Pokemon GO 5 months later
  • Me: You want to come to the lure party I'm going to set up later? There's three pokestops by the river and a cool park. I'm going to invite like twenty people!
  • Him: You still play Pokemon GO?
  • Me: .... Yeah. I know. It's not as cool-
  • Him: Me too! I'll bring lures and we can even take a gym if you want after!
  • Me: Yeah! Let's do it!
  • Because everyone still likes Pokemon GO and we're all just waiting for Niantic to release Gen 2 so we can do this all over again.

Gamefreak really set the bar high with team skull and i find it highly unlikely that they’ll ever have another team of villains more ridiculous and lovable. you’re never going to experience the phenomenon of team skull cosplayers crashing con in large groups and being so damn in character. team skull has basically started its own culture. they trademarked squatting. most importantly though, there will NEVER be another boy like ya boy Guzma. period. he gave this generation hope. a voice for when we felt we couldn’t speak up any louder. a sense of fashion in a world where major  clothing brands are stuck trying to figure out how to cater to millennials. despite having zero goals whatsoever, Guzma liberated us. i am 100,00,000,000,0 times a better person than i was before i knew Guzma. cheers to our boy and his daring Golisopod. good job gamefreak i will never pay for another pokemon game again.

bellsprout sprite rating

as suggested by @darklingkitten


is. is he okay. he looks like he just had his soul drained from his mortal body. 4/10


much more lively, i like his silly :0 face. makes me smile, very nice. 7/10


i’m digging the trix yogurt pink/green color palette, and the pose looks engaged and excited. best quality: his wiggles. 7/10


while his gold counterpart looks ready to fight, this kind and friendly bellsprout only wants to dance. follow your dreams, bellsprout. 8/10 for passion


looks lost and soulless again, what happened? :( 5/10


took me a minute to realize this wasn’t the same as rse but the head and leaves are different. looks a bit more alive, i guess? 5.5/10


a slightly different color palette and adjusted anatomy–good choices. looks like a plant, except with a human face and kind of disturbing. but in a cute way. 7/10


he’s dancing again! i love it. he’s so happy to be alive. good for you, bellsprout. never let the critics get you down. 10/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

look at him go! the way the mouth moves bothers me a little but it’s okay. a fun, bouncy plant boy. 8/10

xy/omega ruby/alpha sapphire

the ultimate dancing bellsprout, he followed his dreams and is doing so well. i love it. 11/10