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Okikagu Headcanons

  1. Kagura and Sougo get super competitive for their anniversary and everyone thinks it’s super dumb because they get so aggressive but it’s literally about who loves each other more?? And who knows who better??? 
  2. Sougo is super touchy. Like he loves to just grab Kagura and squish their cheeks together to be annoying but also because she’s just super huggable and he thinks that guy is giving her looks that are just A LITTLE too friendly 
  3. Kagura doesn’t get jealous. Like at all. She knows she’s a catch!! (But there was an incident with a Shinsengumi fangirl that no one talks about anymore)
  4. Sougo and Kagura are salt mates. They put on dramas and reality TV shows after a long day and just throw popcorn at the screen and make snarky comments
  5. They’re the definition of “yeah he/she’s a shit head but only I can say that, wanna fight??!” 
  6. When Sougo’s had a particularly hard and bloody fight as a cop, he comes home looking broken and he doesn’t have to say anything because Kagura just knows and gently pulls him into her chest and just strokes his hair and presses kisses on his forehead
  7. They have a huge family once they’re ready to have kids and to Sougo’s utter horror they all DIE for their Uncle Toshi and just love him so much and Kagura almost cries with laughter 
  8. Sougo learns to cook to make Kagura happy and he’s actually really good
  9. The quality of their sparring decreases significantly because they just make out in between punches because fighting turns them on like the losers they are 
  10. They never try to downplay their love and everybody who meets them knows they’re really in love in their own unique way 

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"you're family." with damian and jason please !

I cheated the prompt again.

“He’s coming around.”

“That much is obvious.”

“You know what Damian—“

“Woah, okay. Tim, you come with me and we’ll find Bruce. He’ll want to talk to Jason now that he’s awake.”

There was the sound of a door closing, and Jason swam back toward consciousness, blinking bleary eyes. “Wha happ’nd?” he directed the question at the blurry shape that was probably a person next to him.

“Tt. You managed to get yourself injured on patrol.”

So the shape was Damian, but what was he doing here? He hated being around injured people more than absolutely necessary. He even fled when Dick was hurt, and the kid would do anything for Dick.

“Why’re you here?”

Damian crossed his arms. “As I am the one who found you, I am ensuring that you don’t ruin my work by running off.”

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Dick: We should play hide and go seek.

Tim: Why?

Dick: Think of it as a training exercise.

Damian: Tt, it’s a stupid training exercise.

Jason: Why? Scared you’ll loose Demon Brat.

Damian: Tt, you’ll never find me.

Tim: I’ll be it. Go hide I guess.

****Several Hours Later*****

Tim: Really Jason? Under your bed?

Jason: I was gonna go under your bed but your room is a disaster. You’re welcome by the way.

Tim: What??

Jason: I cleaned your room.

Tim: JASON!!

Jason: Don’t worry, your porn is still hidden under your bed.

Tim: …

*****A bit later*****

Tim: Ouch!! You bit me!!

Damian: *glowering*

Jason: That’s cheating. Why are you hiding in an empty wine barrel anyways??

Damian: Tt, I can fit in it.

Jason: You look uncomfortable.

Tim: Damian I think you take the whole fit-in-everything cat mentality a bit too far…

Jason: Need a hand?

Damian: I don’t require assistance from you Todd.

Damian: … *Falls out of barrel*

Tim: A+ for trying.

********Dinner Time*********

Tim: Hey Alfred, have you seen Dick??

Alfred: I believe Master Richard was last in the Cave. Do tell him to wash up for dinner.

Jason: Will do Alfie.

Damian: Well?

Tim: *in the batcave* Hey Bruce, you seen Dick anywhere?

Jason: He ain’t gonna tell us anything.

Damian: Father! Where is Grayson?

Bruce: …

Jason: Way to go Demon Spawn.

Tim: Dick!! Alfred says dinner’s ready!!

Dick: *appears from under Batman’s cape* Food!!

Jason: …

Tim: …

Damian: …

Jason: Never speak of this?

Damian and Tim: Agreed.

