Dear A,

I still miss you, In fact, I still love you and sometimes it feels as though I’ll never stop. 

I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you like you needed, I never purposely ‘chose’ her over you, I still needed you so much. 

A part of me knows that you read this site, I suppose it’s just some sick thought in my head saying that maybe, just maybe you’ll find this and forgive me. 

Thank you for being my first love and first heartbreak, even today I still feel broken. 

Love always, E. 

oh yeah @stingsumners tagged me to post 10 songs ive been listenin to lately! here goes: 

  1. wages of sin - bruce
  2. on the border - eagles
  3. earth died screaming - tom waits
  4. the fever - bruce
  5. little bitty pretty one - thurston harris
  6. people get ready - the impressions
  7. satisfaction - otis redding
  8. frankie fell in love - bruce
  9. terrys song - bruce
  10. ill take you there - the staple singers

ill tag @daleharry @bastetmariah @v2kaito @bruspringsteen @hotrodangels @sailorlaur @a-little-counter-esperanto @11thcentury @cryalittleriverdown & ANYONE WHO WANTS TO!!!