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Have you ever been to Aspertia City? Like, when you were younger or whatever, cuz my mom had some interesting things to say about you when I called her last time!

Mm, yes.  I used to attend a school that was located there when I was younger.  Was your mother one of my many fans I had while I was there~? I wouldn’t be surprised if so~.

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Corbin, heh, but close enough I guess. [Laughs.] Oh yeah, Lee is doing great! We’ve been getting along well together. Thanks again for helping Jet and I with our starters!

That’s right! I’m so sorry! Never been too good with names.  

Well that’s good! I was worried he was going to cause you some trouble.  He always was trying to get into little fights with my darling Mushu, heh.  And it was no problem!  I mean, it’s my job after all, but I was glad to help!  It makes me sososo happy whenever I’m able to give trainers their starter Pokemon.