ConnectiCon 2014 was such a blast! I had an amazing time just like every ConnectiCon and I’m going to miss everyone. Only regret is I wished I took more selfies. No Jaspersprite selfies because it is literally impossible for me to take a selfie with those damn tentacles.

PEOPLE IN PHOTOS: Godtier John, Ectobiologist John, Godtier Jade, Shizuo, Mom Lalonde, Jake English, Humanstuck Meenah, Feferi (last one)

kaworumemegisa asked:

I'm sorry if you already made a post on this or something but are you doing photoshoots at Connecticon? o:

I’m gonna respond publicly in case anyone else had the same question

I am doing shoots, yes, but all of my slots have already been filled and I cannot take on any more. Thank you for your interest but you’ll have to catch me at another con!

I will not be doing photoshoots at Otakon (if I change my mind it will be a limited number of shoots) but I’ll probably be doing some at AAC.