To everyone TTC:

May 2016 be your year.

May it be filled with baby dust.

May you finally get that BFP.

May you finally hear that heart beat.

I am rooting for you, you strong, beautiful person.

You have been told no too many times. It’s about damn time you get told yes.

You will have your tiny human, and it will be just as wonderful as you pictured.

I cannot believe how strong you have been.

May 2016 be your year.

A reminder for all the beautiful people out there who are TTC:

You are stronger than your friends and family could ever imagine.

You take every new challenge and you make it work.

You are a goddess.

Family and friends who tell you to “just relax and it’ll happen” DO deserve to be punched in the face.

You are what it really means to be a mother; you sacrifice your time, your sanity, and your heart to make this dream of a baby your reality.

And it will pay off.

I love you.

Do you know what really upsets me?

When women tell other women “oh just stop trying” or “I got pregnant when I stopped trying”
I’m so happy for you but you do know this is everything that I have every wanted and my brain just does not “switch off” from trying to get where I want to be.

I’ve had my months of not giving a shit and I’ve had my months of trying everything I can think of and guess what?

I’m still not pregnant.