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Fluff = ^.^

Smut = **

Angst = T^T


Admin Day:

Grapes ^.^

He Teaches You How To Skateboard ^.^

I’ll Be Your Nurse

Everybody’s Soulmates’ Name Is on Their Wrist ^.^

College Life (Lazy) ^.^

Open When… ^.^

Tolerable ^.^

Whale Sounds ^.^


Mr.Jackson** (My first smut! Its sooo bad >.<)

Language ^.^

A Good Deal ^.^

Unexpected Interruptions **

7 Days T^T/ ^.^

By The Water T^T

Typical Movie Scene ^.^

Open When ^.^

Admin Savannah:

(Looks Like We’re Stuck Here For A While) ^.^

Goodbye T^T

Admin Nezzie:

Natural Rivalry ^.^

Mar De Cristal ^.^ / T^T

Stolen T-Shirts, Stolen Heart. ^.^

Six Feet Under  T^T

Te Amo, Se Agapó, I Love You  (Poly!Lercy) ^.^

Jealous T^T/ ^.^

Thanks Valdez ^.^


Admin Day:

Percy’s Type of Girl ^.^

Percabeth Headcanon

Dating Percy Jackson Would Include ^.^

Valentines Day ^.^

Admin Nezzie:

The Jacksons ^.^


Admin Day:


Maybe I Could (Fluff Ending) (Smut Ending) ^.^/ **

Things Will Get Better, Little Soldier ^.^

The Silent Treatment ^.^

Gaming ^.^

Wisdom Teeth ^.^

I Think I Broke It ^.^

Partners In Crime ^.^

Rude Much? ^.^

Happiness In Strange Places   Pt.2 ^.^

Whistle T^T

Cherry Flavored ^.^ / **

Admin Nezzie:

Sticky Fingers ^.^

Power Of Persuasion T^T

I Love You ^.^

Number Two ^.^

A Life Of Pride  ^.^

Alone Together ^.^

Lost And Found T^T / ^.^

Curfews And Near Deaths T^T / ^.^

Assholes, Insults And Emotions ^.^

Te Amo, Se Agapó, I Love You  (Poly!Lercy) ^.^


Admin Day:

When Nobody can See….  T^T

What Type of Girl Leo would Go For… ^.^

Dating Leo Valdez Would Include ^.^


Admin Day:

Spare Me! ^.^ and kinda **

Valentines Day ^.^

Kiss Me ^.^


Admin Day:

Calm Down ^.^

Misery and Comfort ^.^/ T^T

Valentines Day ^.^

Whistle T^T/^.^

Admin Nezzie:

Jealous ^.^/T^T

Coming Out, Grace ^.^


Admin Day:

Jason’s Type Of Girl ^.^

Valentines Day ^.^


Admin Day:

Pretending to Hate Each other Part 2 ^.^

Our Song ^.^

Positive (Part 1) T^T?

Forget It (It’s terrible so don’t bother) T^T??

It Was Just A Dare ^>^

Territorial **?

He’s insecure T^T / ^.^

Heartfilled Confession ^.^

Cravings ^.^

It Was Just A Dare ^.^

Admin Nezzie: 

Blurted Out T^T / ^.^

Into The Unknown ^.^

Um, Traducción Por Favor? ^.^

Starry Eyes ^.^

Arguments And Insecurities T^T / ^.^

Phantoms And Demigods ^.^

Nicotine ^.^


Dating Nico Di Angelo Would Include ^.^


Admin Day:

Two Miserable People ^.^/ T^T

Admin Nezzie:

Swords & Kisses ^.^

Clueless ^.^


Dating Frank Zhang Would Include ^.^

HoO Boys Prefrences:

Admin Day:

What He Gets You For Christmas ^.^



Admin Day:

Dating Annabeth Chase Would Include ^.^



Admin Nez:

Girls Like Girls


Updated: July 14th 2017 By Admin Ash.

Y él se dio cuenta de que quería ser amado; mas no sabía cómo. Había vivido tomando a las mujeres cual vino y ahora, que soñaba con una vida estable y feliz, miraba a su alrededor y veía sus ganancias y trofeos, pero no existían sonrisas, ni pasos ligeros que lo acompañasen en su departamento de soltero. Quería admirar, compromiso, luchar junto a un ser tan fuerte como él, llegar a casa y abrazar a una sola persona, escuchar la palabra “papá”; pero no, estaba solo… y lo peor, soñaba con tener una vida familiar y no sabía cómo.
—  Triste realidad de muchas personas que creen que cantidad es mejor que calidad.