November 2009: Geiko Tsuneyū (Shigenoya Okiya) of Gion Higashi dancing during the 52nd Gion Odori.

Tsuneyū -san had her Erikae in the early late 19990s and is still active. Although pictures of her are very rare, she is very famous and an accomplished dancer.

In the Gion Odori, she usually has a very important role, if not the main role.

In 2013, she even opened her own bar in Gion Higashi, and is still active as a Geiko at the same time, what an inspirational woman!

Source: Onihide on Flickr

Gion Odori 2008: Famous Geiko Tsuneyū (Shigenoya Okiya) of Gion Higashi performing a solo-dance.

Tsuneyū is famous for her astounding beauty, but even more so for being an incredibly talented and dedicated dancer; she dances one of the lead roles in the Gion Odori almost every year.

She had her misedashi in 1982 and her erikae in 1987 and is still working as a Geiko. In 2013, she opened a bar in Gion Higashi, whilst still being an active Geiko. What an inspiring woman!

Source: Onihide on Flickr

Tsuneyu: Priestess A geiko of Gion Higashi, dancing as a Shinto priestess for a plentiful harvest of rice in early spring.  Photography by mboogiedown on Flickr