tsundere initiative

OKAY, so not 100% accurate/beautiful, but the gist of it is:


“Yeah. She said that, because she’d just be in your way before the final, to keep it secret [that she was here ].”

“That girl… such an unnecessary thing to do…”

“But at a time like now, I thought I should tell you! After all, she’s an important person [to you], right?


Okay okay but has anyone ever talked about hands
  • Like hands are so underappreciated and everyone takes them for granted like oh they’re just hands
  • But let’s talk about Karasuno’s hands since I haven’t written anything about them yet and I am horrified by this fact
  • Daichi has big, tanned hands obviously rough and full of callouses from practice. His fingers are of average size, but just a tad thicker than the norm. When you hold hands, it’s like his hand absolutely swallows yours and it’s so, so very warm. Since he’s a normally calm person and is very comfortable around you, his hand normally doesn’t sweat unless it’s really hot outside.
  • Suga has long and skinny fingers, which makes his pale hand seem bigger than it actually is. There aren’t a whole lot of callouses, but the tip of his fingertips are quite rough. He has a burn mark on his wrist that his partner likes to trace when they hold hands. He likes to intertwine their fingers together when they hold hands, and the palm of his hand used to be sticky with sweat on the first few dates.
  • Asahi has the largest hands on the team. Both his palm and fingers are larger than average, and he has a worringly big number of callouses and other bruises on his hands, wrists and forearms. He has a heavy hand, which is why he usually doesn’t initiate hand-holding; he’s afraid he’ll accidentally hurt his partner or smth. Obviously, his hands sweats buckets every time the simple thought of hand-holding crosses his mind.
  • Kiyoko has pale and long fingers that fit quite nicely with her average-sized palm. She takes good care of her nails, and usually paints them light colors; she doesn’t like it when they’re too long, though. Her hands are almost always cold, so she’s a bit insecure about hand-holding in the beginning of the relationship because of that. Despite this, she has a gentle yet firm grip on her partner’s hands whenever they go out.
  • Noya has a small hand, but his fingers are proportionally bigger. They’re a bit on the thin side, too, and they’re always with some kind of band aid on. Somehow, the skin on his hand is really thin compared to how rough and bruised his wrists and forearms are. He absolutely loves holding hands with his partner, and is so happy to do it he often swings their joined hands back and forth, much like a kid.
  • Tanaka has an average-sized hand with average-sized fingers. His hand’s tan and rough and has a few callouses here and there, but it mostly has dark bruises. Despite his rugged appearance, he’s actually quite shy, and it’ll take him a while to not feel so nervous around his partner and not sweat buckets every time they hold hands. His grip at the beginning is very light, but he gets over it. Hopefully.
  • Ennoshita this sweet child has pale, big hands in comparison to his average-sized fingers. The callouses and bruises are a lot more noticeable because of his pale complexion. He’s very comfortable around his partner from the very beginning, so his grip on their hand is gentle yet firm, and he likes to intertwine their fingers. He also finds it cute if they only hold each other’s pinkies when going out.
  • Hinata has small hands and small, thin fingers. His hands are a bit tanned, but what’s really noticeable is the roughness and carelessness he obviously treats his hands with. Still, he doesn’t have as much callouses as the rest of his teammates. This baby chicken’d take a long time to truly feel at ease around his partner, so at the beginning his hand sweats and shakes a lot, and his grip is also light.
  • Kageyama’s hands are big to match his proportionally long fingers, and he takes (surprisingly) good care of them. Because of that, his hands are significantly less rough and don’t have as many callouses as the rest of the team. Really shy when it comes to PDA, so his partner would have to initiate it nearly every time. His grip at the beginning is very light, much to their annoyance.
  • Tsukishima has the biggest and palest hand of them all. His fingers are long and skinny, and they’re already covered in callouses and bruises from all the blocking he’s done. He usually doesn’t mind holding hands, but may be a bit tsundere when initiating it. His grip is more on the light side, but if you get distracted and try to wander off you’ll soon find out he can tighten it at the speed of light.
  • Yamaguchi has average-sized hands and average-sized fingers, tanned from the harsh summer sun. His palms especially are rougher than the rest because of all the serving practice he’s done. Also very shy when it comes to PDA, but his grip is surprisingly firm. He shakes and sweats a bit in the beginning, but he soon finds it very comfortable to be around you.
  • Yachi has small hands and small fingers, chubbier than average. They’re really smooth and pleasant to hold, a fact that always makes her flustered when told so by her partner. Her partner’s hand most likely swallows her own because they’re so small, but she keeps a tight grip on them  - sometimes, a bit too tight - and her hands and wrists always have remnants of colored pencil marks.

