honestly sometimes I just imagine Pidge making a machine that picks up feed from random planets, and one day the entire team is like lounging around and Pidge picks up some broadcast from Earth. all of a sudden the ship’s speakers start blasting music, and Keith (out of all people) just comes bursting in and grabs the monitor

“keith wyd”


RWBY, Tropes, and Anime - A primer on Papa Wolves

Hi, RWBY fandom. Can I call you FNDM? Great, great. Since the intro to Volume 4 is publicly released, now’s as good a time as any to talk to you about what seems to be the hot-button issue for trendy young Sun haters. The overprotective dad.

Meet, maybe, Papa Belladonna. Who is Papa Belladone with Sun, apparently.

Cue you stars in the FNDM coming up with hilarious interpretations of this guy, right up to and including him being a Bumbleby shipper. Ahh, you guys.

But I’m here to provide you with a little nugget of wisdom you may otherwise be overlooking. Litle known fact… RWBY? Is an anime.

And you guys are rooting for the Overprotective Dad.

Above link goes to TV Tropes, for those curious. It details one of the most common characters in romantic comedic fiction; the father figure who aggressively keeps her daughter separated from any and all potential suitors.

Now, this is a trope. Tropes can have inherent issues, but recognizing and writing around those issues is how we advance writing. With the Overprotective Dad here? That problem comes down to sexism, in a sense, or more specifically the father taking away his daughter’s agency because he believes her not safe t make her own choices for whatever reason. But, it’s been used as a writing tool for so long, by so many people, that it’s a part of family culture. And comedy, too. It’s the plot of Hotel Transylvania, for a modern reference.

We in the west might be more familiar seeing the Overprotective Dad, say, on family sitcoms. The teenage daughter is going out tonight? Not in those clothes, young lady. A new boy is coming over? Hope he likes a shotgun to the back. Et cetra. Usually though, in a sitcom, anything the daughter does will eventually be reset to zero at the end. Status Quo and all that. As such, it’s rare that these kinds of father figures ever have to see anything of their aggressive tendencies, beyond a cheap laugh.

But then we get to Japan, and it’s fathers. I hate to break it to you, FNDM, but… Japan kind of has a history of sexism. And powerful fathers. As such, the trope tends to get played out all the way. If the dad isn’t dead, he’s obstructing a relationship, more often than not. And most interestingly, the one he’s forced to recognize and obstruct the most tends to be the one the girl ends up with.

Traditionally this means something like the would-be boyfriend proving himself to the father, and again, sexist as heck for taking agency away from the daughter. But, more recent media has swung it back around to the daughter finally standing up to her dad, making her choice, and positively radiating with power when she does. Arguably, that’s a better outcome for what is a demeaning position in the first place, but that it happened at all… eh.

So to sum up. FNDM. You’re enforcing an age old sexist trope for your own goals. Maybe Papa Belladonna has reasons for what he does, maybe he doesn’t and is just a Papa Wolf. (Pun fully intended.) But how about we wait and see before we go jumping to conclusions, huh? Because if we’re following fairy tale logic… Blacksun just got the Angry Father seal of canon.

And I’m good with that.

What it seems like a lot of people don’t understand (especially here on tumblr) is that it is okay to change your mind on things you love. You might ship one thing forever, then go to another ship. You might love one character, and then as you grow, you might appreciate another character more. It is okay to do that. You don’t have to stay constant with everything in your fandoms. We are all fluid individuals that are growing. It is better to see your opinions changing and growing as you grow versus staying exactly the same every time you read a book within a fandom, etc. Don’t act like people aren’t genuine fans just because they go through stages and growth with differing opinions about the series.

I know from personal experience, my opinions/top ships change a lot. My favorite characters can change a lot, too. That doesn’t make me less of a fan just because I like change or am open to different interpretations. That’s what makes a series interesting, to think about them from different angles throughout the years. It helps expand your creative mind.

I’m rambling, but my point is mainly to not judge someone just because their opinions clearly change/expand. If you don’t like their changes, unfollow them, but they aren’t less of a person or a member of a fandom because they change their mind.

I hate the phrase “guilty pleasures”. Why does it have to be guilty? Why do people have to feel ashamed that they like a certain band or a movie, just because no one else likes it, or because other people will laugh? I think it’s sad that people can’t just enjoy what they want without being judged. I’m an MCR era child who wears all black and works at Hot Topic, but my one of my favorite shows is Say Yes To The Dress because wedding dresses are fucking beautiful. People laugh at that all of the time, and it bugs me, not because they’re laughing at me, but because my natural reaction is to feel ashamed that I like it. I think it’s stupid. As long as you’re not hurting anybody, why should you feel ashamed? Fuck what everyone else thinks, love what you love. 

I think it’s time to let the people in my life who are dragging me down go? But I feel bad for cutting people off asdfghjkl

It seems rather fitting that a band named Temptress would put out a song named Guilty Pleasure, except I don’t feel guilty at all in taking pleasure in the brisk glistening R&B pop and electronica on the jam. The London based duo offer up AlunaGeorge like sass, Years & Years like seductive confidence, and an abundance of Mura Masa and Nao’s collaborative and elaborate sensuality on their new track. Guilty Pleasure is a lavishly inebriating follow up to Temptress’ well received debut EP Lies from earlier this year. The two piece explains that the song is “about being addicted to a secret; it’s about a casual fling that is suddenly serious; feelings of regret turn to euphoria; a desperate need to unload your obsession onto someone without knowing why.”  Guilty Pleasure is out now via iTunes.

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