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Surprisingly, Yamapi does have a important part in Chinen’s life. Unsurprisingly, Yamada still is such a sugar daddy.

Titan Appreciation Month: Day 5

Week 1: Favorites January 6th: Favorite Pairing Do I even need to say it? But just in case you can’t figure it out, here’s a hint.

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Chiaki’s ambelo blog entry 24-01-2017 titled “Nishi Thank you

I think that I would like to write about what Nishi sang for me at the solo live last weekend.

He sang me AAA’s believe own way which have “ live believing in myself ” lyrics.

Believing in myself and keep moving forward one step at a time while doing my best, I was glad that Nishi sent me such a message.

He is a person who works hard with passion in everything.

Seeing that, I also was taught the feeling of working hard in everything.

Nishi thank you !

And congratulations for the great success of 1stLIVE solo !

From now on, as “Nissy” I also will continue to support you !

So this head canon was so cute I had to write a Drabble for it. Thank you, @serrj215, for your permission to use the head canon!

On good nights, when there was no crime alert to wake up the whole tower in the middle of the night, Cyborg was able to sleep until he was completely charged. It was always a wonderful feeling to be fully charged and he relished in it. His one good eye fluttered opened first, followed by his cybernetic eye buzzing to life. He was instantly met with the daily morning report, which including things like the current weather, room temperature, and health status updates. As his computer brain caught up with his natural one, he was able to sit up off his metal slab. He reached over and unplugged himself from his charging station. Sliding off his “bed,” Cyborg left his room in search of the bathroom he shared with the other male Titans in order to relieve himself.

Whistling to himself as he shut the bathroom door behind him, Cyborg ran into two of his friends making their way down the hallway to the common room hand-in-hand. With a smirk Cyborg decided to make himself known.

“Well, well, well! Look who’s conveniently up at the same time!” He joked. His sudden voice made the two love birds jump in surprise.

“Cyborg! When did you get there?” Robin, their fearless leader, questioned.

“Oh I don’t know, a minute, thirty second maybe?” Cyborg replied, enjoying the affects his teasing had on the slightly younger boy.

“Friend Cyborg! How wonderful it is to see you on this fine morning! Boyfriend Robin was kind enough to let me slumber in his room for the remainder of the night, as I was awoken by the most terrible of the nightmares!” Starfire exclaimed in her usual excited manor.

“Oh is that so?” Cyborg tired to hold back a snicker at the sight of a very red faced Robin.

“O…ok Star, that’s enough. Let’s just get into the common room and start making breakfast.” Robin suggested, hoping to change the subject.

The three friends made their way into the common room, but they didn’t at all expect to see that it was already occupied. They didn’t notice at first. Robin and Starfire sat in their respective places around the kitchen table, while Cyborg began cooking the team’s breakfast. It was when they all heard a loud moan coming from the couch that they had released that they were not alone.

“Oh my gash.” Cyborg was the first to speak. “Is that what I think it is?”

“If by that, you mean Beast Boy and Raven snuggled up together on the couch, than yeah it is.” Robin whispered, terrified of waking the sleeping changeling and half-demon.

“Oh how glorious! Does this mean that Friend Beast Boy and Friend Raven are now doing the dating? Oh I must ask Raven if she will engage with me in the ‘girl talk!’” Starfire flew happily over to the sleeping teens, ready to wake them from their slumber.

“Starfire No!” Both Robin and Cyborg called after her, making her stop right in front of the couch. They both followed after her and Robin gently, but firmly grabbed her arms and pulled her slightly back.

“Listen Star,” Robin whispered in her eye. “We can’t wake them up.”

“Well why not?” She asked, in a hushed voice.

“Because if we wake them up and they find out that we saw them like this, Raven will turn us into dog food and Beast Boy will eat us.” Cyborg jumped into the conversation.

Just then they all heard an other moan, followed by the shuffling of the blanket that was laid on top of the two dozing teens. The sound made them all freeze as they watched in horror as Raven slowly opened her eyes to find six more staring back at her.

“What the hell?!” Raven jumped back into the still sleeping changeling, who simply moaned and pulled her closer to him in response.

“Please friend! Do not be upset with us. We were only surprised to have seen you cuddling with Friend Beast Boy!” Starfire tired to explain, much to everyone’s horror.

“What? No. Beast Boy and I were not…cuddling. We just happened to have fallen asleep on the same couch is all.” Raven said in her usual monotone, as if she had practiced for this exact moment.

“Oh, so then you and Friend Beast Boy are not doing the dating?” Starfire pressed.

“No! Of course not!” Raven denied in mock disgust.

It may have worked too, if it weren’t for Beast Boy following her words by pulling her back down next to him, subconsciously placing a kiss on her head, and burying his face in her neck. With his eyes still closed, he muttered sleepily, “Mama, go back to sleep. It’s too early.”

Raven stiffened and out of sheer panic, she quickly used her magic to transport out of there, taking Beast Boy with her. After taking a few moments to gather their thoughts, Cyborg was again the first to speak.

“Well I guess you guys weren’t the only one’s to have a sleep over.”