Experience New York City by foot.

You don’t fully experience New York until you’ve walked through the city.

For those who love walking, try walking from 5th Avenue all the way to SoHo, then across Brooklyn Bridge. Do it over the course of 2 - 3 days, take in everything around you, stop whenever you like for a quick bite, a break, some souvenirs, shopping or just to people watch. 

I walked this route myself this past spring break, despite the freezing weather and unfamiliar roads. It was one of the most rewarding feeling when I finally finished walking through the town.

A. Begin with a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), then walk along Madison Avenue, where all the Designer brands’ flagship stores are located. Take a break at Ladurée, a macaroon shop, and try one of their infamous macaroons or buy a few as souvenirs. 

Continue along Madison Avenue, or turn right towards central park and walk through the beautiful park featured in many movies. Turn out to 5th Ave on 59th Street, and visit the Apple Store, FAO Schwartz, or shop at one of the designer’s flagship stores. 

Continue to Rockefeller Center on 47th Street. On the way, stop by the 53rd and 6th Ave Halal Guys Cart (B)! It is one of the best Chicken and Rice I’ve had! They give you a good amount of chicken for just $6 dollars. There are a few more Halal carts around Times Square or Soho area, but something tells me that the 53rd and 6th is the best one. 

You can walk to Times Square from there. Make sure you go at night, because that’s when you really get to see the beautiful lights from the stores and billboards. Watch a musical if you like, shop around at M &M, Disney, or simply enjoy your surroundings.

If you have time after, you can walk to Grand Central Station (D) and check out the movie location for movies like North by Northwest and Superman, or enjoy an oyster feast.

From there, you can conclude your day. Begin the next day at the Flat Iron District. Check out the Flat Iron Building, stop by Eataly for some wine and cheese, or a nice lunch. Or try the infamous Shake Shack, for burgers and fries!

Continue walking, or shopping, along Broadway Street. Stop by Union Square, Washington Square Park and NYU for some pictures or a relaxing break. If you want a little snack, I highly recommend Amorino, an Italian dessert place close to NYU. Their gelato is one of the best.

Next, shop at Soho along Broadway street. Its my favorite shopping area in New York because it’s a mix of local brands and big international brands. 

Stop by Chinatown next for some cheap souvenirs. Or, continue to the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and end up at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, one of New York’s oldest and most famous coal-oven pizzerias. End your tour at the Brooklyn Bridge Park with an amazing view of the Manhattan Skyline. 

- Post by Triptrotter Wynne Chan from San Francisco/Los Angeles

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