NEWS: Tomitsuyu debuted today as a maiko in Gion Higashi!!!


Her onesan - geiko Tsunekazu and maiko Tomitae helped with her attire on this special day. The formal black crested kimono is patterned with wisteria, waves, dianthus and other seasonal flowers. Her obi is covered with cranes. Tomitsuyu will continue to wear this outfit for the following three days.




Tsunekazu is one of geikos that I admire most. She is one of the best dancer in Kyoto but she dance only during Odori or for teaching dance. She is a natori geiko now. Natori geiko is a geiko who made beyond 60 years in a hanamachi, it’s a very great and estimated rank all maikos and geikos respect them. Natori geiko can teaching dance and help to improvement the instrument playing. Gion Higashi have two natori geiko, Tsunekazu of Shigenoya and Miyako of Kanoya. Imagine the evolution of their work that they saw in more of 60 years… It’s so impressive…

Tsunekazu made her debut at 15 years old in Shigenoya okiya. She can have her misedashi approximately in the end of 30’s and her erikae in the middle of 40’s. She probably experienced the Second World Wars and the declin of the geisha profession. I think she is a very strong person. But she stay in her profession during all of this time. I don’t know who is her One-san or if she is the first maiko in her okiya but I can say that I found her name really pretty. (All geimei with “-kazu” are great! Take for example Momokazu) Tsunekazu means “A great and everlasting queen”.

She become a very successful geiko after the wars (in the end of 40’s and the debut of 50’s) despite the problem of the bad reputation of the geishas after the wars. In fact the G.I. who come in Japan meet the prostitutes who lied saying that they are geishas and when the G.I. back in U.S they says that the geishas are prostitutes. So, please stop to think that, it’s so false.

So, now Tsunekazu is one-san of Tomitsuyu (you can see them in the last picture). Tomitsuyu is really lucky to have Tsunekazu for one-san. I think she is a very kind person with all of the girls in Gion Higashi. Tsunekazu is also a very great shamisen players, sometimes the kabuki orchestra ask great jikata geiko or natori geiko if they want to be with the orchestra for a representation of a kabuki piece. Tsunekazu made this sometimes.

I found a part of a scene who Tsunekazu dance. You can see here she is in center, she is the first geiko who move. I just found her dance slightly faster than the another geiko but the ensemble is great. She dance Gion Higashi Kouta, a dance only dancing for the finale of Gion Odori. 

So… I hope Tomitsuyu and she are good friends! I think she is a good person, I hope she stay happy in her life!

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FlashBackFriday XXV - Nostalgia enough!?

This week, we have a game that I played way back in 1998 when it first came to America. Although it was released differently in Japan then it was elsewhere, the games were still rather simple but the world they cast you into was so captivating, so nostalgic. That’s why a million and one fanboys and fangirls hold onto these games as the holy grail of the saga, for some right and some more ignorant reasons. Premiering for the gameboy color at least 16 years ago (Europe got it 1999) this game was definitely one of the first I played, and definitely the first I played on the Gameboy Color, without further ado, FlashBackFriday 25 brings to you Pokemon Red (And Blue).

Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
Designers:  Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Kawaguchi, Tsunekazu Ishihara, Takehiro Izushi
Artist(s): Ken Sugimuri
Writer(s): Satoshi Tajiri, Riyosuke Taniguchi Fumihiro Nonomura, Hiroyuki Jinnai
Composer(s): Junichi Masuda
Series: Pokemon
Platforms: Game Boy
Release Dates:
Red: February 27th, 1996 (JP), September 28th 1998 (NA), October 23rd, 1998 (1998), October 5th, 1999 (EU)
Blue: October 15th, 1996 (JP), September 28th, 1998 (NA), JUne 10th, 1999 (EU), October 23rd, 1998 (AUS)
Genre: Role-Playing Video Game
Modes: Primarily Single player with Multiplayer aspects
Distribution: 4 Megabit Cartridge

Ahh, Pokemon, this is where it began. This is the first games in the series. The first steps into the world of pokemon for starry eyed children (and adults, too). As a fan of the television show, I would remember waking up at 6am, really early for a 7 year old who should be getting ready for school, but none-the-less, under my covers I hid, wanting to be like Ash, it was the first time I’d ever be completely entranced by a TV show, and here I am, a 24 year old still trapped into this world of Pokemon and fantasy. It’s so strange, having this world in my pocket, this incredible world that even now continues to have such a strong hold on my heart, can mean so much to me when it was such a little thing. But regardless, I took the role of a 10 year old boy named Red, who lived in Pallet town. He aspired to one day be a Pokemon master and catch them all. In this game you are given the choice of three pokemon, the fire type: Charmander. The water-type, Squirtle. The Grass-type, Bulbasaur. You’re also given a snot nosed rival, Green, who like you aspires to be the greatest, aspire to be better then you, and due to that he chooses the pokemon yours is weak to based on typings. Pokemon at the time had 15 different types: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ground, Rock, Poison, Flying, Fighting, Psychic, Ghost, Bug and Dragon. While some of these were way less developed back then as they are now (Ghost and Dragon) and some were way more powerful the than they are now (Psychic), Pokemon had a way of being unique and special. So, you embark on your journey that similarly follows the footsteps of the show you so loved. Battling Brock, Misty, and other gym leaders. Catching and evolving pokemon, fighting your rival and eventually the elite 4, then ultimately the pokemon champion. Once you kick his ass, you become the champion yourself and gain access to the all powerful pokemon, Mewtwo.

