Tsutomu Nihei

Tsutomu Nihei studied architecture at school. After graduated he decided to change a little bit direction and became magaka. So, I choose to show two parts of his work : scenic and portrait/illustration. Both are very important to assimilate his universe. Tsutomu Nihei speaks about structures and roads, big constructions and big destructions. He likes to bring the infinitely tiny in the infinitely large. He likes perspectives.

Nihei studied architecture and went abroad to work one year in New York. After that year, he returned to Japan and decided to become a mangaka. He started at Koudansha’s Afternoon and has been TAKAHASHI Tsutomu’s assistant for a while (working on Jiraishin).

Hayashida Q. was his assistant at one time.         


1/6 鹵獲転用体