The Trial

From Joe’s POV

So i got this request yesterday and i got really into it and i managed to finish it, which is surprising.. i hope y’all enjoy it, send me feedback and all that and requests :) 

i cried multiple times while making this…

It was around 5 in the afternoon when I heard the front door unlock and I could hear her taking her coat off but she didn’t say anything, I waited for her shout ‘hello!’ or ‘I’m back!’ but I knew she wouldn’t. She didn’t have to, I wasn’t going to think it was weird that she didn’t because today all she deserved was someone to look after her.

To care for her.

To tell her everything would be okay.

I wandered into the kitchen where I knew she would be. She sat on one of the stools, looking out, the tears streaming down her face, carving paths down her cheeks, just sitting there, watching the world go by.

I knew she wouldn’t want me to fuss over her, or make this a big deal, she didn’t want to be the center of attention. I put the kettle on to boil knowing a cup of tea couldn’t do any harm then went over to where she sat and stood next to her.

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protip if the shitty society you live in says you cant be with your boyfriend cause you’re both dudes and he’s japanese just start fucking shit up. get psychic powers from a random green haired chick. cosplay batman. say your name is a number. just mmake shit up when people ask you shit, start flying around in a goth robot. become leader of a resistance cell. break into heaven in a thought elevator & ttell your parents fuck off. turns out your mom was never dead jackass. have your maid impersonate you shove a girl into a bucket of tomatos command god and ascend the throne and then come out on it in the same episode yyou’re a senior in high school

A drunk fanfiction by chiibe

Cow of the wild. This is s story about Donald trump he was on a missions to conquer the world but he realised the world was ttoo much so he pretended to be a wolf. Donald trump the wolf. He wanted control of the cows but the cows didn like d0nakd trump because even the cows            hated  Donald trump.. did you know that donal0d trump means Frt in English. It does I swear to goe. Hyojin choi has a mother who ate her dog. What a shame. I don’t like stereotypes but this ones real. DoNALD TRUMP TURNED INTO A WOLF  and ecveryone was like what the fuck. Rune became really hot abd even though chiibe wasn’t a furry she wanted to ffuocconk rune. Ok can but we all agree that rune is really hot. Ok I gotta pee but brb wow I don’t rememvber writning thus. Hypjin was there and she was ttelling everyone not to be racist but she is Asian and she told everyone that her mom was forced to eat her own do g once. What a crazy world ok. I want to eat a pizza but im gonna ask twitter first.. ok since no one has answered me yet im just gnna make a pizza. Hey chiibe did you know  that everyone headcanons kion from the lion guard as gay? Wow what the fuck. I can imagine kion and beshte getting together or ono and beshte, imtired. Imi gonna make  apizze brb. Chiibe, aka me, went to make  pizza. Then  beshte rom the lion guard met up with hyojin and hyojin said r=that she wouldn’t fuck a hippo so beshte was sad. But it was ok because hyojin had her friends who provided her with the tastiest bleach from all the land. Bung from the lion guard ws there, hhe fucked dona,ld f=trump in the asss who appreciated bunga’s long honey badger penins. But then out of nowhere obana appeared and fucked Donald trump. He was ok with this because he had fancied Obama for a long time. Also Donald trump wanted to make americca into a society similar to cow od the wild. But he couldn’t because two dragons showed up who said they were ther true airs to the throne so donaald trump and Obama couldn’t rule America but they ended up finding two really cooll horses tha could fly. Obama ended up having sex with one punch MAN OBAMA HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO FUCK AN EGG. Also chloe from miraculous ladybug was there. No-one liked hebecausre she was a bitch. Fuck Donald duck. I mean Donald fart.. ujhiocgbfxtrWGMKNK. Pyrocinca was there and he told everyone to kill themselves but they didn’t because it was pyrocynical. Neopets. So many people are telling me to go ion neopeyx. Bbut flightrising is better than nepooetts. Why do people block demi m the best entertainment evr. Squizzy is a memer. Flightfethers is very edgy. Fluffylovey.. wolves. Miraculous ladybug………………….


I came out of the ocean to tell you to keep shipping whatever you want, I’ll beat up anyone who tries to give you trouble for it >:C