Hello, please excuse my long rambling since you asked about my main OTP :D

Honestly, comparing to how Tsune-kun praising Junjun and Kazuki-san, his comments for Tomoru are depending on where and whom he speak to. And sometimes both are so tsun towards another.

Tsune, for example :

● In his blog when they started the team (around 2011) Tsune wrote that Tomoru’s smile could lighten up his day and he want to spend his first day off (from tenimyu practice) by shopping and eat together with Tomoru
● In contrast, when Saotome Jouji (Yamabuki’s captain, from the same agency with Tomoru) commented at Tomoru who joined undoukai cheerleader team, Tsune suddenly said, “This one is the oldest among all, why he joined this section?”
● also, when Tsune being asked about who is the cutest between Tomoru and Junjun, he said, “Tomoru’s age is closer to mine, so I don’t think he is that cute.”
● Tsune said during the first Dreamlive, there’s a person who quickly offered himself as dance teacher, then pointing his finger to Tomoru, “The small person over there.”

Tomoru, in other side :

● when Kimeru teasing him and Kazuki on Bugiwugi episode, said that both of them are Hyoutei –with Kazuki replaying one of Atobe’s famous words to Akutagawa, Tomoru quickly answered, “They’re different!! (especially the voice)” and Kazuki cracked up
● in one of amesuta event last year, when fans asked, “How is Aoki-kun?” (since it’s been a long time since their last meeting) Tomoru, sniffing, throwing the question back to Isedai who sat on his side, “Is Aoki-san still alive?” (he use Aoki-san instead of Tsune-kun like he usually do) and Isedai giggled, “He is alive. Don’t worry.”
● Tsune got famous roles in tokusatsu as Kusugami Aguri and Professor Sengoku Ryouma, but Hyoutei members rarely mentioned it. And Tomoru only laughs when fans brought this topic, “Isedai always talked about it, him alone is more than enough.”
● Kimeru said Tomoru is the one who told Bugiwugi MCs that they can bully Tsune when the man became a guest. Which makes Tsune shaking his head in frustration, “Tomoru the bastard.”
● in Undoukai 2014, there’s a session which Tsune can’t appear as Atobe during busy schedule. Tomoru, as the second oldest and being no.2 in Hyoutei, replacing his captain to give some words to the team. But instead of saying it as Akutagawa, he mimicked the king’s voice behind Tsune’s Atobe banner, making his team laughs in unison.

But even though they often throwing sarcams, there are many times Tsune and Tomoru being dere, especially when they’re not seeing each other :

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