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I was trying to cheer me up with a doodle and it worked TTwTT …!

Spoken kisses

A/N: Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been soooo inactive lately! I’m finally out of school for my summer break, so I hope I can be writing more! TT^TT)9

Anyways, this fanfic was requested but, for some reason, I lost the ask! But it was something like:

“Otabek loses a competition and Yuri tickles him to cheer him up”, or something like that. I’m sorry about that, Anon! If you get to see this I hope you enjoy it very much. And so all of you. It’s a bit sucky, tho. I’m sorry about it!

Summary: Otabek Altin is an amazing skater and Yuri has his was to make Otabek belive him, also, Yuri is a dork and makes noises when he smooches Otabek.

Words: 1,550 (Under the cut!)

Yuri felt Otabek shivering between his arms when he placed a soft kiss on the back of Otabek’s neck. Their soft movements made the water produce its majestic sounds and overflow a little bit by the edges of the tub.

Yuri placed yet another kiss on the side of Otabek’s neck and was delighted when he heard a soft chuckle and his head got slightly squeezed when Otabek shrugged a little.

The water was still warm, reaching all the way up to almost cover up the middle of their chests; Yuri was placed right behind Otabek, spooning him loveling as he poured strawberry scented shampoo into the palm of his hands.

He would take a moment to tease Otabek about the shampoo later, but right now he just rubbed his hands together and then expanded the liquid soap all over Otabek’s head, messaging and scratching his scalp. Otabek shivered and hummed, closing his eyes and leaning against Yuri’s chest.

Yuri kept washing up Otabek’s head, getting ride off all the residual sweat after the competition and he sighed, remembering the events of a few hours ago. Otabek seemed to remember it aswell as he slided a bit more under the water, his head almost resting into Yuri’s sternum.

Yuri brushed his soapy fingers on Otabek’s ears, all over the shell and the lobe, cleaning them up completely.

“You did amazing tonight”, Otabek snorted and Yuri heard the rolling of his eyes. “You really did amazing tonight. I was surprised”.

“Why, thank you, Yuri”, Otabek answers, not exactly meaning his words. “I didn’t do it half as great as the other competitors, though, right?”, Yuri felt a slight tug at his heart hearing Otabek’s hostile voice.

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