KNK- Reaction to you fangirling over Astro

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YouJin: he would get kind of jealouse that you were fangirling over astro and more about moonbin, but he would have to admit that you looked cute fangirling.

¨why don´t you watch the stage i did today, y/n¨

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Seungjun: ¨Yah!, Sanha is mine, you go and fangirl over someone else!¨

¨Ah!!! Sanha, Cute!!!!¨

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 Inseong: ¨you know y/n, i trusted you, you were supposed to support KnK a 100%, i feel so betrayed¨ 

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 Jihun: ¨i aprove¨

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Heejun:  ¨and i thought Seungjun Hyung was crazy¨

¨but, still, cute¨

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To all the kpop fans in the world, in all the worlds possible. I would just like to say thank you. Thank you to helping all of our groups both big and small, famous and underrated, also for both boy and girl. Thank you for making such a friendly community to be a part of. Not including all the fan wars, anti fans and saesangs. Also thank you for reacting maturely when these supposed “fans” do the wrong thing. I have only been part of the Kpop fandom for a little over 3 years, I may not have been part of this for a long time like others but I really enjoy meeting all you lovely people both online and in person. Again thank you and I love you all! (P.S. I am not dying, I am not saying this as if I am dying. I just wanyed something to make you smile and appreciate this massive Kpop fandom we all belong too) Also what groups do you stan??? I am a massive Carat (Seventeen’s fandom name)

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what mutuals do you associate with boy groups/boy group members and why? ^^

these asks are so cute 💝

svt: @save-sansa (a hoshi stan, so she has been suffering lately) and @hyejong​ (a smart cookie, biases all of them instead of struggling to stay loyal)

bts: @rapling (the best namjoon content out. a fave 👌🏼) and @aigustd (suga’s no 1 fan🎉)

got7: @jacksonsmeetinghisniece (loves jackson with all her heart same) and @pettybam (loves maknae line so i love her it’s science)

nct: @hyperactivehoshi (the most extra and most sweet nct dream stan) and @ilysmjeno (also loves nct dream ya’ll need an nct dream stan in ur lives they’re so sweet)

astro: @wonhomed (screamed about sanha’s height w me once good times) and @summer-soda​ (the cutest astro fanart ya’ll i cry)

monsta x: @shownu-what-that-mouf-do​ (would probs fight anyone for these boys stan talent stan monsta x) and @imchangki​ (is so soft for changkyun, her bias tag restores my faith in humanity❤️️)

shinee: @fairynams​ and @mapibee​ (name a more iconic duo. i’ll wait)  (for real tho these two are the sole reason i got into shinee)

knk: @2heejun​ (so many nice aesthetics and soft pictures of heejun. in short, doing the lord’s good work)

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Bangtan’s New Album

You don’t understand how thankful I am to Bangtan and other idols and singers who bring up attention to the whole Sewol Ferry Tragedy and the victims from that incident. If you’re unaware about what happened please please please educate yourself before they release the album because I want the fans to realize how big and devastating this situation was in SK. So them making an album based on this is a really big deal.

It wasn’t even the case of them not being trained properly, it was the fact that these students were told to stay inside the ferry by the captain, because they thought it would be the safest thing to do, and most of the students listened and lost their lives. The ones who went outside when the ferry was tilting were the ones who were ‘saved’. The most outrage was caused by the fact that the captain himself got off the ferry first onto a rescue boat without telling the students to leave. So all these kids were inside waiting to be saved (if you really want to there are multiple videos and documentaries of the kids in the ferry, that they recorded).

Families waited for days and weeks begging the government to send out more rescue teams to search for their kids because they were receiving texts from them while the ferry was still going down. But due to the weather and being late (so very dark) not much could be done. The worst and the part that makes me the angriest is that the president may not have even tried her best to rescue these kids, after the whole scandal with her not actually being in charge of the country and leaving her responsibilities to someone else, just ticks me off. (If you don’t know about this situation i suggest you search it up as well because this was another huge huge issue in SK where there was a lot of anger and protests that took place). She had a huge amount of power and to think that instead of trying to help these families and look out for her country she was just laying back and doing nothing is really something that isn’t right.

The main reason I’m writing all this is so that when this album and these songs gets released I want fans to realize how meaningful it actually is and to know the context behind it because there are too many fans who only think about their idols and dramas when thinking about Korea. I want people to understand that Korea is a pretty corrupt country at the moment where it’s not all happy endings and pretty people, there are issues there and some people just don’t seem to want to take the time to read about it or educate themselves on it, all they think about is their ‘oppas’ and ‘unnies’. 

So please pay respect to the families of those who lost their children and friends in that tragedy instead of just thinking about BTS.  #YouNeverWalkAlone

I find it really sad, how most of the time, the leader of the group is the least appreciated and underrated among fans. I mean, you would think that the member who keeps everything in order and has the most responsibilities would have more fans but that that doesn’t seem to be the case for the most part. Anyways, my point is, please appreciate the leaders of the groups. They deserve so much more love and appreciation for everything they do.