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Would you agree that Dick is more of an ISTJ than an ESTJ in TTA? He seems introverted in the show.

I debated this off and on for years and was convinced that Robin was ISTJ for a while, so I see where you’re coming from. As an introvert (INTJ), I relate to Robin a lot in this show (and you might too considering how common introverts are on the Internet). Since then, I’ve learned more about MBTI, though, and I don’t think so. I think Robin might be a stronger ESTJ in the show than in the comics simply because the show only lasted 5 seasons and therefore we have more condensed consistency with his personality.

I’ll try to explain my reasoning in two layers: a superficial look first and more technical jargon second because I have a difficult time getting my thoughts across sometimes. 

I think what we perceive as introverted behavior in Robin is motivated by other factors. Even if he wants to be more social and engaged with his friends and other people, his priorities are set up in a way that leaves him isolated more often instead. Introversion and extroversion aren’t a black-and-white thing, so I think it’s also important to make sure we’re not using cliche perceptions of introversion and extroversion in order to decide what he is. There’s varying degrees, so Robin can very well be an extrovert, just not to the same degree that Beast Boy or Starfire are extroverts. For example, Raven and Robin both have a habit of isolating themselves from their teammates, but they do it for different reasons. Raven legitimately wants to be left alone and doesn’t enjoy excessive socializing. For the better part of the first two to three seasons of the show, Robin is the same way because of his obsession with Slade. (Even after Slade died, we saw that behavior continue in Haunted.)  Because Dick was trained by someone as extreme as Bruce, he’s basically forced to sacrifice his social life in order to attain the high expectations he sets for himself. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy socializing. It’s that he has a list of priorities that come before his own mental well-being and his own needs. Let’s also keep in mind that Robin is someone who has gone through trauma (witnessing his parents’ deaths), which must have had an early imprint on him. A naturally extroverted person may become more reserved after witnessing their parents die. 

All the same, you see hints of Robin’s extroverted nature with the way he interacts with other people. 

Robin has a way of walking up to people and introducing himself, shaking their hand, etc. He’s a very serious guy, but he takes charge in social situations. He also doesn’t mind organizing his teammates, such as in combat training. Robin doesn’t shy away from conflict, whether physical or verbal. He’s very take-charge regardless of the situation, and that kind of energy is generally associated with an extrovert. (As an INTJ, I’m capable of taking charge and organizing people too, but it’s not something I ‘jump’ to. It’s something I watch from the distance until I decide it’s for the better if I get involved.) Robin seems to actively integrate himself in these situations in a way that suggests he gains energy from it. When Raven relaxes, she reads a book alone in her room. When Robin relaxes, he plays basketball with Cyborg, plays video games with BB and Cy, seeks out Starfire and overall seems to gravitate toward people in his downtime.  

In my opinion, Bruce is a textbook ISTJ, and that’s something I’ve always found insanely interesting. I typed Bruce and Dick independently and then realized that I see them as introverted/extroverted counterparts of each other, which is interesting because of the number of people who compare Dick and Bruce, yet highlight their innate differences (which always seems to come down to Dick’s more social behavior). 

The ISTJ and the ESTJ share cognitive functions with each other, just in a different order, so they’re both pretty similar as it is, and it makes sense that you’d recognize ISTJ traits in him. The primary difference is the ESTJ is more of a commander and will actively take on a leadership role due to leading with Te, while the ISTJ only has that as an auxiliary function. Throughout the series, Robin gives off the ‘leadership’ vibe in a way that I don’t think an ISTJ would. I think what we perceive as his introversion is related to several other extraneous factors (i.e. his upbringing with Bruce, obsession to stop crime, and his seriousness in his own right). Overall, I feel like the primary difference between Dick in the show versus the comics is how serious he is. In NTT, he was just as serious, but over the years, his character development has led him to relax more and be pretty laid back. He still carries those fundamental leadership qualities, that borderline obsessive, sacrificial drive to stop crime, and that distinct, serious side to his personality, but he’s learned how to offset it with a more laid-back persona once he’s fully matured. 

tldr; I think TTA Robin represents a serious, driven phase of Dick’s life, which you can see reflected in his canon history during the New Teen Titans years. Overall, I’d still classify him as an ESTJ.

