Alex Hirsch Talks Gravity Falls and the Fascinating Journal 3 Project
Paste caught up with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch to talk about Journal 3, celebrity fans of the show and more.

Paste Magazine: It’s been awhile since Gravity Falls wrapped up in February. When you look back on the show from this di stance, how do you feel about it?
Alex Hirsch: I feel good! Gravity Falls was a labor of love, but like all labor it could be painful at times. I’m glad the show-baby is finally birthed from my brain-womb and can finally run around on its own, without keeping me up all night with its deadline-contractions. This metaphor is kinda breaking down here. The point is, shows are babies and I’ve been enjoying my vacation!

She’s really, in the beginning of the season, grappling with the fallout from what happened at Havenrock and that will be a huge focus for her in the first nine [episodes]… She’s asking herself the same question that every other character on the show is this year, which is about legacy… I think it’ll become, if she wants to go back to Palmer Tech. And try to fight for that, if that’s what she thinks her legacy should be, then she certainly will.

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SDCC 2016: ‘Supergirl’ Star Tyler Hoechlin Talks Landing Iconic Role of Superman, How He’s Approaching It & More!
At SDCC 2016, Supergirl star Tyler Hoechlin swung by to tell us how he got the role of Superman, what he will bring to the iconic role and much more!

The Man of Steel is touching down on Supergirl this season and fans couldn’t be more excited. Earlier this summer, Supergirl announced that Teen Wolf alum Tyler Hoechlinwould be joining the cast in the coveted role of Superman.

In season one of Supergirl, Superman was only seen as a small child, through text messages with Kara (Melissa Benoist) or leaping down onto the streets of National City. Now that Supergirl has well established that this is a show about Supergirl, it’s time Superman made an appearance.

At SDCC 2016, Supergirl star Tyler Hoechlin swung by to tell us how he got the role of Superman, what he will bring to the iconic role and much more!

Tyler Hoechlin is no stranger to playing fan favorite roles. For years he played the fan favorite role of Derek Hale on Teen Wolf. Now, after several years away from the werewolf role that defined his career, Hoechlin is ready to make his mark as Superman on Supergirl.

When chatting with us at SDCC and being greeted as “Superman” Hoechlin reacted with a big smile. You can tell he can’t wait to step into the role. He says it’s “surreal” to think about. He continues saying, “It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet, I don’t think. It will be fun to actually get up onto the sets. I think being in the environment and being surrounded by the sets.” He jokingly adds, “And everyone else around you is treating you like Superman, that’ll be the whole kind of ‘Oh, this is happening.‘”

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The media is such a huge piece of how we understand feminism, particularly celebrity feminism, and I really do think that so much of how that stuff gets filtered through can be either finessed or really stymied by how media talks about it. Beyoncé’s VMA performance in 2014 was incredibly powerful. But the media reception after—there were these weak, soft takeaways, like, “Beyoncé shows that you can still be beautiful and be a feminist,” or “Beyoncé shows that you can still be a mother and be married and be a feminist.” I was like, “This is not news.”

How do we actually push forward if the narrative is still about how these women are changing the optics of feminism? You know, they are, but so have so many women in past decades. If we’re just going to concentrate on that, we’re just going to keep having the same groundbreaking revelations every few years. “Oh my God, a beautiful, beloved, powerful woman is also a feminist: let’s all freak out!” To me, that’s not really driving anything forward, that’s just stating the obvious.

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‘Once Upon a Time’ Bosses Open Up About Aladdin Story, Jasmine’s “Agenda”
“Every time the audience starts to figure out the show, you want to change it,” co-creator Eddy Kitsis tells THR.

What does Belle and Rumple’s relationship look like post-sleeping curse?
Kitsis: Rumple and Belle are in a bad place. It’s going to get messy. Especially when there’s a kid involved. You can’t take a baby away from Rumple!


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