tswift the angel

the singular reason i don’t actively wish harm upon taylor swift beyond the desire for her unceremonious evaporation into the pop culture “hey remember her?” ether is that she donated $250k to Kesha’s legal battle which, even that i’m of two minds of, like maybe it was an earnest gesture of goodwill (lol) but also maybe it was calculating and kind of… condescending? is that crazy? idk i feel like that’s an appropriate gauge of taylor swift as a whole but there is, as always, the distinct possibility that i’m just a mean bitch

like i feel like her entire personality is malicious slithery benevolence okay goodnight


fairytales and lost girls


“I have this picture that was taken at the CMA awards when I was 19, and I had just won the entertainer of the year award and all of my band… I called them up on stage with me and we were all immerse in the biggest group hug, and every single look on all of our faces is just shock, and disbelief, and happiness, and pure joy. And I always look back at that picture and think about how unbelievable it was to be in that moment, and how I’m so happy I know what every single one of their suits look like, and what we were all wearing, and the way that our hair looked. Every detail about that moment I get to remember because it was captured in a photograph.”