what brings my senses back. I can hear her sobbing all the way from the stage. She’s not holding back. Some of her friends are trying to comfort her, but it’s not helping. Her best friend is going into the arena.

I’m going into the arena. 

Update on Tributes page!

The only spots left are listed below!

Male: 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11

Female: 6

Please apply as a MALE tribute! Only ONE female spot left!! :) (i will accept AT MOST, 4 more female tributes, including district 6’s)

The games will start as soon as i get at least 4 more applications. Once i do, i will wait till a complete 24 hours goes by w/o an application. Once a 24 hour time period goes by, i will post the first task/challenge! :)

MAKE SURE YOU ARE TRACKING THE TAG -   TTIAC   - So that you can stay up to date!!!!!

The Blood-Bath. Official.

Sorry for it taking so long!!!

The countdown began. The tributes stood silent as the time ticked away. Everyone took their stance and positioned themselves in the direction they would be heading. 30. 29. 28- BOOM!!! An Explosion went off. As CANDY was positioning herself, her foot slipped and she fell off her pedestal. The mine below her went off killing her instantly and surrounding tributes were immediately covered in blood. The people closest screamed in fear and shock. No one has ever fallen off the pedestal and blown up. 5. 4. 3. 2. And they’re off.

CASSIA bolt’s forward, with blood quickly drying on her clothes, to grab the spear. Although so is TITUS. CASSIA barely manages to make it to the spear before TITUS does. She dives into it and swings it behind her, pointed end out. Titus is unable to stop quick enough and is quickly impaled.  TITUS falls to his knees as CASSIA get’s up and rips it from his right lung. TITUS falls to the ground face first. CASSIA Quickly bolts off deciding to have no more in this bloodbath. She runs towards, and into building 4, escaping with her life.

NATASHA leaps from her Pedestal running towards the dagger in front of her. JAI, next to her, does the same. JAI jumps at NATASHA and brings her to the ground. They rustle around on the ground grabbing each other  and trying to land punches. As the two are fighting, JAMES is able to get to the dagger. He decides to try and throw it at NATASHA and JAI, not the brightest idea to do. He misses and the dagger sinks into the ground next to where JAI and NATASHA are. NATASHA lands a punch on JAI and it’s just enough to break her arm free from his hold. JAMES is running towards the two, once again, not very smart of an idea. NATASHA rips the dagger out of the ground, and throws it at JAMES with her free hand. JAMES drops to the ground instantly with a dagger to the skull. 

JAI is back on top of NATASHA and takes a swing at her. It hits her square in the jaw and she cries out in pain. JAI takes in a deep breath and gets up then runs towards the small sword by the cornucopia. NATASHA frantically gets up not realizing what happened and grabs the dagger out of James' throat and runs towards, and into building 3 hoping for safety.

JAI reaches close to the sword next to the cornucopia but VINICE is just reaching it. He decides it’s now or never. He lunges forwards colliding with VINICE. He begins to punch her in her side. She cries out for her fellow careers but no one is able to help. JAI grabs the sword to their side and impales it to her chest. VINICE dies immediately. JAI runs off and enters the right side of building 9.

The timer runs out and AMANDA bolts off her pedestal  She ignores everyone around her. Most of the careers are by her. RICHARD also lunges forward and grabs Backpack 2 in front of him. He quickly opens it and takes out the small knife inside; which also contains 2 grenades, a small first aid kit, and bottle of water; and holds it ready to throw at anyone who tries to get to him or AMANDA. AMANDA grabs the throwing knives. Working as a team the reach the mouth of the cornucopia. 

TATE closes his eyes after the countdown is finished. She hears the footsteps of people running around. Luckily for her, PRIM runs off her pedestal and runs towards DANA. As PRIM was running over, she grabbed the rope with rocks in front of her and swung at DANA. She missed and DANA grabbed the rope, yanked hard, pulling it out of PRIMS fragile hands and charged at PRIM. Dana quickly lifted up one of the rocks at an end and smashed it on PRIM’s head. She cried out in pain as she was crushed to death by the smashing of the rock. TATE runs off behind him to building 7 in fear of the bloodbath. 

