tsundere shintaro

i wish for a [knb] gom otome game, but no… i don’t wanna be the mc… i want KUROKO TETSUYA to be the mc!!! And the hidden route shall be Nijimura ><

MC: Kuroko Tetsuya

Route 1: The red emperor, Akashi Seijuro

Route 2: Pretty playboy, Kise Ryota

Route 3: Tsundere nerd, Midorima Shintaro

Route 4: Lazy giant, Murasakibara Atsushi

Route 5: Ganguro Basketballer, Aomine Daiki

Hidden: Rainbow Senpai, Nijimura Shuzo


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Can I ask for a scenario where Midorima understands that he doesn't give his gf enough love (its so hard for such a tsundere :D) and tries to fix it? Thanks~

Thanks for this because I love writing Midorima being a tsundere since it’s just too darn cute. I would love to date him because I would enjoy teasing him until he turned red as a tomato :)

Also sorry if this has a lot of typos since I’m writing it on my phone at the airport. I’ll come back and fix them as soon as I’m back home!

Alright now to the adorable tsundere!!

You let out a frustrated sigh as you gazed at the green haired boy who sat frigidly beside you. He’d been like that since the movie had started and hadn’t moved an inch since then. At first it hadn’t bothered you since you were used to his usual tsundere behavior but through out the movie you’d slowly gotten more and more frustrated at the fact that there was still a foot separating the two of you. Tonight was suppose to be a cute little dinner and movie night but he’d barely said a word to you during dinner unless it had been about his lucky item or your horoscope, which would’ve been fine if they’d been more than a few muttered words. But you were sure that when the movie rolled around he’d be more talkative or at the very least let your shoulders touch. As if sensing your foul mood Midorima turned his brilliant green eyes to meet yours, staring into them. “Is something wrong?” You quickly fought the urge to tell him. The last thing you wanted was to guilt Midorima into showing affection. You mumbled a quick ‘nothing’ before borrowing your face into a pillow and turning your attention back to the movie. You could still feel his eyes on you. “Shin-chan you’re missing the movie.” Without a sound he slowly wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you flush to his side. For a moment you were shocked but welcomed the sudden change and burrowed your head into the crook of his neck. You felt his body tense up and you glanced up to see his face completely red. “Everything okay Shin-chan?” He nodded, his eyes never leaving the tv’s flashing screen. “You don’t have to force yourself.” Midorima blushed even harder and covered his burning face with his free hand. “I’m not forcing myself.” He mumbled through his hand and tightened his hold around you. A smile slowly crawled across your face as you leaned back against him. You could get used to this.

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Slightly related to this post here. Just wondering and searched if anyone have already used “Tsunderima Shintaho” before I did and I think no one did so is it okay to assume that I invented it??? The links Google showed were directed me on a KnB facebook page and my post got uploaded there….. OvO

Omg I’m sorry I’m being stupid here. It’s just that I saw some people using that on Facebook. ; v ; )~

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