Jeremiah Collins , 25, Power Control Assistant, FC: Drew Roy, Taken

Power: Shadow manipulation

Jeremiah is 25 years old, and he’s a total asshole, selfish and foul mouthed. He’s Robert’s assistant, so he’s cool with him, though that doesn’t mean the feeling’s mutual. If you look at him, he might give you a nasty look if he doesn’t like you or smirk and a snide flirty comment if he likes what he sees. He’s not afraid to hurt people’s feelings, and he tends to do it often. Jeremiah wasn’t always like this, his past shaped him into a dark and hard man. He doesn’t like to talk about his past, so he stays quiet about it. Only if someone completely gains his trust he will share his secrets, but so far, that’s never happened, and he doesn’t expect that to change.

Cabin: Hawk

Unitec lecturer's win teaching excellence awards

Nursing lecturer Sue White and building technology lecturer, Kamuka Pati, have been recognised for excellence in tertiary teaching. The two Unitec lecturers along with 8 others received Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards (TTEA), last night at a reception at Parliament Buildings in Wellington.

“To be recognised at such a high level is very validating, and winning the award is a fabulous endorsement of my teaching style,” says Sue. “We had to demonstrate not only sustained excellence in teaching but how we plan, design, assess and facilitate learning, how we reflect on and evaluate learning and our contribution to professional development and leadership in teaching.”

Kamuka feels proud to be chosen as a recipient for the award as he points out that there are many great teachers at Unitec.

While the teaching experience of Kamuka and Sue varies from six years up to 25 years, what unifies them is their great passion for teaching.

“Every person is an individual and has different needs,” says Sue. “To help the students I use a lot of variety in my lecturers to ensure everyone is involved”. Sue explains that she uses stories in her lectures to help students relate to the subject. “Sciences feel like a mysterious world for some students. The use of stories and analogies helps to translate foreign terms and concepts into a language they understand.”

Kamuka highlights the importance of gaining the trust and respect of students. “Not having an authoritative approach but rather an equal approach is what sets you up for the entire year. I constantly challenge myself to improve and I ask myself: How can I do it better next time?” Kamuka continuously searches for ways of improving student learning and keeping students involved.

Putting the student in the centre of the teaching and learning process is what Kamuka and Sue have in common and what identifies them as excellent teachers.

About the awards

The annual Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards, established in 2001, celebrate New Zealand’s finest tertiary teachers - as recognised by their organisations, colleagues and learners. They provide an opportunity for teachers to further their careers and share good practice in teaching. A key focus of the awards is to identify and reward teaching practices that are student-focused and committed to promoting effective learning.

The awards are administered by Ako Aotearoa - The National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence.

In 2013 ten Sustained Excellence Awards of $20,000 each were awarded.


Robert Fitsgerald, 36, Power Control teacher, FC: Richard Armitage, Taken

Power: Haemopotent Replication

Robert was an army man through and through. Raised in a military family he followed through to do what his father before him did, fight a useless war in the marines and somehow get out of it alive. Now retired from the military, Robert taught self defense classes and was recruited to the camp by someone Robert refuses to talk about. A man of many faces and mysteries, Robert never admits what power he has or his dark motivation to use it and grow stronger.

Cabin: Hawk

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