Robin: (Pulling on Starfire’s arm with his entire body, his leg braced against the wall, and still not managing to budge it. She is giving him a “bro what r u doin” look): Raaaaven asked us noooot to disttttuurb her!!

Starfire: But she could be weeping and-

Robin: I don’t want to bother heeeeeerrrrrr!

this will always crack me up. mostly because he delivers the lines exactly the way I typed them. HE IS SO SCARED OF BOTHERING SOMEONE WHEN THEY ARE ANGSTING ALONE. HE WAS RAISED WITH THIS BEING THE NUMBER ONE NO-NO IN THE WAYNE HOUSEHOLD CLEARLY. SO DESPERATE HE IS TRYING TO PULL BACK STARFIRE’S ARM WITH HIS ENTIRE BODY. And she’s like “wow I don’t even feel that you really need to calm down”

I love them so. 


Slade: Who knows, I could become like a father to you.

Robin: I already have a father.



And then Slade literally makes him go rob Wayne Enterprises. JELLUS MUCH? Seriously, either it’s a hella coincidence or Slade knows Batman’s secret identity wow. I remember there used to be silly theories Slade WAS Batman *testing Robin* (I would hope even Bruce would be capable of that dickery) but Season 2 pretty much jossed that.

also wow I don’t know how they got away with making Slade SO DAMN CREEPY 



Raven: You…stayed? I thought you didn’t like me.

Beast Boy: Thought you didn’t like me.

Cyborg: Yo! I like both of you. Now get your butts over here!

this was one of my fave eps aaaaahhhh. Because Raven. And these three being the awesome BrOt3 for lyfe. Actually, this was the beginning of their brot3. IT ALL STARTED HERE.

(Yeah I don’t really ship BB/Raven *actual unpopular opinion* I’m like the creators they come off more as adorable sibling-style relationship to me)


Starfire’s teeth spark from the amount of grinding they are doing, and she brings her fist down on Kitten’s car, completely destroying it in the process

Starfire is the actual greatest

but my favorite part is that guy jumping into his girlfriend’s arms in terror in the background there. I never even noticed that before, but AMAZING. 


(After taking out a Slade-bot that was about to attack Raven) Beast Boy: (singsong voice) YOOOOOU owe me big time! You owe me-

(a sladebot is sneaking up behind him and is about to shoot him)

(Beast Boy notices and screams just as Raven takes him out)

(She puts her hands on her hips and gives him a Look.)

Beast Boy: Heh…call it even?

these two…

the way Robin yanks Raven’s hood down over her face and sort of shoves her really hard here always cracks me up

like did you go to the five year old school of fighting or

he also literally picks up Beast Boy and throws him into her

like poor BB he’s so tiny Robin just goes and throws him at people

like a projectile weapon.