D.Gray-man Drama CD 2 【黒の教団壊灭事件その前に】

Kanda: So. Why are we in the canteen?

Allen: No harm stuffing ourselves first, right?

Lavi: I was in the mood for a midnight meal anyway.

Kanda: Weaklings.

 Allen: Well Kanda, what is that bowl of soba doing in front of you?

Kanda: Th-that doesn’t mean I’m hungry or anything it’s just that since both of you decided to eat something I thought I shouldn’t join in but maybe not.

Lavi: So, you are eating with us

Kanda: Anything wrong with that?

Allen: What are you doing, Kanda?

Kanda: Shut up! I’m trying to eat!

Lavi: He can’t eat properly because his arms shrank.

Allen: If that’s the case would you like me to feed you, Kanda? Come on, open your mouth…

Kanda: Don’t poke fun at me! I can eat soba by myse – don’t eat it!

Allen: Mmmmm

Kanda: Forget it. I’m leaving.

Lavi: Ah! Wait up Yu!

Allen: Both of you wait! Wait for me!