NEECE stumbles getting off her pedestal and is too late to be able to get any objects near her. She quickly turns around and runs towards the entrance of building 2 and makes it out alive.

NOAH and NATALIE, split only by a vacant pedestal, both charged towards the scythe on the ground. NOAH grabs the scythe and stands to face NATALIE. NATALIE nods and they both run off towards the the entrance of building 3. Not so sure if they’re in an alliance or not, they decide to stay together at least for the night.

ARRIAN leaps from his pedestal in a frenzy and dives for Backpack 1. CARINA also does the same thing. CARINA lands on top of ARRIAN but ARRIAN, on his back, kick-pushes CARINA off of her, flipping her in the same direction she was leaping. The blow it’self was enough to injure CARINA but her landing didn’t help. CARINA broke her arm and ankle. She was not getting out alive. ARRIAN runs off towards building 2, but then turns and runs into building 1. She rummages through his backpack and finds only nuts, flint, and a water bottle with a straw. She felt as if the Capitol was taunting her. We weren’t just targeting him, just whoever got the bag.

ANNIE bolts backwards towards building 4, crossing over rubble 4. Same did CAROLINE. They both stumble through the rubble, ANNIE chasing CAROLINE. Out of what seemed nowhere, a wolf jumped out and bit CAROLINE’s leg. She collapsed to the ground crying out in pain. ANNIE ran up and punched the mutt in the side but didn’t stay to help. More mutts ran out and jumped on CAROLINE. ANNIE made it to the entrance of building 4 with CAROLINE’s screams being present in her head.

CHARLOTTE and TAGAN looked at each other as the timer clocked out. They both ran forward, made it side by side, and were able to grab Backpack 3 and get out before anyone could touch them. On their pass by the cornucopia, they encountered JAI piercing VINICE’s heart with the sword and sprint as fast as they can. They entered building 11, sat down in a small office space and went through their backpack. There is a single sleeping bag, full water bottle, beef jerky, flint, and some rope. They realized they hit the survival mother load and decided to rest in their office cubicle for an hour or so then go out.

After the tributes have left or died. The careers; Richard, Dana, and Amanda stay behind and clean out the cornucopia to set up camp. As they’re quietly pulling out items and separating them into characterized piles, Amanda hears moaning from the field. She looks out and sees CARINA rolling around on the ground trying to get up. AMANDA pulls out one of her throwing knives and smirks. Perfect target practice. She throws the knife and it sinks into CARINA’s spine, instantly killing her. AMANDA yells out, “Yes!” Then turns around to RICHARD and DANA, who watched, and high-fived them both.

The canons fired.

Sponsorship Points Awarded for those who submitted.

District 1:

Richard 7

District 4:

Vinice 4

District 5:

Arrian 7

District 7:

Natasha 8

District 8:

Charlotte 4.5

Tagan 7.5

District 9:

Natalie 7

Noah 8

District 10:

Annie 1

Cassia 1

District 12:

Cole 4.5

Jai 6.5


Welcome Everyone to The 34th Annual Hunger Games!Apply now to participate!There will be creative challenges and one winner will come out on top with a special prize! We are also in desperate need of male tributes! Even if you are a girl, please sign up as a male character! It doesn’t matter to us! In fact we prefer it now because there are only 2 spots left for girls! (we will accept a couple more girls after that for All Female District Tributes, but we do need at least 6 more males)

If you have any questions please Message my Co-Head-Gamemaker, or I !:)

Apply, and May The Odds Be EVER In Your Favor!! 

The Current Tributes are listed below!

