Last Week in Fanfiction

Another week, another list and this is List #10. These are Captain Swan fics that were written or updated between 8/6-8/12. If you read or wrote something I missed feel free to let me know. Happy reading and don’t forget to like, comment and/or reblog, show your writers some love ❤️ 


Fragile Design  ch.27  by @xerxesrises  (completed!!)

To Build a Home  ch.4  by @cutieodonoghue

Serendipitous Melody  ch.15  by @killiancygnus

Walk Beside Me  ch.1  by @beardetective

The Rose and the Thorn  ch.14  by @qqueenofhades

A Cold Awakening  ch.15  ch.16  by @swanderful1

Out of the Frying Pan  ch.33  ch.34  by @welllpthisishappening

Wednesday’s Child  ch.3  by @dani-ellie03

The Promise  ch.1  by @flslp87

Time Upon Once  ch.13  by @lenfaz

If Looks Could Kill  ch.25  by @wellhellotragic

I’ll Drop Anchor in Your Heart  ch.6  by @cutieodonoghue

Unbroken  ch.11  by @totheendoftheworldortime

All in a Days Work  ch.6  by @victorias-tales

Dark Gray  ch.13  by @cutieodonoghue

The Spooky Truth With Dr. Jones  ch.3  by @hencethebravery (complete!)

The Honeymoon  ch.10  by @whimsicallyenchantedrose

One Shots 

The Wrong Life  by @unfolded73

That Damn Paul McCartney  by @jmosfreckles

I Wouldn’t Even Stop For Red Lights  by @asthewheelwills

What Sort of Duck Are You?  by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Fancy a Quiche?  by @artistic-writer

Tea for Two  by @startswithhope

Every a Little Thing  by @captainswanluver

Deleted Scene (from Unbreakable)  by @xemmaloveskillianx

Because You Knew  by @the-reason-to-sail-home

The Next Phase of the Operation  by @whimsicallyenchantedrose

A Harem of One  by @hollyethecurious

And for everyone in the romantic captain charming trash can

Just Do It Already  by @spartanguard

Captured  by @phiralovesloki

Prompt  by @hencethebravery