This month. I don’t even know where to begin. I almost don’t want to track fertility… last month I really felt great about ovulation and timing, and then my luteal phase was so short i couldn’t have even gotten pregnant. It’s completely discouraging. I will track temps and ovulation because I would kick myself if I didn’t. But I will not hope for anything more than a normal cycle this month.

To everyone TTC:

May 2016 be your year.

May it be filled with baby dust.

May you finally get that BFP.

May you finally hear that heart beat.

I am rooting for you, you strong, beautiful person.

You have been told no too many times. It’s about damn time you get told yes.

You will have your tiny human, and it will be just as wonderful as you pictured.

I cannot believe how strong you have been.

May 2016 be your year.

Reblog if you refuse to send hate or hurtful judgements toward other TTC'rs, pregblrs, mumblrs, etc.

I want to follow people that are here to have somewhere to vent and share their life and get/give positive support.
I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures and will never be mean to you. We are all in this together. 💗