Imagine how you would be train by the elgang [Reader/Class specific]

Imagine that after you got the opportunity to join the Elgang in their adventure, you decide to try to be more useful to them. As you don’t really know how to achieve this goal alone, you ask one of them to teach you about their specialty.


Lord Knight
–> Teach sword mastering and fighting as a team

He would be surprised at first as he consider that his only talent is his swordplay. His training would be actually quite intensive since Elsword don’t really understand that applying to you his own training isn’t the best idea for starting things up.
Despite that, he is very patient and supportive. Even if something like being as good as him or raven with a sword seem impossible, he will keep supporting you and believe in your own strengh.

Rune Slayer
–> Teach runes magic

At first, it will be hard to motivate him until you convince him you are serious about learning magical runes. Elsword isn’t the best teacher but he is really enthusiastic about watching you getting better. It drive him to do hist best. He will often praise you for every sucess and laugh at every failure (Certainly because seeing you panicking as your clothes get in fire is pricesless).

Infinity Sword
–> Teach ambidextry

Since you can’t absord a Dark El for the sake of it, and also because Elsword strictly forbid you from trying, he decided to help you at becoming an ambidexter. It would be really hard as it is something difficult to learn but IS is actually good at catching your mistake and what hold you from getting better. He is a good teacher despite his lack of communication.


Elemental Master
–> Teach general magic (basic spell)

Since she is quite shy, she wouldn’t be confident in her teaching. Especially since she is the type to learn with a lot of complicated book.But contrary to what she expected, she is really good at teaching basic magic to beginner. Aisha would often show you a lot of pratical use with basic spell. She also like to show you incredible spell to keep your interested since learning magic is a difficult path.

Void Princess
–> Teach dark magic

Will you accept to have Angkor as a master? Because learning dark magic is something that Aisha can’t really explain as Angkor help her with it. Even if he can become annoying, Angkor know a lot of things and since VP is here to slap him if he become too mean or annoying, you should be able to learn the basics of Dark Magic.

Dimension Witch
–> Teach self buff

She would ALWAYS take you with her. In her opinion, real life experience is the best to handle the type of magic she uses. Since time travel magic is an incredible hard topic to understand, she decided to help you by teaching you magic that improve your own body. And yes, it will include learning something close to Magical Make-up. Even if you are a boy. She also quickly put her trust into your skills.


Wind Sneaker
–> Teach kick attack and first aid

She would have no problem with teaching you, as Rena is really gentle and calm, she would start slowly with you. Since she would teach you close combat, you will often get bruise and get your wounds healed by her. Because of that, you would naturally learn how to heal basic injury. Also, WS has a LOT of stamina so she can goes on for a lot of time if you don’t tell her you are tired. Also, she can sometime feel bad if you end up with too many injuries during one session.

Great Archer
–> Teach Archery

Certainly the most gentle teacher from the whole Elgroup with Ciel. GA would be really serious about training you, the type to wake you up early and create a training schedule just for you. Sometime, she can try too hard and end up being too clingy but she would always reward you for your sucess.

Night Watcher
–> Teach hunting and survival in the wild

NW is the type to never laugh at you for failing but she is also the type to not go easy on you with her teaching. She would often take you somewhere deep in a forest and let you alone with some instruction. Of course, she would never let you completely alone but she want to help you become more independent. She doesn’t want you to feel inferior to anyone from the elgang. With her, being lost in a forest or even somewhere else won’t be scary anymore.


–> Teach fencing and sword technic

BM can seem cold at first but he is just the quiet type. He is the type to show by his actions rather that by his words. He is in fact a very good teacher because he can easily create a synergy with his partner. Like NW or LP, he won’t go easy on you. He is actually quite afraid to see you die because his teaching wouldn’t have been enough in a real battle.

