A glimpse into how everyone’s favourite trashman, Aaron, turned green….
Written by the fabulous @lamarcodon!      
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           A brown haired human male in his thirties peered into an experiment chamber through bespectacled eyes. “Alright two-eighty-five, where’s my… Wow lil buddy, lookit you! You’re gettin’ so big! Look at you!”

            Inside, behind a clearsteel screen, a translucent green blob roughly the size of a basketball trundled around the chamber. It noticed him through the screen and approached, making happy little gurgles.


Some things were KNOWN: the darkening leaving the chamber meant it was time to stop SLEEPING and the sound of the door outside opening meant AARON was coming and AARON was the large SAFE creature who brought THINGS TO EAT and FUN GAMES and gentle touches and which all felt GOOD and AARON was a GOOD THING to KNOW.


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