District 1: 

Female: Vanessa/HungerGames138

District 2: 

Female: AmandaKatniss-Raised-Her-Bow



Female:Prim Hawlark/HungerGamesIsMyPassion

District 4: 

Female: Neece Shrawk/ WickedTributes,

District 5:

Female: Carina/ pene1ope

District 7:

Female: Natasha/ Katniss-Becomes-The-Mockingjay,

District 8: 

Female: Tagan/TagornTheDragon

District 10:

Female: Cassia Glaber/Theatre-Chick-A-Dee

District 11:

Female: Caroline/TheRealStarCrossedLoversClato

District 12: 

Female: Jai/ thatspazwithglasses 

Male:Cole Greyfawne/ district12-katnisseverdeen

Just An Update! :)

You can apply here. 

Or click her to just see the blog:) The34thAnnual-HungerGames!!!

I really need some guy characters, the female spots are almost out. I will start accepting two females from a district or two, but i dont want the games to be all female:) So even if you are a girl, maybe apply as a guy? :) It’s just fictional:3 You can also apply as another tribute if you wanted:) Like if you’re already the girl from district 10, you could also apply as the guy from 10. 2ce the writing, but you’ll get a 100% say in what district 10 writes. Just a thought though:)

Spots Left:

Male: Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Female: Districts 3, 6, 8, 9, 10

If you dont want to joinplease reblog this so maybe your followers would:) See ya soon! And may the odds be EVER in your favor!!

The Fallen:

As the night comes the National Anthem of Panem comes on, along with the seal of Panem, and the faces of the passed tributes. The Tributes shown are:

  • Tagan
  • Dana
  • Charlotte
  • Jai

The anthem stops and the seal shows again before vanishing. Congradulations to those of you who are still alive. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be EVER in your favor! 

Sponsorship Points Information.

Throughout the games you may get any of your followers to message me telling me they want to sponsor you with ANY FOOD OR MEDICINE ITEM or just that they want to sponsor you. If they just want to sponsor you, you will gain 3 points for each of your followers that message me. If they want to give you a food or medicine item, it will not cost you any points. But if you want a weapon, you must message me YOURSELF and tell me what item off the list(which will be up tomorrow on the sponsorship item page) you would like, for the cost of however much i have set. or if you want an item not on the list, we can probably work something out. 

If you have any questions, just ask!!!! 

The current sponsorship points are listed below. Details on how to use them will be posted after the next challenge is posted.

District 1: 

Male: Richard- 18

District 2: 

Female: Amanda- 11

Female:Dana- 5

District 3: 

Male: Tate- 7.5

Female:Prim Hawlark- 5

District 4: 

Female:Neece Shrawk- 7.5

Male: Vinice- 20

District 5:

Male: Arrian- 30

Female: Carina- 5

District 6:

Male: Titus Fairbain- 5

Female: Candy- 5

District 7:

Male: James Eriksen- 5

Female: Natasha- 31

District 8: 

Female: Charlotte Simmons- 12

Female: Tagan- 29.5

District 9:

Male: Noah- 32.5

Female: Natalie- 31

District 10:

Male: Annie- 7

Female: Cassia Glaber- 27.5

District 11:

Female: Caroline- 5

District 12: 

Female: Jai- 24.5

My Co-Game Maker is helping me judge tonight's submissions while i create the map of the arena.

This is going to be a very interesting year! 

Those of you who havnt submitted do still have time!! But there will be NO makeups or extensions for this!!! Due to needing the games to START and it’s twice as many Sponsorship Points!!! 

See you in an hour and a half with Task 5 and the results of Task 4!!!

There was a horrible accident....

Vanessa of District 1 was taking a shower on the train on her way to the capitol. The light at the top of the shower gave way, therefore electrocuting her to death. This brave Tribute will not be forgotten.

Charlotte, District 8: The reaping

The morning of the my third reaping is still and gray. 

I wrap my arms tightly around myself as I walk to the town square. Beside me is Will, and I can feel his shivering from the cold. Or maybe he’s shaking with fear. It is his first reaping, after all.

