We’ve written songs that if they don’t work for me, Ed [Drewett] will present them to Zayn. 

I’d love to write something with him because he’s talented and he’s got a good voice.

—  Craig David talks about Zayn and how he wants to work/write with him [x]
All the Most Thrilling Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming This Fall
Your “to read” pile is about to get much more massive. This fall’s science fiction and fantasy books include new titles by legends like Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Stephen King, Jim Butcher and Tanya Huff. You’re not ready for this! Which is why we’re getting you ready, with our guide to fall books.
By Charlie Jane Anders

io9 included Welcome to Night Vale in their fall books roundup! My favorite part is that someone posted fan art in the comments, making this the one time you’re allowed to read the comments.


Italian press
Louis Tomlinson will no be father and He’s in a relationship with Harry Styles: #WeKnowTheTruth Do the fans know everything?

In spite the fact Louis Tomlinson confirmed himself - between the teeth - at GMA, a lot of rumors went around Briana’s pregnancy, even a possible abortion. Someone still believe there’s no baby. It could be just a cover story planned by M!M for distracting people from Louis and Harry’s relationship.
Larry shipper still give their complete support to the hypothetic homosexual relationship between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Even if the long hair one could be dating another person, Alexander Ritz, or Louis has fun with girls. If even the press doubts about this story, maybe something is going to happen and fans just knew it?
Clovis to unveil banners featuring famous residents
The City of Clovis will unveil a series of banners in tribute to famous former residents during a special ceremony on Thursday.
By Hannah

The City of Clovis will unveil a series of banners in tribute to famous former residents during a special ceremony on Thursday. 

The banners will be displayed on the Old Town Trail, to the east of Clovis Avenue and north of Shaw Avenue, and feature successful residents who came from the community. The first five banners will feature: 

• Franklin Antonio, co-founder and executive vice president of Qualcomm. 

• Chris Colfer, Golden Globe-winning and Emmy Award-nominated actor, author, screenwriter and producer. 

• Ken Curtis, actor and lead singer for the Tommy Dorsey Band and the Sons of the Pioneers. 

• Maria Echaveste, White House deputy chief of staff to president Bill Clinton. 

• Daryle Lamonica, NFL quarterback who led the Oakland Raiders to four straight Western Division titles and an American Football League championship. 

“These banners are designed to continue telling the story of Clovis’ heritage as well as to inform the public on the huge number of people from Clovis who are incredibly talented and who have gone on to impact the world,” said Clovis Mayor Nathan Magsig. 

“Faking It” Returns August 31st: 10 Things To Expect From Season 2B

Oh right, first I should give you a SPOILER ALERT for this entire post, although I promise I’m not revealing anything SUPER-spoilery, these are still, in their way, spoilers.

1. There’s a new principal at Hester High.

Apparently last season’s drug bust has inspired the school to crack down on its hippie attitude and get serious, like with metal detectors and a white man in a sweater vest. Principal Penelope Delia Fisher’s been demoted, because patriarchy.

2. There’s a new straight white boy in town

Don’t worry lesbians, all your dreams have come true: another non-descript white boy is joining our cast of characters. I listened to him talk for about 20 seconds and then looked at a piece of toast and felt the same about both items.

3. There’s a new girl on “Faking It” who I’m 99% sure was also in “Pretty Little Liars”

After giving up art in order to get Karma’s family out of jail, Liam’s been cornered into an internship with Swerkel, where he’ll be working alongside a brand new female character with nice facial structure and edgy fashion choices. Her name is Intern Baked Ziti or something like that.

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We ❤ Video Games Episode 14 - David Hellman
David Hellman, artist of Braid, A Lesson Is Learned, and Second Quest, is here to talk about what we're all here to talk about: Video Games. Follow us on Twi...

Had a really fun casual conversation about videogames yesterday with Terence Wiggins (a.k.a. theblacknerd) on his show We ❤ Video Games. Topics span our favorite consoles, games we grew up with, the decline of the Sonic franchise, the unsympathetic military-cop Batman of Arkham Knight, games we’re looking forward to, and yeah… videogames!

anonymous asked:

Have you seen all the new louis-briana articles? It looks like your boss was right!!!


I have, I have! But I’m waiting to formulate an opinion to see if and how the press picks up the story. It doesn’t bother me that InTouch And HollywoodLife are not reliable sources, because I often said that they would have made good use of trashy tabloids to start planting side narratives, both for babygate and coming out. So many things could follow this, even nothing. If the European/English press covers this by Friday morning, I’ll start making predictions. In the meantime I’ll try to keep a stern look when my boss is around. I wonder how she would react knowing she might be turning into a trustworthy source for Larries!! ;)