Reckless Fist
–> Teach self-control

RF isn’t the type to teach how to fight, you don’t have a nasod arm and he would be way too afraid to hurt you. Despite that, since he suffer daily from his arm, he proposed to teach you how to better control your own body. It isn’t only about handling the pain, he can teach you some breath exercise and put you in ‘dangerous’ situation so you could learn to keep your calm. He can understand your fear better than anyone else.

Veteran Commander
–> Teach how to use fire weapons in general

At first, VC would tell you to stop trying to go into a fight and let the elgang protect you. But if you insisted, he would teach you about the safest way for you to fight without being hurt: Using a fire weapong. Of course, don’t expect him to teach you about how to throw a grenade if you can’t even use safely a gun. He is quite severe in his teaching since using a fire weapon is not a game. Like LK, he will quickly trust you after you mastered some weapons.


Code Nemesis
–> Teach how to use a nasod weapon

It is REALLY hard to get CN to help you. Since she is a machine, there isn’t many thing that she master that you can really relate to. But after some time, she would give you your personnal nasod weapon and would try to create a connection between this weapon and your mind. It would be a difficult and slow process, but CN isn’t the type to blame people. She is very patient and will only scold you if you are fooling around. It is also a way for her to work on human and machine relationship.

Code Empress
–> Teach how to be a good servant

Cemp isn’t really easy to get, since “becoming her servant” isn’t the best thing to create motivation, she can easily make you give-up. But as soon as you will began to work with Oberon and Ophelia, you will realize how useful you can be even without being trained. Code Empress can seem rather cold at first sight but she value the fact everyone can be useful and strong. Every chore she would ask you to do would show you how capable you really are and how blind you were toward your own strengh.

Code Battle Seraphin
–> Teach how to become a nasod

CBS can’t really understand your purpose and what you mean by “teaching you”. As she is now a terrific weapon, the apathic girl can’t really see how she can fulfill your request until she realize she can try to make you just like her. This is certainly one of the most difficult and hard training you can have since you are basically working to become at least partially nasod. This work come with some experiences and also a lot of talk with CBS so she doesn’t suppress your memory or feeling. The Elgang doesn’t really approve this situation, except for Add who is really interested about what you could become. With the nasod element implanted in you, CBS would be able to teach you how to use electricity.


Iron Paladin
–> Teach how to train your body

At first, Chung would be really surprised. After all, he never saw himself as someone who could teach something to other people. As a teacher, he is gently, he will start slowly and will always worry or apology if you are hurt during the training. Since he doesn’t think that teaching you how to swing his destroyer is a good idea, he decided to help you to get a strong body. If you watch IP, you wouldn’t think a face this beautiful could have such a body. With IP, having ABS wouldn’t be a dream anymore and you would be soon able to lift Elsword and Aisha in your shoulder.

Deadly Chaser
–> Teach you how to shoot

While VC teach people how to use weapons in general, DC is really more about shooting with a good accuracy and quickly. DC is all about performance, the quicker you get, the more he praise/consider you. But it doesn’t mean he become harsh if you are struggling, Chung is still Chung and will sigh briefly before giving you some advice. DC is actually very good at teaching since seeing you getting better drive him to work harder. He can be a little competitive but it is nothing too serious.

Tactical Trooper
–> Teach you how to manage a battle/war

TT would be VERY enthusiastic after you asked him to teach you something. Since it is really hard to know how to use his modified destroyer, TT will try an other approach with you. He is a very calm teacher, he doesn’t freak out or is as hot blooded as his other counterpart. Which is a good thing since he is helping you at becoming a stratege, a very difficult role to grasp. TT training would feel more lire a huge discussion/debate about what you could and should do in X situation. The only down side is that these discussion can take HOURS before he is satisfied.


Sakra Devanam
–> Teach you how to use martial art

SD is one of the teacher that teach you close combat, along with WS and LP. She would be very nervous at first since she doesn’t feel she has the right to be teaching you something. But if you suceed at giving her confidence, you will certainly find the best martial artist from the Elgang. SD training wouldn’t be easy despite her gentle nature, it ask a lot from your body. But at the same time, SD is a very good teacher when it come to making you confident in your own ability. It doesn’t matter what physical body you have or how is your health, she would show you the way.

