Since the announcement of Gen VII means that my Sailor Moon x Pokemon team post will need updating, Pokemon Go has inspired me to come up with Gen I-only headcanon teams for the Sailor Guardians. It was very fun and challenging! Hopefully they make sense enough just looking at them, but you can also read my reasoning below.

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the signs as stuff my dad said after he got Pokémon Go

aries: “hey dad there’s another eevee” “i’m gonna kick its ass”

taurus: “can you just sneak into a wake if there’s a good pokémon there”

gemini: “did i just waste a pokéball on something stupid”

cancer: “i’m gonna be like, ‘sorry boss, i can’t talk to you about environmental issues right now, there’s a fucking krabby to be caught’”

leo: “these rattatas are starting to annoy me”

virgo: “i’m so glad i found this, i had nothing before”

libra: “stop talking to me!! i have to concentrate.”

scorpio: “pokémanning”

sagittarius: “a wild - what the fuck is that”

capricorn: “wait wait wait we can’t leave right now, there shit to get”

aquarius: “what do kids in kansas see is there even anything there”

pisces: “thank you for showing me this, my days will be so full from now on”

Okay! So today I went to Us Cellular so my brother could get a new phone and while I was there I was using pokevision to find Pokemon near me. And low and behold a Snorlax shows up. Knowing that all the employees played Pokemon go I announced it to everyone. So all the employees and my brother leave the building to get the Snorlax. Which was incredible. 
Also while I was there the girl working there told me there are pictures of Nicolas Cage all around the building. Apparently there was one under the letters on the wall…

This was the best experience of my life god bless the local Us Cellular building.