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jingfuckingyao  asked:

knk reaction to their little sister asking them to get them pads cuz shes on their period

Youjin: Would totally do it, no complaints or anything from him. He understands that it is something she really need, he knows how she usually deals with her periods so he would get all the things she needs to make it through the week (or however long her period happens to last)

Seungjun: Would complain that it is embarrassing for him to buy it and that people look at him weirdly… In reality it is because he panics over which ones to buy for her and looks like he is gonna cry… In the end would be convinced to go buy it only because he can’t stand seeing his baby sister upset.

Inseong: Would be the good brother who always stock up on the things you need. And in the case that he forgot to buy extras he would hurry down to the store to buy some more for her. Another one who wouldn’t complain doing something like that for his sister.

Jihun: Would try his absolute best to get out of it, he would even try to bribe his sister just so he wouldn’t have to do it. But of course it wouldn’t work and he would have to go buy it for him, it would seem like no time has passed since he left because he would do his best to hurry doing it.

Heejun: Would be the brother who would ask for a favor or something to do the task, but would totally already have bought it. He is not embarrassed or anything to do it, so his sister could always rely on him to buy that for her when needed, she just shouldn’t overdo it as  it would end up with her having to do a lot of favors for him.

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