Yama Raja
–> Teach how to use spirit manipulation

It isn’t the best idea to ask YR about teaching you something. Not that she doesn’t want to help you but… You will enter in a world of prank. YR is the type to give you some exercice that have a ‘trap’ in them if you fail. Training with her is always fun and incredibly scary at the same time. Sometime, Eun will help you as Ara can be quite the sadist when it come to her pranks. Despite that, her exercices are really efficient and she will always have nice words for you if you suceeded.

–> Teach you how to connect to spirits

AS isn’t actually the best teacher. She doesn’t really know how to teach since her power is something ‘natural’ to her. Despite being patient, she doesn’t really know how to help you when you struggle. This is why Eun is often teaching you how to create a connection with spirits. It can become a dangerous experience as Eun is quite the tricky teacher and will often put you against strong spirits that would try to take possession of your body. Despite her obvious liking of seeing you struggling, she would never let any of them harm you.


Grand Master
–> Teach you how to be a red knight

GM is very busy which made it very difficult for you to ask for training as Elesis doesn’t have a lot of free time herself. But despite that, she wouldn’t see any problem with training you. But let’s be clear, it isn’t for nothing that LK’s training is incredibly hard, it was Elesis that teached him everything and you will feel how merciless she can be when it come to training. Since becoming a Red Knight is a long road, Elesis will really use the small tme she has for you to good use. Despite the rough training, she has some really good advices and she would always support you. GM and LK know how hard the road can be, which is why Elesis would take time to help you getting stronger.

Blazing Heart
–> Teach you how to put everything on fire and also to make the worst pun possible

If you wanted to go on an adventure, BH is certainly the teacher you need. She is reckless and so is her teaching, like for NW, you would learn everything on the field. Since using fire magic isn’t something natural, BH would search for an artefact to help you. And of course, do I need to say that the whole trip would be embellished with the worst puns possible?
But don’t mistake her carelessness for not caring about you, BH will NEVER let ANYTHING really hurt you. She is your white knight, boys and girsl, brace yourself for the most embarassing rescue of your life. She won’t say it in front of you but she really respect your desire to becoming stronger.

Crimson Avenger
–> Teach you how to be a berserker

CrA doesn’t really teach you, she only let you follow her and observe her while she fight. As her heart became cold with the Dark El, she can’t really emphatize with you and therefore, teaching you is meanlingless. Since CrA thrive on vengeance, she doesn’t really thin she has anything of value that she could teach you. But as she show you how she fight, a part of her hope you will be able to defend what your love, unlike her.
But despite her lack of emotions, CrA will often push you when you get yourself hurt. She doesn’t want you to be as reckless as her and it is her only way of showing her concern.


Lunatic Psyker
–> Teach you how to break peoples faces with your hand

Here is the last member of the close combat teacher. LP would immediatly decline your proposal, he doesn’t want someone as weak as you near him. But as you insisted, he would finally accept while threatening you that he won’t hold his strikes against you.
Despite his lack of social skills, LP is a good teacher as he quickly catch what you do wrongly and can find how to correct it. Since he is a genius, it can be sincerely difficult for him to put himself in your shoes. He respect the fact you don’t give up and even find it a little cute that you persevere despite the punch he throw at you.

–> Teach you how to make your own dynamos and use it

Masterming would complain at first, but he doesn’t mind trying to teach you how to make your own dynamos. Since he is a true genius, he has difficulty to understand your level and to make the appropriate lesson but contrary to his other counterpart, he care about being a good teacher. He would often rant about how you don’t understand and the next day, he would have adapted the lesson so you can finally understand it. The fact that he cares about your education really show that behind his huge ego, he is happy to share his passion with an other person.

