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Why just why… this isnt anything like the LN. I dont mind new characters that much but this is just not a adaptation and I’m just very upset. Art is nice but like… I just I dont know how to feel right now. Its only chapter 1 I know but let me tell you non-LN readers.. this so far is nothing like the novel.

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Okay - After thoughts after going through all the pages of what seems to be more like a side-story and intro to the world (from what I gather that is what this first chapter is…*sigh*) and finding like one page that actually had something from the prologue of LN.  

Like this really the only thing I could pin out that was from the LN, when Guren and Mahiru were very young and meet only for her family to be looking for her and seeing her with Guren and beating him up. I really hope that the next chapter jumps back into the LN. Otherwise I’ll be a tad upset for getting my hopes up. 

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Tell us 5-12 facts about one of your characters, go! Pass this on and ask this at least 6 other persons/blogs.

Aaaahhh thank you so much for asking this! ;A; umh, I asked a friend and she said I should do it about Tsuni….

(The other picture is still unfinished!!)

1. She is a Dragon.

2. Even though her outside appearance makes her look like she’s somewhere around 29-35, nobody is sure of her actual age. (I’m pretty sure she’s at least a few hundred years old)

3. She can use Fire magic.

4. She’s a lesbian.

5. She teaches frequently self-defense/martial arts/fighting techniques to one of my other characters, Pastel.

6. Probably the only times that her left eye might open is when she’s practicing magic that needs a lot of concentration.

7. When trying to figure out what her name would be, I translated some random stuff in Google Translator.

8.  The markings on her eye is a tattoo, though I am not sure if it was done by using normal methods or magic.

9. I drew and named her for the first time in 2015.

10. Before her creation, I had drawn another dragon character but he had no name. She was modeled after him, though he was a male, red, and pretty much an angsty teenager.

11. Her personality is just really hard to figure out man. (help meh!)

12. She used to have a tattoo on her left arm, but not anymore. Instead, a character of mine named Baie has it. :)



p>Thank you so much for asking this! ^^


At the Panic! at the Disco concert in Memphis last night I saw this girl with this flag and i just had to take a picture for @tsuni-the-forgotten​. She handed me this heart and told me to hold it up during girls/girls/boys:

So all these people held up these up with their flashlights and it made me so happy to see it.

Bonus: Here’s Brendon rockin out to BBHMM

Phoenix diaries chapter 25!

You wake up and see Gabi next to you with the flower. Gabi sees you waking up and immediately hugs you. You say good morning tsuny. Gabi says shut up idiot. You ask why she was crying. Gabi says I thought I was to late and I don’t want to lose you. You say you won’t lose me and I’ll come back anyway. Gabi says I know but any day without you is horrible. You tease Gabi a little. You summon your wing and see that they’re regening the cut you had is gone. You ask how the wound went away. Hip says we took care of it. You say we who. Hip says me Viola and Gabi.

After a day or so your wings are completely healed. You pick up the flower pot with the flower within it. You bring the flower to Katy. Katy says thanks Austin now I can plant these here. You watch as Katy makes another flower. Katy says Austin can you do me a favor and try to find Pikapuff. You say the bug element right. Katy says yeah we need a few bees here to let this flower grow. You ask her where to find Pikapuff. Katy says there is a giant beehive in a forest inside is Pikapuff.

You fly over to the giant forest and see a big beehive. You land and walk into the forest. You draw your sword. You swing your sword around like a mad man to scare off the bees. You arrive at the beehive. You search for an entrance but can’t find one. You cut through the beehives wall and see Pikapuff inside. Pikapuff is stuck in some amber? You try getting the amber to open but it won’t work. You carry the amber on some rocks and head home while carrying Pikapuff.

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