Trip to England || Klaus & Remy

Remy felt her eyes jerk open as the plane wheels hit the ground. She’d fallen asleep on the long ride over, her head resting against Klaus’ shoulder, “H-Hey,” she said, without moving as she rubbed her eyes, “w-we’re landing…” she lifted her head up and stretched her arms high over her head. She had been over to England a few time to visit her Grandmother and Grandfather when he was still alive and she was still living there, but the last time she had been there was years ago. Remy’s stomach felt so giddy to be returning and to be able to have a chance to see her brother. Remy gave Klaus a wide smile as the sign to keep your seatbelts on turned off and they were allowed to get out of their seats.

Me and @tomorrow-is-forever-all-ours developed personality types based on the characters of tte/a. So, tag yourself! Ok, here we go:

  • Necators usually like cats and love glory. Though they come off a bit rough, (hiding things about their past from those they trust), they have hearts of gold.
  • Hoggers are loud, violent , but when you get to know them.. what sweethearts. They just don’t know how to express their feelings. (best understood by pervinces.)
  • Pervinces are sweet and humble, always trying really really hard. Thrives on validation. They just want love. Gets crushes on lots of different people, mostly lailias and hoggers.
  • Andrys don’t really bother with romance, or don’t show it at least. Ambitious as hell. Sneaky, even when they have no reason to be. Not easily trusting, but once you earn it you’re pretty much stuck with them, they’ll always come back to you.
  • Yogallas are hopeful, trusts easily and intensely, does not let go of the past, huge grudge holders, both great liars and friends, cats.
  • Pompers love food, and everyone around them. Very positive, looks on the bright side of life, super trusting. Just wants to help. (gets along well with pervinces.)
  • Laws just want to help and will do literally anything to try to do so. (also a treat in pervinces) Their friendship is intense, will do anything for those they trust. Doesn’t care what people think.
  • Lailias are natural born leaders, independent and competent, seems to always be surrounded by fools. Really wants to trust but LOOK AT THESE LOSERS. Only trusts after a long time, and never breaks it. (constantly challenged by hoggers.)
  • Thereses don’t trust ever, closed off but wants really bad for their friends to be happy. Will try super hard until they just don’t want to anymore. Gives up easily or not at all, depending on the day. Prone to violence, but only when prompted by someone disrespecting their space. (gets along quietly and well with hoggers.)

i know illegal allies is cool and all but pls consider: tabletop gta au. hogger the tank who storms in guns blazing and explosives at the ready, causing chaos and never sticking to the plan. hogger who watched his mother get killed by gangbangers and swore to get revenge for her and now he can’t walk away.

andry the sneaky, nimble thief who always manages to get herself out of a sticky situation. she’s small and nobody expects much from her, but she’s quick and sneaky and great at going undercover. necator the clumsy thief who always botches their heists and causes more problems, but he’s good in a fight, and he’s likeable, so he’s worth keeping around.

pervince who has the business connections, the charismatic one who sings while they’re blowing up safes or security doors, who covers for hogger and who charges in without listening to their intel. lailia the sniper who rolls her eyes and runs damage control when necator and hogger fuck things up.

yogalla the tech wizard who nobody expects to be good at hacking at cyber crime bc he’s old, but he’s a genius with computers and makes mean custom weapons. yogalla who has black market connections around the globe, who can wire money and fence stolen goods no problem.

therese the young orphan who fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up involved in a life of crime, who got took under necator’s wing and moved up from petty theft to bank heists. therese who is scared, isn’t sure she wants this, but it’s the only life she knows. therese and pervince working together to run cons and art heists to make money without killing anyone., because she’s only really okay with that when it’s absolutely necessary.

law being a sort of robin hood; this criminal with a strong moral compass, who steals from corrupt corporations and keeps very little of his takings for himself. law who runs his own jobs on the side, who goes MIA one day and the crew never hear from him again.

pomper who trained as law’s apprentice but didn’t realise the extent of law’s work. until pomper goes looking for him, finds letters and legal documents which law left for pomper, in case anything went wrong. young, wide eyed pomper being expected to carry on law’s legacy, but who doesn’t really trust the rest of the crew, isn’t ready to hurt anyone. so he ends up mostly gathering intel and acting as the crew’s medic. just. tabletop gta au. please.