Tsukiuta Twitter Mini Drama Translation (2014/10/13) part 3

☆Older group Siblings Edition☆

〜The Results〜
Oldest son: Kai
Second son: Haru
Third son: Shun
Youngest son: Hajime

Hajime: ……. wait a second. Why is it already decided before you consulted me?

Haru: Eh, there’s only this way? I think.

Kai: Well… I guess so.

Shun: Fufufu, Hajime. You’re my cute, cute little brother huh?

Hajime: Why am I below him (Shun)!?

Haru: No reason.

~Protest time since Hajime-sama is not satisfied~

Hajime: Just how am I below?

Haru: How you say… how you’re tsuntsuntsundere?

Hajime: Huh? Tsu…?

Shun: That gap is what makes you look the youngest child-like. Fufufu. So cute so cute.

Kai: There’s someone here who doesn’t know brotherly love. Well, you are the youngest child in the forst place.

Hajime: At least say only child.

Hajime: If you say it like that then Shun is also an only child!

Shun: My older brothers, the youngest Hajime is…

Haru: Yeah, don’t ask for the imposs (Whack) Ouch! That was pretty serious! No violence in this family!

Kai: Ahahaha. Okay okay. Then let’s do some slight changes, okay?

〜The Results ・ Revised〜
Oldest son: Kai
Second son: Haru
Third son: Hajime
Youngest son: Shun

Hajime: I only got up by one.

Shun: Hajime nii-san… that’s possible.

Haru: Eeh, don’t you think it’s difficult being above Kai? Even I can’t do it?

Kai: But, am I really that older brother-like?

Haru: …… your whole body is screaming older brother

Kai: The way you said it is leading to another misunderstanding!

Koi: … somehow, the older group (Or rather mainly Hajime) is unexpectedly showing an incandescent attitude.

Iku: There’s no punch line after all!

Kakeru: Yeah yeah, that’s why it’s a joke among the joke ideas storage after all.

Rui: It’s a satisfying conclusion…

Iku: A-anyway, it was the Siblings Edition~!

Rui: See you.

#The End


Haru: While the younger brothers are sleeping…… Personally, this is most convincing.

Kai: Aaa, I totally understand.

〜The Results ・ Final Version〜
Oldest son: Kai
Second son: Haru
Third and youngest son (Twins): Shun & Hajime

#Really The End