Diabolic Esper
–> Teach you how to time travel

DiE will always decline your proposal. He can’t let you time travel as he knows how difficult to handle it can be. He also know that you could end up like him and he try to avoid that by treating you like you are a nuisance. But if you began to try to study by yourself on time travel, he would come and laugh at your poor results.
He would be a good teacher as he is really calm and can properly explain the basics of time travel, he just know that somewhere in an other time, you would get hurt because of his teaching. And because of that, he is scared of teaching.


–> Teach how to become a demon

Contrary to what people would think, Lu and Ciel would ask you a lot of time if you were sure about having some demonic power in you. Even if they know that you only want to be useful, Ciel know what can result from having a pact with a demon.
Once you convinced them, Lu would be very happy to teach you about handling your power. Since she is often overexctied, Ciel explain things for you while Lu use her huge knowledge to help you understand you power and their limits. Despite their looks, they would be very protective with you as you would be the only other person to understand them, and they don’t want you to suffer the same fate as they did in the past.

Royal Guard/Noblesse
–> Teach how to become the perfect butler/housewife/houseband

Contrary to CEmp, Nobless wouldn’t ask you to become her servant. But she would gladly help you to become a wonderful butler/protector. She would judge fairly your performances, which mean the truth could be harsh sometime but Lu never mean to hurt your feeling with it.
Ciel is very patient and would often give you tips, since he was like you at the beginning, it is really easy for him to teach you efficiently. Ciel would often reward you with some cookies. He also loves to have someone to cook with, and one more pair of arms also meant that Lu would have way more cookies. A win/win situation for both of them.

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Hello, yes, I was reading some headcanons you wrote about a particular stormtrooper known as Lucky and I came across with this one "When you kissed his cheek he became flustered and red and like the little boy who used to be adored by the Kitchen staff during the trooper program", may I have some more of that? Little boy Lucky??? Yes, please?

Can this be Little Boy Lucky?

  • Little boy Lucky. Well, original just known as TT-0777 (training trooper). Everyone knew this rambunctious little tyke. He had wild dirty blonde hair that stood straight in the air and these clear ocean blue eyes that wandered everywhere with excitement, just like his feet and more freckles than he could count. 
  • Unlike some of the others, this was his home. It was only the place he could remember and as one of the young ones he went to the nursery where they could teach you to be a perfect follower for the First Order.
  •  He quite liked learning, which led him on many adventures. Of course, most of the time it was just a small child escaping from the designated sector and roaming the halls of the military base. 
  • He always liked sneaking into the training rooms and watching the older troopers train. There was this one soldier who he was OBSESSED with; she was rather tall for a girl he thought and she had blonde curly hair and she could be quite mean, but in a funny way. And this was one of those times. His little giggle echoed off the walls of the corridor. 
  • “TT-0777, it’s lights out isn’t” Sighing in defeat, he followed the superior back to his regulated sector. 
  • Sneaking around made him quite popular. The females of the First Order couldn’t help but fawn over the freckle-faced mini trooper who wanted to fight with the real stormtroopers and the males looked annoyed but turned side eye because of his passion for being with the First Order. 
  • There was a group of people that particularly loved him though, the Kitchen staff. There was something about him that made the main chef fall in love with TT-0777. Always adding extra rations or requesting him to help/clean the kitchen, only to be rewarded with the food that the higher-ups had the luxury of eating. He was usually found in the corner of the kitchen face covered in nutmeat and jelly. 
  • Everyone knew of his infatuation with this trooper, so sometimes the kitchen sent him with the droids to deliver her food. Where he would always stare at her with wide blue eyes, in complete admiration. And Phasma would always reply in a confused look. 
  • There was one time where Lil’ Luck was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be and got caught in some crossfire. Hiding in one of the blockades, he clenched his ears and eyes. He was quickly removed by none other, than his fave, Phasma. 
  • For some strange reason, she couldn’t help but feel a tug on her heart and when he looked up at her with the same admiration and almost grateful that he had saved him. 
  • “You’re Phasma.” His little voice squeaked and she flinched because he didn’t even care how much trouble he was in because he was now feeling all over her armor in awe. She knew who he was because of everyone telling her about her biggest fan. 
  • “Yes, I’m Phasma and YOU’RE lucky that I found you and cannot send you to conditioning.” 
  • From that point on, she could always spot him watching her or speaking about her as if she was some superhero. 
  • Not to mention him always waving at her or saying: “Hi Phasma, it’s me the lucky one.” “Hi Phasma, it’s me the lucky one, I made you a sandwich.” “Hi Phasma, it’s me the lucky one, I lost my tooth, look!” “Hi Phasma, it’s me the lucky one, can I watch you fight today?” “Hi Phasma, it’s me the lucky one, can I help clean blasters?”
  • BONUS: When Phasma got promoted to Captain:
  • “Congratulations, Captain Phasma. It’s me-” 
  • “Lucky, I know. Did you make another nutmeat and jelly sandwich?” 
  • A crazy blush because that’s his specialty.
  • “No, but I drew you a picture.”
  • “That’s me and that’s you and we are going to go fight the resistance.”
  • Him wearing a rather big smile exposing his missing teeth.
  • And dammit, she couldn’t help but want to protect this training trooper.
  • “Thank you Lucky.”

