No one tells you

No one tells you that it’s a possibility.
No one tells you that it will make an impact on your life.
No one tells you that it’s an excruciating pain.
No one tells you that you will feel like your heart has been ripped out.
No one tells you that you’ll feel empty.
No one tells you that you’ll resent your spouse.
No one tells you that it will eat you alive.
No one tells you that you’ll spend nights blaming yourself.
No one tells you that your eyes will produce never ending tears.
No one tells you that the days will go slow.
No one tells you that you’ll cry whenever and wherever.
No one tells you that you’ll lose your faith.
No one tells you that your mind will be consumed.
No one tells you that seeing one child can ruin your day.
No one tells you that eventually everyone will go on with their life except you.
No one tells you that it will hit you when you least expect it.
No one tells you that you will lose your motivation.
No one tells you how hard it is to try again.
No one tells you that you’ll become jealous of those who have what you don’t.
No one tells you that it’s okay to cry.
No one tells you to take your time.
No one tells you that it’s okay to not want to get out of bed some days.
No one tells you how long you’ll be stuck.
No one tells you that you will never be the same.
No one tells you how traumatizing it is.
No one tells you that in the back of your mind, you’ll ask ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’.
No one tells you that it’s a long journey to recovery.

No one tells you that losing a child will be so hard.

They just don’t.

I don’t think anyone will understand the pain or struggle that comes with couples who are trying to conceive, unless you’re another couple who are TTC.

No matter what you say there’s gonna be that asshole who tries to tell you to, “calm down, it’ll happen.” Or “stop thinking about it and it’ll happen.” Or “do you really want children right now?”

Like do you want to be punched in the damn throat? Cause it can be arranged.

Just because yours wasn’t planned & you weren’t ready, doesn’t mean I’m not ready. I don’t care no matter what you tell me will not want what I want any less.

I highly dislike hearing some shit people come off with. Like move along. I’m the wrong person to say that to.

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25 days

25 days since i was supposed to get my period.

That’s just crazy to me.
I know it happened a few months ago but I have more hope this month that maybe I am pregnant.
I know the chance of me being pregnant is slim to none since I took a test at two weeks late and it was negative but bare with me on this.
My first pregnancy I took a test at about a week late (I believe I was gonna have a drink at dinner and wanted to verify I was not pregnant) and the test showed not pregnant. At this time my period was just starting to become regular so I wasn’t really concerned about being pregnant, I thought my period was just acting up again. Now I didn’t test again until I missed a second period and when i tested at that time the positive showed up right away. So I really don’t know when I would have gotten a positive pregnancy test during that first month. ( sorry if this makes no sense)

So I’m just holding out that maybe I’m one of the few women that it takes a few weeks to show a positive on. Clearly I’m not one of the women who can take an early detection test and have it be accurate. (When I was pregnant with Jackson I only took expensive name brand tests because I didn’t believe the cheapies would be accurate)

So now I’m going to blabber on about possible symptoms I could be having because I’m just that crazy.
1. Boobs could be bigger? Honestly I’m not sure on this one simply because I see them everyday and it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. (This also applies to if my nips have darkened idk)
2. Sense of smell, I feel like has been more sensitive the past couple days.
3. The random bleeding. It has happened 3 times now. Where I go to check things out and I find maybe at most 3 drops worth of blood. I know it’s probably from me poking around down there but it has never happened before in the past 6 months that I’ve been ttc and I am always extremely gentle. I know when you are pregnant, there’s a lot more blood flow down there which can cause bleeding easier.
4. Random period cramps a week or so ago where I could have swore I was going to get my period but never did.
5. Bloated. Or I’ve just eaten too much. 😂
6. Cervix is really tightly closed. To be fair, it’s been like this in the past and ive gotten a period so it really means nothing to my body.
7. When Jackson and Ben got sick a week and a half ago I thought I was getting sick but it was only a sore throat. None of the symptoms they were having. When I was first pregnant with Jackson I had a sore throat and thought I was going to get sick but I never did.
8. Tired, but I am a stay at home mom to a terrible twos toddler so that could be why I am always tired.

I think that’s it, and when I get my period in a week or two I’ll feel really dumb posting this long list of symptoms that are probably all in my head. 😂😂

2:40 AM

Not being pregnant sucks.
Not having a baby sucks.
Being up at 2:40 AM just because you can’t sleep and not because you’re up feeding a newborn sucks.
I just want a baby.
I want to be a mother and I want to make to make my SO a father.
Is that to much to ask for?