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leon magnus!

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  No one, really, since he’s such a jerkass tsuntsuntsundere, although I’m starting to come around to Stan/Leon

friendship them with:  Stan and Chaltier for sure

general opinions: (Man, you guys just love giving me excuses to rave about my favorites, you know that?)

Leon Magnus, also known as the King of Tsundere.  Take Tsunleo at his most tsuntsun, multiply it by about a thousand, and you might get an idea of how Leon is on a normal day, lol.  Being emotionally straightforward is not part of his vocabulary, or is it something he ever does publicly, even in his final moments.  Now, I’ve never played the original Destiny, only the PS2 remake, so I’m not sure how true this is for his original incarnation, and how much of this was something they changed for the remake so he’s less of an asshole and a little more likeable, lol.

That said, though, on a superficial level, there’s a lot about him I like.  I love that he’s got Pow Hammer as one of his spells. (I think he’s still the only male user of that arte, and we’ve gotten a few male healers at this point)  A lot of the things I love about his character design (cape, high collared jacket, short-ish layered haircut, pretty pretty eyes, short with lots of attitude) are the same things I love about Mikleo’s as well, which isn’t surprising since they’re both Inomata designs.  I also love that Leon is a dual wielding magic knight, even though magic rogue might be more appropriate given how squishy he is and how he’s got a lot of dashing high mobility artes in his repertoire.  He’s always a favorite of mine to play in the crossover games, especially Tales of VS and Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. (I also wish both of those games got DLCs or updates or something to include Zestiria, especially Twin Brave!)

On a deeper level, I love that there is a heart of gold buried underneath that mountain of jerkass.  For all that Leon swears he hates everyone in the party, he still comes to care about them - so much so that he voluntarily sacrifices himself to make sure Stan and the others make it out of the mines after fighting (and losing) to them.  I love that Leon loves sweets but will never admit to it; I’m sure if he were to ever meet Mikleo he’d be secretly super happy since it means Lots of Sweets, lol.  I still remember this one Tales of Gekijou short that involved Yuri, Leon and Reid getting crepes and Leon being disappointed that he only got to eat one because he was being so dainty and proper about eating it while Reid was just shoveling one after another into his mouth and ate so many the shop ran out of stock.  And Leon was so so so tsuntsun about actually wanting seconds and trying to not show his disappointment it was so cute.

And then there’s his friendship with Chaltier.  It’s safe to say that Chal is both his confidant and only friend until he meets Stan and the others.  And I love how Chal is always there to speak up for Leon in the skits, and just how dedicated he is to Leon as a whole.  It makes me believe that Leon’s childhood, while lonely, wasn’t entirely terrible and that Chal at least helped him cope with being (effectively) raised by Miktran.

Also, I’m pretty sure when he’s reawakened/reincarnated/whatevered in Destiny 2, and he meets Kyle, his first thought must be, “Oh fucking hell no, not this shit again” because Kyle is nothing if not a product of his parents, and Kyle’s about as stubbornly friendly as Stan is.  I can only imagine him thinking how much his nephew reminds him of Stan, and Chal voicing this, and Leon just grumbling and going with it because deep down, he feels like he still owes Stan and the others for all the pain and trouble he put them through, because he still feels that they’re friends even though he was a total jerkass to them the entire time.