I’m not dead, I’m just really really exhausted

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not been active for weeks, I didn’t expect lot of crap happen this past month. In short, school, being down, lazy, sleeping, school, exams, exams, project, crying, failing test, screaming, banging my head, bad health, and etc. I just really hate this semester.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go on tumblr until I finish majority of my exams and shit so i wouldn’t be distracted so yeah that’s why I haven’t been answering asks. I have a little break right now, so more time for me to draw and lot of things I really wanted to draw. Hopefully. Maybe. I hope. Oh Arceus…

Go, Gogo, and Beta will suffer like me:

spoilers are out on netabare and they’re definitely 100% true. I believe every word of this. 

amon and kaneki are like “oh btw there’s a wedding tomorrow”

*next day*

donato is officiating furuta and rize’s wedding. everyone’s there. Kaiko, Touka, 0Squad, CCG, Akira, Hide…. the whole gang. it’s the party of the century (“awesome” says Kaneki).

Rize and Furuta exchange their vows and they’re about to seal the deal with a kiss–

BAM. it’s Shachi!

*crowd gasps*

I cry everytime someone in the LWA fandom/tags makes a post like “!!!OMG!! What if Ursula is Chariot?? I BET URSULA IS CHARIOT!!”

cuz like…. how… do you not know about the ovas… i still can’t comprehend that some people are just getting introduced to LWA now with the anime, whereas I have been here for 3 years because of the ovas.

I mean…even if you HAVEN’T see the ovas, have you not seen their same-colored eyes, the way Ursula’s hair changes color, the fact that Ursula always gets flustered at the mention of Chariot, THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE THE SAME VOICE ACTRESS.