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Waltz de Amelie

Hi guys, I was listening some Yann Tiersen and I doodled those ships ‘cause I realised I was always drawing KdFd and I wanted to try something else (I still prefer drawing KdFd tho ahah).

I wanted to draw a Kogure x Haruna for a while but I wasn’t very confident about drawing Kogure as an adult… Well, I don’t know but I think it’s ok here (?). I know you guys have OTP so I tried to draw some of them (my first time drawing Shindou in a “not chibi” style, I am not pretty sure about the result heh)

Hope you like it ~ <3

Everybody loves Tenma

I’m sorry, I was not home yesterday so I could’nt draw. I woke up at 6 AM to go back home this morning and the road is a slope and I was on my bike, so I’m dead already ahah.

Also, I’m sorry, I just went nuts with Taiyou’s hair xD

So here is @linabigface‘s original post ! Thank you for playing, and sorry again for Taiyou. I’m glad you choose Tenma, he’s actually so cute and I love drawing him (but why Taiyou please explain do you want me to die). It was my first time drawing Fey as well  !

Everybody loves Tenma

1.Fei loves Tenma: Well In Chrono Stone, Tenma gets really close to Fei and cared a lot for him when we knew who Fei was. I don’t really ship it but I really see it as a strong friendship

2.Taiyou loves Tenma: I really think Taiyou has a crush on Tenma and also when you see how these two meet in the anime… I have to admit that his personnality ressemble a lot to Tenma’s.

3.Yuuichi loves Tenma: I really love how Yuuichi gets close to Tenma by saying everything about Kyousuke. I see them as a BrOTP

But Tenma LOVES Kyousuke :

If you have been following my blog for a while (shout out to my 15 followers who decided to follow someone like me) that I ship KyouTen so haaard but THESE TWO ARE FUCKING MADE FOR EACH OTHERS THE FIRST TIME THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHRS.

I mean like you know at first Kyousuke is really hostile towards Tenma but even after that Tenma still believed him. Tenma followed him once at the hospital, there was that moment where Kyousuke saved Tenma, I always fangirl when I remember that, everytime Tenma jumps at him… Don’t tell me that Kyousuke isn’t jealous each time someone is too close to Tenma.The whole Galaxy season was filled with KyouTen. Also Kyousuke’s keishin is Lancelot,Lancelot is a character in King Arthur’s story,Tenma’s mixi-max is King Arthur and when he gets mixi-maxed he gets long blonde hair. THESE TWO THINGS ARE LINKED because as we know Lancelot feels in love with Guenièvre. I also really see Yuuichi as Tenma’s brother in law, Taiyou would be the one who keeps making Kyousuke jealous because he keeps being a bit too close to Tenma and Fei well..We already saw him jealous once because of him anyway. I also wished to see their little baby Kyouma in the anime

Those little moments made me ship it. I have to admit that at first I didn’t ship gay ships at all. I discovered Inazuma Eleven because I saw a KyouTen fanart and I loved Tenma’s eyes. I saw Naegiri through KyouTen and also I really think that Kyousuke is Dark Pit+ Kirigir Kyouko ‘s personnality fusioned and Tenma is Pit+Naegi ‘s personnality fusion (I don’t ship Pitcest btw, incest is not for me at all)

I would be able to talk about how much Kyousuke and Tenma are made for each others for hours but my post is already long enough with only KyouTen omg

I like Tenma x Taiyou tho. 
I remember once reading a fic where there were two main ships, Tsurugi x Tenma and Hakuryuu x Shuu. Well, I found that Tsurugi and Hakuryuu had a great alchemy in it and it’s the first I considered this pairing but in the anime it’s obvious Tsurugi cares A LOT for Tenma and there is indeed a link between them so… I ship them of course (but Tsurugi x Hakuryuu is still pretty amazing). Anyway, they are definitly cute together ! :>

Here is the list of unavailable characters : Kidou, Fudou, Kubuki Shirou, Touko, Hakuryuu, Midorikawa, Tachimukai, Suzuno, Sakuma, Tenma, Kirino, Tsurugi Yuuchi, Fideo

Wah, it’s amazing to see how much “Everybody loves somebody” have been done already ! School begins soon for me so I must stop this game friday or saturday. Well, stop the drawing part. You can stil play it as long as you want ! I am glad you had fun guys, I had a lot of fun too and I hope the next game will be as fun ! (next game ? maybe ? don’t know neither ahah)