That’s literally all pokemon was. It was a grind of 151 pokemon who you couldn’t capture all of them without using glitches and/or cheats and once you do, you get a diploma stating your accomplishment. Little did we know, none of us would ever be able to fully capture them all by legitimate means, isn’t that heartbreaking? It’s been almost 20 years, and there’s not a single pokemon player who has ever completed the task Professor Oak sent us out to embark on without using some sort of hack, how shameful.

Pokemon, for what it was, was a simplistic masterpiece, a glitch filled masterpiece with at the time good enough graphics to make you go crazy over. Now looking back you see how poorly this game was produced, how bad the storyless game really was, but regardless, it remains the favorite of many people worldwide, myself includes, and while it’s not my favorite Pokemon game of all time, it definitely ranks up there on my top 20 list and I don’t even know why. How odd.

Pokemon Red and Blue have done well in ratings wise, it’s lowest draw was a 7.2/10 by Nintendo power, and even got a 10/10 from IGN, who famously gave the Hoenn Remakes a 7/10 because of too much water, but even the amount of water in ORAS is way more fulfilling then Pokemon Red and Blue was. Outside of Nostalgia, this game doesn’t really do much for me, I hate to be that guy, but I honestly don’t think Pokemon Red/Blue was that great and give it a 6.5/10. Just a passing grade. For what it was at the time, it was great, for what it is at the time, it was not. I hope that makes sense.

What did you think about Pokemon Red/Blue? Let us know!

Gion Odori 2014: Maiko,from left to right: Maiko Tomitsuyu (Tomikiku),Maiko Tomitae (Tomikiku),Maiko Ryouka (Sakaemasa),Maiko Fukuharu (Okatome) and Maiko Kanohiro (Kanoya)
Geiko,from left to right: Geiko Hinagiku (Okatome),Geiko Tsuneyuu (Shigenoya),Geiko Tsunekazu (Shigenoya),Geiko Mariko (Okatome),Geiko Masami (Man) and Geiko Masayo (Kanoya) (SOURCE)

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Sorry  if this post seems “empty” but I think, and I hope, that you understand.

Tsuneyuu start her geisha life on the 1982, the date and the month of her misedashi are unknow, in the Shigenoya okiya in Gion Higashi. Her pretty name means “Everlasting courage”. Her One-san is probably the geiko Tsunekazu.

I don’t have any information of her maiko life with the expection that she was the most famous maiko in Gion Higashi on her maiko time and her okiya sister on this time is the retired maiko Tsunemaru and the retired maiko Tsuneko. None of Tsunemaru and Tsuneko are became geiko.

She become geiko in 1987, the date and the month are unknow also. She have for a little sister the now famous geiko Tsunemomo and the retired geiko Tsunesono. She is very famous but the picture on she are very rare. The picture in top are taken during Gion Odori or Miyako Odori where she have a very important role if it isn’t the principal. On the last year she opened a bar in Gion Higashi, so if you go in Kyoto you can search the “Tsuneyuu bar” but I think it’s “select”.

Tsuneyuu seems to have in the very good step on her geiko career, we can wish the best for her! :)

So I hope this post don’t look empty but it’s all of the informations I have on she.

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Tokyo 2020: Discover Tomorrow slogan represents global inspiration and dynamic innovation
#Figureskate #YukaSato [Sports Features]The launch ceremony was led by Tsunekazu Takeda, President of both the bid and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), Masato Mizuno, JOC Vice President and bid CEO, and Yuka Sato, first ever Youth Olympic Gold Medallist in Singapore 2010 who gave …

The Gion Odori, 2012

Main theme: Ozashiki games

Starring: geiko Masami, Tsuneyu, Masayo, Miharu, Tsunekazu, Mariko, Tsunemomo, Hinagiku, maiko Kanoka, Ryouka, Tomitae and Kanoemi

Songs: Rokudan Kuzushi, Konpira Fune Fune, Tora Tora, Gion Higashi Kouta


The lives of maiko from Kamishichiken district.

There are also some snaps from Gion Odori, a dance recital from Gion Higashi district at the beginning and at the ending I don’t know why :D


Gion Odori 2013 has just started in Kyoto!

This is the dance recital performed by geiko and maiko from Gion Higashi. I must admit that this is my favourite Odori ^^ This year’s theme is WINTER and December, so maiko wear December kanzashi.

1st & 2nd photo: maiko Tomitsuyu, Tomitae, Fukuharu and Kanoemi posing in the final scenes

3rd photo: geiko Tsunekazu

4th photo: geiko Hinagiku, Masayo and Miharu dancing as princesses (Hime)

5th photo: geiko Mariko as a lucky bean thrower (it’s during the Setsubun)

6th photo: maiko Tomitae and Kanoemi during a tea ceremony before the performance.