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I feel kind of like a dumbass for being into HS for the lore, classes and potential for alien races and not fully comprehending all the paradox mumbo jumbo

No need to feel bad my dude. Homestuck is a multi-faceted story, it’s okay to be more into one part of it than the other. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, I know the time shenanigans can get p. confusing if you’re not good with that stuff.

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How do you understand literally everything in Homestuck? I try so hard but some things just don't click for me. I envy you

I don’t know everything. I have a good understanding of all the temporal mechanics and know all the best ways to comb through the comic to find answers.


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Do you ever question why so people just ask you about some rather basic plot points every now and then?

I assume they just forgot. It’s a long comic, and for people that read it as it was posted certain events happened years ago.



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MBC Show! Champion
– If Monsta X Changed Roles –
Wonho: Beloved cute youngest member.
Minhyuk: Charismatic leader with absolute power.
Kihyun: Dancing god/dancing king! God of crumping.
Hyungwon: Main rapper with a good vibe.
Jooheon: Honey voice! Honey vocal chords! Honey high note! Powerful main vocal.
I.M: Monsta X’s model! Walking statue.
Shownu: Professional random-talker.
Translated by FYHYUNGWON ✷ Take out with full credit.

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I thought the reason Feferi couldn't do the lifey thing is because she and Jane are totally different classes. They have the same aspect, but a Witch and a Maid don't have the same abilities. Jane is Maid (made) of Life, it makes sense that she might spontaneously resurrect herself. Also, only humans have been shown to do a whatever-y thing (without being godtier first), right? Not that that necessarily means much.

Well yeah, that too. But trolls can do aspect stuff pre-god tier too, just look at TZ man, she does that shit all the time