Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan Live Action • 10/21/2017

Yamazaki Kento as Saiki Kusuo 

Hashimoto Kanna as Teruhashi Kokomi 

Arai Hirofumi as Nendou Riki 

Yoshizawa Ryo as Kaidou Shun 

Kasahara Hideyuki as Hairo Kineshi 

Kaku Kento as Kuboyasu Aren 

Muro Tsuyoshi as Chouno Uryoku 

Satou Jiro as Kanda Pinsuke (Principal of PK Academy)

i can’t believe that these two:

are going to be reunited in the gintama live action 😅 dir. fukuda yuichi is the real mvp for bringing them back together again 👍


Hello, this is Okada Masaki. There’s now 10 days until Gintama is released! My role is Katsura Kotaro, the Joui faction wanderer who is hiding in Edo, also known as Zura. I myself is a fan of Gintama, so it is with great pleasure that I wanted to portray Katsura in his full glory, and I did my best. Please make sure you see it in theatres!


As an aside, I watched the Gintama press conference. Okada is such a bimbo in real life it’s always hilarious to watch him, so I felt I had to translate this bit. A bit of background: Oguri Shun and Okada Masaki have been in a few things together and they’re pretty good friends. Okada is the embodiment of the Gintama phrase “people with natural perm aren’t bad guys”, he’s such a bimbo that most people love picking on him. Muro Tsuyoshi (Gengai) and Satou Jirou (Takechi Henpeita) are comedians mainly, so they’re very good at enlivening the atmosphere.

Host: How did you think of portraying your respective characters?
First we’ll start with Nagasawa-san (Otae)
[After Masami finishes]
Host: What about you, Okada-san?
Okada: What about what?
Host: Oi oi, the question, the same question!
Director and Muro Tsuyoshi: Hey that’s really bad! You’re really weird! You’re really weird today!
Host: It was ‘what did you think about portraying the character?’
Director: You’re weird today!
Okada: No I’m not.
Someone: That’s unforgivable.
Okada: No, no
Someone: It’s really weird!
Okada: I’m getting scolded. It’s only because I finally got a chance to talk.
Someone: Oh, sorry.
Okada: Seriously from the moment I stood here I wanted to talk. I really wanted to talk!
Someone: Oh sorry.
Okada: And then…I forgot the question.
Host: Alright, well when you got invited to act in this popular manga/anime…
Muro Tsuyoshi: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san
Host: How did you think of your character and your portrayal?
Muro Tsuyoshi: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san
Muro Tsuyoshi: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san
Host: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san, you can talk now.
Okada: THANK YOU. Anyway, I’m pretty similar to Katsura, he tries to lead his life a cool way…
Someone: HE SAID “COOL”
Someone else: THAT’S QUICK
Okada: WAIT NO
Someone else: He got there quickly!
Someone: You don’t know?!
Muro Tsuyoshi: He keeps looking at Oguri for help, Masaki keeps looking at Oguri!
Sato Jirou: Oguri is laughing, but Suda Masaki is completely expressionless the whole time.
Someone: Totally.
Okada: I don’t know what that means on balance. So, umm, please let the next person speak now, thank you very much.
Okada: NO NO NO NO
Someone: What’s your thoughts on acting?? What’s your thoughts??
Someone else: You’re finally getting a chance!
Suda Masaki (Shinpachi): Masaki~
Okada: Yes what do you want, Masaki?
Host: Eh was that supposed to be a planned pun/joke?
Suda: Nope, that was the first time.
Host: Alright, what was your thoughts on playing the character?
Okada: There was a lot of action scenes this time, and I had a lot of scenes with Oguri-san. I practised a lot, and there are some good action scenes. I feel there’s a really scary stare coming from my right side…..!! (Oguri is standing on his right)
Random people: Don’t look. Seriously don’t look. Really don’t even look that way!
Satou Jirou: Seriously coming from me don’t even look at Oguri, you won’t be able to talk after! Seriously the two of them are like making mugshot faces, they’re completely expressionless.
**Okada turns and looks**
Okada: ………….ToT
Satou Jirou: SEE I TOLD YOU.
Okada: Umm. Yes. Next person please…
Host: ARE YOU SURE?? Alright let us know if you think of anything!

Press conference cut from Gintama: Oguri Shun using the “Ma~ki~no~~” tone to address someone.

MC: Which Gintama cast would you want to become?
Oguri: Duh, I want to become Yoshizawa Ryo
Muro: Why? Why??
Oguri: Isn’t his face so beautiful?
Muro: No no, Hanazawa Rui was beautiful~
Muro starts rousing the crowd to get a name
Muro: Is it Nanami-chan?
Oguri: Nanami-chan?
MC: Alright, call Nanami-chan’s name.
Oguri: Na~na~mi~~
Everyone cracks up/fangirls shriek
Muro: Good job!
Oguri: I did it. The only thing is…I didn’t do this weird head tilt in the real thing.

If you don’t understand the above reference, you need to watch Hana Yori Dango, like right now. LOL.

Imagen promocional y nuevas capturas para el programa live-action en dTV de Gintama

El programa de 3 episodios debutará el 15 de julio en el servicio un día luego del estreno de la película live-action 

El servicio de streaming dTV de Docomo ha revelado el miércoles una imagen promocional con Mitsuba Okita (personaje interpretado por Kie Kitano) y nuevas capturas de su próximo programa live-action en linea adaptación del Manga de Gintama por Hideaki Sorachi. Los tres episodios del programa en linea debutarán en el servicio el 15 de julio adaptando el “Arco de Mitsuba” del Manga original, un día después del estreno de la próxima película live-action también basada en el Manga en cines de Japón. El programa contará con el mismo reparto y equipo de producción de la película, y adaptará la “popular” historia del Manga original.

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