“It’ll be alright, Will.” I say.

“But….what about Elise?” He says, and I immediately tense up. Elise. She’s our older sister. Or she was, before she was killed in the games three years ago. I reach into the pocket of my dress and run my fingers over the small red cloth inside.

The piece of cloth came from Elise’s favorite dress. Now I take it wherever I go, trying to keep a piece of her with me.

“It’ll be alright.” I repeat, tucking a strand of red hair, the same color as my mother’s, behind my ear. I am tall for my age, but my wide eyes show my youth. 

Will looks more like our father and Elise. His hair is dark brown, as are his eyes. He’s twelve, but small, though he likes to act tough. Sometimes I believe he is as old as he pretends to be, then I remember how his eyes are always tear-filled on the anniversary of Elise’s death.

We reach the town square, where we have to seperate into our respective age groups.

“Charlotte…” Will says, panic rising in his voice.

“It’s okay, Will.” I say, trying to fight my own nerves. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”

He clenches his jaw and nods. I watch him march off like a little soldier to the huddle of twelve year olds. Once he disappears, I turn and make my way into the crowd.

“Charlie!!” I turn and see my three best friends waiting for me a few feet away. Isabella, who’s been my friend since birth, is lovely as usual: her long, white blonde hair combined with her white lace dress makes her look positively angelic, but her usually bright blue eyes are dark with fear. Her twin brother, Jake, looks relaxed, but his hands are just barely shaking. And finally there’s Alex, taller than everyone else, cleaning his square-rimmed glasses. He puts them back on and smiles at me, running a hand through his brown hair like he always does when he’s nervous.

The Reaping day makes a mess out of everyone.

“Hey,” I say. “Everyone okay?”

They all nod, then Alex says, “How’s Will?”

“He’s…” I glance off in the direction of the area roped off for the twelve year olds, but I can’t see him. “He’s fine. He’ll be fine.”

Isabella and Jake nod, but Alex continues to look at me, concerned.

Suddenly, the mike onstage comes to life. We are forced to sit through a half hour of pomp and circumstance: speeches, videos, and ceremonies commemerating the “glorious occasion” of the games.

I remember standing in this very place, just a few feet away, when Elise was called up to the stage. I remember the way the air seemed to leave my lungs, how my scream started out silent, then grew into a shriek of anguish. I remember my father pushing through the crowd while trying to find me, Will clinging to the shirt, our mother sobbing.

I try so hard to forget. But I remember.

Soon, too soon, it’s time to select the tributes. I watch our escort dip their hand into the large glass bowl. I close my eyes. 

Our family can’t go through this again. Lightning can’t strike twice. The odds are in our favor. I tell myself these things.

A slip of paper is selected, unfolded, and smoothed out.

Then a name is called out.

And it’s mine.

I’m falling to my knees, but everything feels slow, as if I’m moving through honey.

I feel my friend’s hands lifting me off the ground. Alex grabs my hand and leads me to the stage. There are tears in his eyes.

And then the screaming begins.

It’s Will, I can tell: he shrieks my name over and over, but it’s too late. Alex and I reach the stage, and he squeezes my hand.

I turn to him and whisper: “Please don’t let go of my hand.”

“I have to,” He says. “I’m sorry, Charlie. Be brave.”

I nod and blink away tears. Then I ascend the stage.

Everything else blurs together: I can see my parent’s faces, pale and tear stained, in the distance. I see Will, who’s pushed forward and is now at the very bottom of the stage. Another tribute, a girl from my school, is called. Then we are led into the Justice Building. The door shuts behind us with a thud, blocking out the light beyond it.

Final Two Tributes:

As being the only two of the 3 tributes that submitted, I am proud to present the final two tributes of the 34th Annual Hunger Games!!

Noah and Natasha!!!!

I will have the next task up in  the next few hours!!! :)