One of the best JunHao fancam..

They’re just so cute and adorable while doing that finger thingy 😭💘 Ugh, I just want to squish them together 😍😍😍

P.S it’s not everyday that you’d get to have your tsundere bae to initiate something!! And Junhui’s face at first 😂
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and here’s OC #2, Georgiana Constantinou, 1st lieutenant on Curiositas (Jude’s dragon ofc).

She used to serve only on first-rate heavyweights and was sure to get her own Longwing soon, until an act of insubordination saw her demoted to serving on a not particularly distinguished middleweight, with a not particularly brilliant captain, on a post that doesn’t see much action, and any hope of her harnessing her own dragon effectively gone.

She was not very happy about that at first, of course, but the neverending task of keeping her harebrained captain from getting herself and the entire crew into trouble keeps her from thinking too much about it these days.

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mmm Kaneki x touka, lisa x twelve and uta x yomo xDD


Kaneki x Touka:

  • Who is louder? Kaneki \(^▽^@)ノ
  • Who is more experimental?  Touka
  • Who takes more risks? Touka
  • Do they fuck or make love? Make love… Very very vanilla
  • Lights on or off? Dim light is the best, I’m telling you
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Kaneki
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Maybe Kaneki, Touka would never suggest that even if she wants to
  • Has either stolen the other’s underwear? (Why is this question so hard) I don’t think so
  • Who comes first? Touka
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Touka is better and Kaneki prefers it
  • Who is more submissive? Kaneki (of course)
  • Who usually initiates things? Touka
  • Who is more sensitive? Kaneki
  • Who has the most patience? Kaneki
  • Which kinks do they share? Doing it at Touka’s school (nice)

Lisa x Twelve (another adorable couple):

  • Who is louder? Twelve would like talking during sex, so him 
  • Who is more experimental? Twelve
  • Who takes more risks? TWELVE
  • Do they fuck or make love? Make love… Also vanilla
  • Lights on or off? Lights on even Lisa gets very embarrassed
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Lisa (¬‿¬)
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Twelve, he’d like Nine to join them (it’s my OT3 shh)
  • Has either stolen the other’s underwear? Twelve would steal hers
  • Who comes first? Lisa
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? I think Twelve would be very good and prefers giving oral than receiving it because he wants to make Lisa happy
  • Who is more submissive? Lisa
  • Who usually initiates things? Twelve
  • Who is more sensitive? Both
  • Who has the most patience? Twelve
  • Which kinks do they share? Dirty talking or doing it when someone is around and might see them. Because Twelve thinks Lisa looks so cute when she’s embarrassed. o((*^▽^*))o

Yomo x Uta:

  • Who is louder? Uta 
  • Who is more experimental? Uta
  • Who takes more risks? UTA
  • Do they fuck or make love? It depends but mostly they make love
  • Lights on or off? Lights off
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Yomo (¬‿¬)
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Uta would ask Itori if she wants to join them (another OT3)
  • Has either stolen the other’s underwear? Uta steals his clothes and Yomo lets him
  • Who comes first? Uta
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Uta is better and Yomo prefers it
  • Who is more submissive? Uta (I see him as kinky uke, and Yomo as tsundere seme)
  • Who usually initiates things? Uta
  • Who is more sensitive? Yomo, he’s not used to physical contact
  • Who has the most patience? Uta is very patient with his crankiness 。◕‿◕。
  • Which kinks do they share? Maybe blindfold
Hopes for Pokemon Sun and Moon

I’ve recently been watching let’s plays of pokemon games, and came across the pokedex entry of mewtwo once more. It said something along the lines of “the scientists who created it failed to give it a caring heart”. This made me curious and after checking, all of Mewtwo’s pokedex entries say stuff along the same lines. This made me realize that something I really want for the upcoming pokemon games, Sun and Moon (along with a comeback of the pokemon following you like in HGSS, which I’m sure we all agree with) is to be able to watch as every pokemon in your party grows from outright hostile in the beginning to wary to hesitantly accepting to wholeheartedly accepting to caring to loving (like you could with pikachu back in pokemon Yellow). Imagine if you could get to see your party pokemon following you in 3D, to be able to see its every expression and gesture in detail with the new high definition graphics. Of course, getting your pokemon to like you would get more difficult depending on their nature and pokedex entry (for example, it would be easier to tame a gentle pokemon than a sassy/naughty one or easier to tame a lapras who “has a gentle heart” than a litwick who “absorbs life force from people and pokemon” or a mewtwo who “has the most savage heart among pokemon”.



….. ok my fangirling is over now. Seriously though, I really want this.