tsw cosplay

QL0 Elementalism Focus- The Secret World

I haven’t played The Secret World in ages but it’s still one of my favorite MMOs. So with an obsolete itouch charger and some wire I made a crude copy of one of my favorite weapons.

Bonus: I can hang it on my pants and I’m basically cosplaying a tsw agent


“PDX cell checking in, ma’am. I’ve made contact with the locals, and am pleased to announce that they have no goddamn clue we’re even here. Rubbed shoulders with some of our allies, did a little recruiting, too. I like to think I represented the Labyrinth with style. Now I’m gonna have myself one of these fuckin’ awesome local beers while I’m awaiting further instructions.”


So, A bunch of us nerds made it to Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR on the 19th and 20th of September, and this was my day 2 costume: Illuminati. Coat was hand sewn, gloves were painted, everything else was bought or thrifted. Hat is by Fez-O-Rama.

Thanks to @deathgrip-photography for the photos! I know you had a hell of a time with the lighting! I hope to get more pics with this outfit in an industrial portion of the city one of these days. 

Also: hey @scrivnomancer !  If you ever wanted to see what became of that sewing project…