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is there anyway I could get you to make audio clips of Joker snarling in the scene where he's talking to Alpha 01 at the casino? Hopefully you know which part I'm talking about lmao but he was snarling and growling and I was dying so I'd love an audio clip if it!!

I know exactly what scene you’re talking about and I already made an audio of exactly what you’re asking for bc of reasons (¬‿¬) Here ya got it ♥

im so petty like one time i was gonna go to this concert w my friend and @ lunch time, the day of the gig, i was sitting w her n her best friend. so my friend didn’t wanna tell her bff that she was going w me to the gig (jealousy or smth idk) n so, since she had no plans, her bff was like ‘hey wanna come over for a sleepover tonight’ n my friend is like ye sure!! n i look at her like.. tf……. n i text her all like ‘wtf was that ur coming w me right??’ n she texts back (reminder, we’re all sitting together but texting so the other girl doesnt hear) saying ‘sorry :// i cant say no to her!!’ n i just had a moment of pure anger and worry bc like my friend just completely ditched me but also i had a spare ticket n no one to go w right?? so.. i was angry n its not my proudest moment .,, but i ask my friends bff ‘hey, i have a spare ticket to this thing, wanna come?’ n shes just like hell ye that sounds awesome n i look @ my friend like..,, RIP WE’RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE

This is mostly just a random thought but I’m very passionate about the subject:

I can understand and respect if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy sexual or otherwise explicit material. I get if you don’t want to see or hear about it. That’s fine.

But if you use someone’s nsfw content (smutty fanfiction, erotic art) as an example of why they’re The Worst or why they should be mocked or disregarded, you need to stop. That’s shitty and mean and none of your business and often completely irrelevant to the discussion.

I don’t see it often but I see it enough where I feel it’s worth pointing out; pleased don’t do this.