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Rose Lalonde becoming a duelist of the Ootori Academy.

TT: The idea seems to be that you draw power directly from neurosis, and particularly from neurosis associated with members of your immediate family.

TG: so should we break out the champagne now or

TT: Wait, there’s more – based on a cursory examination of the participants involved it has become clear to me that sibling relationships are of particular use – even more particularly, sibling relationships with incestuous overtones.

TG: woah

TT: This tournament was, on one or more levels, designed for me.

TG: fuck dude you are going to be sports champion of magical incest school

TT: I am going to win all of the duels.  All of them.

TG: they are going to straight up run out of duels for you to win

TG: i can see the big purple douchebag you mentioned all slapping the shit out of you jack nicholson style

TG: askin how you got so good at bullshit anime duels

TG: finally you come out with it

TG: ‘shes my hot mom’

TG: ‘shes my hot sister’

TG: ‘shes my hot mom and my hot sister’

TG: only then does he realize how fucked he is

TG: he should never have taken that first bite of the lalonde incest sandwich

TT: Did I mention you apparently get bonus points for lesbianism?

TG: you are literally going to rule the school

TT: The chairman will drive away in his fancy car, gutshot but not knowing it.  A dead man driving.  He will collapse on the steering wheel, overcome by the sheer bewildering fuckedness of my interpersonal relationships.  A single tear of awe will trickle down one cheek.  I will turn to my new anime girlfriend.  I will say:

TG: forget it anime girlfriend

TG: its fuckin chinatown


12 leaping woozis

11 jungkook’s piping

10  jackson selfies

9 TT’S dancing

8 sexy santas

7 thots a thot-ing

6 dozing yoongi’s


4 fierce bihs

3 T.O.P selfies

2 camera zooms



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So @asktheboywholived did this hilarious video of James, Sirius, and Remus dancing to Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake and I had to do this quick doodle because it made me laugh so hard. Watch it here. And give them a follow while you’re at it.
Whenever I’m in a bad mood I know that it’ll get lifted over on TT’s page. Whether they have me crying from laughing so hard or crying from a heartbreaking thread.
I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing this from me, TT but you really are a huge inspiration to me. 


I couldn’t hold this back anymore. I fucking love the daddyfell thing @kimiwillsinforever is dishing!

My gosh! Russel is so dang cute! Ahhh h h h~ I had to draw Carrie interacting with him. If there’s one weakness Carrie has its definitely babies. Poor girl is simply helpless TT///u///TT

p.s: I’m sorry Kimi, I don’t know how to draw your sona properly. I did my best (;//u//;)

Debunking TT

((OOC: There is this weird thing that happens to those with a platform, especially self created ones, where a halo of unreality and glamour is reflected. TT is a bit like this, though I’ll admit on a much smaller scale than say, Alicia Keys (who is my personal queen). This halo thing, or whatever you want to call it, is the reason that I first started talking to TT. I was in awe, and mind you, their blog was a lot smaller then so, smaller halo. I spent dead hours at work stalking TT’s blog, and showing close friends just how attractive TT was. I’ve never been one for sitting on sidelines so I tried desperately to squeeze my way into TT’s real world, one that I still could not fathom outside of the grand one we all tend to create. Clearly I squeezed and I fond that grand fuzzy halo to fade and reveal the real TT and just how much better all that really is.

I found that TT was not nearly as hot as I thought them to be. Instead I realized that TT was beautiful in a left over eyeliner beard and baggy t-shirt way. Beautiful in a stunning dress way, and beautiful in a eating seaweed way. You see TT’s beautiful when their laying down with several chins and giggling at your stupid jokes. Their beautiful when their family walks into the room and they force kisses on their brother’s cheek. TT’s beautiful in moments when they’re expressing the importance of being open minded and their eyes get passionate and their hands start to help tell the story. There are the times when you pick TT to tell your most painful things to and they look at you with all the care in the world, so TT becomes the first person you tell these painful things to. TT is beautiful when they learn to call you late at night and reveal their painful things and you can hear how much care is packed into each syllable. TT is beautiful when they are overwhelmed with cute or love or affection and they squeeze their cheeks and emit a high pitched noise. Please don’t get me wrong, TT is still very much hot, but those moments are fleeting, while TT is always beautiful.

I thought TT was the funniest person I had ever encountered, turns out I still hold that title. TT’s humor is not the type to dominate rooms or be the cleverest joke or the wittiest reply. Its the giggly and loving kind. The kind of funny that always lets you go first, so you can keep on believing that you’re the funniest. TT will laugh harder than anyone at your jokes no matter how convoluted they get and then help muddle them a little more. You’ll laugh until you’re both making unintentional ugly faces. Really TT is hilarious but their greatest role is the support laugh. TT will tell millions of stories about the funny things they’re friends and family did but forget to tell their own. Its an unspoken humor, not very loud or boisterous but affectionate and caring. 

One thing that halo can prevent you from seeing is just how good someone is. Really and truly good. To know TT is to be lucky, to get to love TT is to be loved in return. I have never meant anyone who so selflessly points themselves in the way of others pain. TT cares too much, and sometimes those that love them need to make sure we tell them to put down the shields they’re holding up for us. TT is most sorrowful when those they love are hurt. You have to remind them to let go of the things they cannot control and to call when they need it. TT’s circle is always threatening to grow and you have to remind them that they can’t hold more than two shields at a time, so instead they’ll erect an umbrella to try and keep us all dry. Allowing their unshakeable confidence to spread to those who need it from time to time. 

I started talking to TT because I was blown away by talent and good looks, I was lucky enough to realize that those things are accompanied with so many other wonderful traits. Unlike TT my circle of caring is small and closed and reserved for a select few. I thought I was squeezing my way into their life, but instead they squeezed their way into mine. And I think its important to note how monumentally blessed I feel to have gained a life long friend. One that will visit me when I have my own home, and be there when I meet the person I’ll marry, and hold my children, and will call me many wrinkles later because nothing will have changed. That halo seems far away now and I’m glad its gone, but for a moment, it was the thing I needed to open my closed circle to someone who was always worth being in it.))