NAME: Wonho
1. Birthday and blood type: March 1st 1993, type B
2. Attractive points: Voice, music, personality and body
3. Role in the group: Vocals, body, style, music composition!
4. Ideal type: Someone with charming personality and who can converse well with me
5. Favourite foods: Ramyun, protein, healthy foods
6. Something you’re obsessed with lately: Composing, dieting (I’ve stopped right now)
7. Attractive point of MONSTA X: Even from my perspective, our members have cool skills visuals and poses
8. A message to the members: Guys, let’s not get caught up with getting 1st place but let’s become the goup who enjoys being with Monbebes forever~!
9. Main goal: 1st place kekekekekekekekeke
10. A message to Japanese fans: Thank you for everyone’s love. I couldn’t believe it. I love Japan. I love Monbebe.

translated by 몬에기 ϟ take out with full credit.


                            I liked classic music since I was young. When my mother turned on classic music, I stopped crying. […] I didn’t have interests in hip hop. However, I listened to background music of my friend’s blog and I thought it was really my style. I thought that hip hop could be sentimental like that.