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Some end-game theorizing/hoping. Maybe we can get rid of Eyeballs without killing Kevin? That’s the dream, ain’t it?

Worked long and hard on this and I’m really proud of it. Turns out, with art, fussing and using references really helps. Wow!



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Flip Flappers v2 arrived a couple of days ago but was too busy to make a post about it. But now I have some time (not really) so here we go~

So the usual thing. Box art by tanu on the right, cover illustration by Kojima Takashi in the middle, and production booklet of some characters + their various designs. 

Kojima being the character designer, there’s going to be lots of commentary by him. I only really tried to read Papika’s bit because I got tired after that

  • Kojima wanted to contrast Cocona and Papika’s designs with each other, so that explains Cocona’s short hair vs Papika’s long hair + her sandals.. (didn’t describe anything else after that but their differences are pretty obvious, like red hair + blue eyes for Papika, blue hair + brown (but not quite red) eyes for Cocona, etc)
  • Oshiyama said Kojima’s illustrations look very shounen manga-ish, so he worked hard to match the image of a bishoujo anime.
  • There’s a colored-line ahoge right behind Papika’s more prominent one.. (which I actually did not notice UNTIL NOW) which he needed to be careful not to forgot about drawing. But he thought it was a fun little thing.

The only other interesting tidbit I read was TT-392′s design being based off of a Jameson robot. Anyway, some pics! Clothing designs, weapon designs, fragment designs, etc

The page about the eye’s designs was interesting. Reminded me of something I read where an animator (I think?) was saying how eyes in anime are becoming so much more complicated that it takes a such a considerable amount of time to draw. I just thought that was interesting because I thought Flip Flappers’s eyes were fairly simple, but there’s really a lot to take in consideration when drawing them on-model. Also made note about how the camera’s distance makes a difference when drawing the eyes on-model, which is something I never really thought about before. 

I think v3 has more on character designs. Oh, and a lot of these have already been posted on twitter by Oshiyama (which you can view here). He posts a lot of production stuff, like storyboards and setting designs~ thx oshiyama and kojima.

List of my favorite HP roleplayers

(I made a list of my favorite hp rp bloggers for my best friend @umbreoncantfly since she’s new)

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I am probably forgetting so many people so let me know who I’m missing.