Homestuck Character Nicknames According to the Fandom:

John “Not a Homosexual” Egbert

Dave “Huge Adorable Dork” Strider

Rose “In the Lesbians” Lalonde

Jade “Punished for Existing” Harley

Jane “Nobody Gives a Shit About Jane” Crocker

Roxy “lol I have no personality other than being an alcoholic” Lalonde

Jake “Lacking But Packing” English

Dirk “Yaoi Sex God Seme” Strider

Terezi “Blind BAMF” Pyrope

Vriska “Badass Bitch, Emphasis on the Bitch” Serket

Nepeta “Cute Innocent Child Who Loves Cats and Ships Everything” Leijon

Eridan “Whiny Selfish Asshole Hipster Prick” Ampora

Tavros “KAWAII BABY” Nitram

Kanaya “Gigantic Raging Beautiful Lesbian BAMF In Lesbians With Rose” Maryam

Gamzee “Misunderstood Baby, Druggie and/or Murderous Psychopath” Makara

Wayward “The Pet Mayor” Vagabond

Karkat “Karkles” aka “Karkitty” aka “Karkitten” aka “Karkalicious” aka “Karkahontas” aka “Kittykat” aka “Car cat” aka “Beep Beep Meow” aka “Tsunderekat” aka “Fucking Dave/John”