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As a New Yorker, we know there is no way to avoid the tunnels of the subway. Elijah Dominique has found a way to document the stories of the tunnels that we all know too well with his subway series, #KillTheUnderground. He is far from a one trick pony! He is a skilled editor, portrait photographer, landscapes, etc. But we’ll let his photos do the talking. 

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So this first day of TT training....


Seriously. After all the drama from yesterday, today was EXACTLY what I needed to clear my head and refocus on why I’m here a week early.  This TT community is so amazing.  Not only do I admire and respect every member of the OC, I can’t help but be amazed by my fellow TT leaders.  Even though some of the team building games we played today got a little repetitive, we stuck it out and made the best of it.  I had so much fun interacting with people that I’m not as familiar with, and also reconnecting with people I DO know!  PLUS, I’m normally really uncomfortable singing praise songs, or even really just worshipping with a huge group of people.  I’ve been struggling to find a way to embrace and express my faith since I was 16, but I think that everything we did to praise God today was the first step on my journey of reclaiming my beliefs and not feeling guilty for finding joy in worship (if you wanna know the story of why I feel that way, just ask.  I’d love to share it with you.).

Even though it’s only been 1 day, I can already tell that the rest of this week is going to be an incredible experience.  My attitude turned around last night for the silliest of reasons: I found all my nail polish.  It had been packed in a different bag than I had thought.  I don’t want to say that it was a “sign” of all of the great things I’ll discover this week, because I don’t really believe that.  What I do believe, though, is that the little things like that play an instrumental role in what your outlook of the immediate future will be. For me, my attitude for most of yesterday was, “Oh, God, what am I doing?  This is going to be a disaster, everything is going wrong, the world is working against me, blah blah blah…..” UNTIL I found my collection of nail polish.  I know it sounds SO silly, but I seriously had a change of heart right then and there.  It was the first good thing that had happened to me all day (except for finding my wallet….that was the best), so I started thinking to myself, “Maybe this won’t be so bad.  I should be here.  We’ll just wait and see how tomorrow goes.

I’m so lucky to have been given this opportunity to be a TT Leader.  I just really feel like it’s so important to have a built in support system as soon as you get to college, and the TT program definitely helps establish that.  Not only do you have peers to commiserate with, but you have an upperclassman to relate to and help you find your way in your first few days at Belmont.  The TT Leaders that I had when I was a freshman were the BEST.  I’ll never be able to fully express to Patrick or Jenny how much it really meant to me to know that I had someone at this school that I could always depend on, even before I established a solid group of friends.  To this day, I know that they will be there for me when I need them.  I feel so lucky to be following their example. I can only hope that I will have the same impact on someone that they had on me.  

I CANNOT WAIT for the rest of this week! I know the days will be long, but I also know that all of this time and effort will be worth it.  This is going to be the start of an amazing year that’s sure to be chock-full of surprises, and I am so excited to see how everything unfolds.