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thank you sehun for being the glue that holds exo together and for always having a patient soul that works to understand the hearts of fans.

thank you kyungsoo for being an anchor for the other members to depend on. thank you for your loyalty and unwavering love for exo.

thank you yixing for always sharing your deepest passions and ambitions in music with exo and with fans alike. thank you for the fire in your soul.

thank you chanyeol for loving every single member so fully and unconditionally without restraint. thank you for the time and love you’ve given to us the fans.

thank you minseok for being reliable and stable. amidst all the pain and suffering day to day, you remain strong as the oldest and lead in your quiet way.

thank you jongdae for your bright smiles that bring warmth and comfort to your members and fans. thank you for having the kindest heart no one deserves.

thank you jongin for always expressing your emotions to the world without restraint whether it be through your dance or your tears. thank you for your love.

thank you baekhyun for bringing the light with you wherever you go. thank you for your unrelenting strength and love that shines brightest with exo and aeris. 

thank you junmyeon for being the greatest leader none of us deserved. thank you for your humility, gratitude, and determination. thank you for being you.

thank you exo for being a group that exo-l’s can be proud of every day. thank you for your hard work and desire to continue existing as exo for us to love.