Can we say BLING?!

I must admit when I first saw a visual of the new Urban Decay Moondust palette my heart started going a hundred miles a minute. Sparkle - yass!

Now most of us associate Moondusts with glitter. Shades that are meant for pressing over other shadows to add a little gleam and glamour. Not stuff to use on their own. But they CAN be used on their own. What I’ve done here is just to apply them wet. No primer, no other shadows beneath. 

And they rock.

If you plan to use them in a more subtle way, just dab on with a finger. These shadows are formulated with silicone in the base, and designed to stick to skin, not brushes, when dry. So don’t complain about there being no pigmentation if you try to dust them on with a dry brush. Damp, these are incredible foiled shades with plenty of duochromatic magic. Every shade has a different color shift when it hits the light. Right click each image and “open image in new tab” to see everything in higher res.

I STILL think this is a palette made for “accessorizing” other shadows in your collection. Pop 1 or 2 shades on when you wear a neutral or matte smoky look. Kapow. But if you want to wear these shades all on their own go right ahead! 

Gurrrl… you know they’ll see you bling from the moon.

Shades used:

Vega - inner half of lids

Galaxy - outer half of lids

Lightyear - center of lids

Specter - inner corners

Magnetic - lower lash line

The Moondust palette will be available in Singapore from 1 Sep for SG$80.

we always blame someone if we ever get hurt, but don’t you think that sometimes, outsiders are no longer the enemy but you yourself? your own demon is capable of hurting you too, you know.

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I’m sorry that I can’t like you back. I really am. It almost makes me feel guilty, at times, not wanting you. I wish that I could make a replica of myself and have her belong to you and only you, but life doesn’t work that way. Through my own heartache, I’ve learned that love isn’t meant to be forced. Love just… is. It’s either there or it isn’t. I’m dating this amazing man whom I respect and dearly care about. I can’t risk ever losing him. Besides, I don’t think you truly know what you want, since we hardly even know one another. If anything, I’m baffled that you feel such a way, as you were deeply interested in one of my closest friends last October. You keep trying to get attention from different girls, but it’s you that your focus should be on. It’s not me that you even like, but rather the idea of me. I really do wish you the best, though. I had to be honest with you about how I felt, and I feel awful about it ruining the chances of us ever developing a friendship, but you deserve to be free. You deserve to love and be loved.

I’m sorry.

- A

Dear M,

I’ve sent a couple of letters to you on here and since the first one my opinion of you has changed so much.

I think I’m finally over you and I fucking love it.

I’ve just stopped caring - about you, what you think and our friendship. I feel so free.

In my mind we are not friends, of course I’ll still see you most of the time but that doesn’t bother me anymore. 

But I don’t think you’ll mind because I’m convinced you don’t care about me. And that use to make me sad but now I just don’t care.