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How would tsuna, enma and byakuran react to finding out that someone is trying to kill their pregnant s/o


Tsuna frowned when he noticed the unfamiliar maid, his intuition warning him that something was wrong as the maid quickly moved away from the table after giving you a cup of your favorite tea as you requested. Tsuna stopped you from drinking the tea, causing you to look at him curiously.

“What’s wrong Tsuna?”

“Don’t drink that.” He told you seriously and turned to the maid, who looked nervous.

He took the cup and approached the maid, who was slightly sweating, and handed the cup to the maid.

“Drink it.” He demanded.

The maid tentatively took the cup then looked at him. She threw the tea at him, but Tsuna had expected that, what he hadn’t expected however was for her to pull a gun, not on him, but at you. He quickly stopped her from shooting you, the bullet barely missing you. It took every bit of self-control he had not to finish the assassin off now.  You approached him as fast as you could, worried about the father to your unborn child, he waved you off.

“I’m fine [Name].” He reassured you, “Get inside, and call Gokudera.”

You obeyed disappearing into the mansion. Tsuna looked down at the captured would be assassin. He would get information from them one way or another. He felt that this would not be a one off attempt on your life and would get to the bottom of this quickly, for your and the child’s sake.


Enma stared at Suzuki in surprise. He couldn’t believe this. Someone was out to kill you. Why you? Is it because you were pregnant and that would be the surest way to affect him? He couldn’t let anything happen to you or his unborn child. He stood up, his resolve strong.

“Do we know who it is that wants [Name] dead?” He asked

“We’re looking into it now. Julie is close to finding out.” She told him

Enma nodded. This treat to your safety had to be taken care of. He would do so personally. No one would take another family away from him.

“I want to be the first to know.”

“Of course.”

You opened the door to his office at that moment and smiled at the father to your unborn child lovingly, and gave Suzuki a friendly smile as well.

“Hey you two; you guys have been working so hard I thought I’d tell you to come to the dining room. I made dinner.” You grinned.

They smiled at you and told you they would come soon. You gave Enma a quick peck on the cheek before leaving the two with their business. Enma watched as you left the room. Yes, He will protect you no matter what. You two were going to have a family.


Byakuran’s smile faltered as the man tied to the chair told him about a plot to have you along with his unborn baby killed. This was a surprise. Had his enemies gotten so bold as to target you to get to him?  They would find out soon enough that you were off limits and there would be grave consequences to those who wished to do harm to his family. His smile returned as he directed his full attention at his victim.

“What else can you tell me?” He asked

“I can tell you whatever you want! Just please don’t kill me.”

His smile widened, “That all depends on what you tell me.”

Byakuran smiled at you as you stared at him in annoyance. You thought he was being ridiculous, but you should expect this, because Byakuran was always at least a bit ridiculous.

“Byakuran I know the doctor told me to take it easy for these last few months, but that doesn’t mean I have to stay locked up in the mansion.” You tried to reason with him

“I know [Name]-chan, but I just want you to be comfortable and safe.” He told you unmoving in your plea.

You sighed. You knew something was up, by the way he was being extra possessive of you. You relented giving him a final stare.

“Whatever has you so on edge-” You began

“You don’t have to worry about it [Name]-chan.” He pulled you close to him, “I’ll take care of it.”

You nodded knowing he would handle it.

Of course, my lovely anon! Thank you so much for your request and I hope you enjoy the headcanons!


  • Tsuna actually never meant to be a pirate. He never meant to have anything to do with sailing at all. He was given a huge boat as a gift from his absentee father and when he went to the marina to check out his new boat and figure out what to do with it, a rogue pirate captain, Reborn, who’d just escaped from jail decided to commandeer his ship and kidnap him in the process. In fact, Reborn barely noticed him during their escape. In exchange for letting Tsuna live and as a kind of apology for kidnapping him and stealing his boat (and because Reborn’s crew had scattered and he had nowhere to go and nothing to do), Reborn decided to make Tsuna captain of the boat and to teach him how to be a proper pirate captain despite Tsuna’s many, many protests that he didn’t want to.
  • Tsuna actually gets seasick. It was insanely bad at first though he does adjust slightly after living at sea for so long. He only gets violently seasick during huge thunderstorms anymore. 
  • Tsuna does not want to be a pirate captain. He does not want to gather a crew. He just can’t seem to escape - something bad always happens at every town they stop at to make him flee back to the sea.
  • Tsuna can’t swim and wears a life-vest under his clothes almost all the time. It’s very hard for most enemies to take him seriously. This often works well in his favour.
  • Somehow, despite hating the sea and hating being on the ship, he’s a natural at living on the ship, despite his seasickness and not knowing how to swim. He’s actually really good at navigating and seems to have a sixth sense as to where to find land.


  • Yamamoto was a shopboy in one of the first towns Reborn and Tsuna stopped at. He was cheerful and, because his father was a blade-smith in town, had practice with the sword. His naivety, talent, and friendliness was something Reborn decided was needed on Tsuna’s pirate crew and he demanded Tsuna recruit him. 
  • Yamamoto didn’t plan on being a pirate. He actually still doesn’t plan on being a pirate, even when he is a pirate. It’s not the life for him - he just ended up getting caught up in it. Though he refused Tsuna’s demand to become a pirate, they did become friends. When the military guard came to capture and ultimately kill Reborn and Tsuna, who was unlucky enough to have become considered his accomplice, Takeshi couldn’t keep himself from defending them with his sword, making himself a wanted criminal as well. He had no choice but to flee from his town and join the crew. He plans to find another lovely place to settle down away from the town he grew up in, to grow rich enough to bring his father over and for both of them to open a shop together and live a peaceful life. That’s far in the future though - he’s content with living the pirate’s life with Tsuna and his other friends at the moment.
  • Yamamoto tends to consider all other pirate ships as friends and often throws potential enemies off their toes because of this attitude.
  • Yamamoto runs the galley of the ship for the first little while, until they recruit Kyoko and Haru, who take over the cooking. His food was good but he had a bad habit of napping in the kitchen while things cooked and not doing the rest of his chores around the ship. Reborn demanded cooks other than Yamamoto shortly after that.


  • Hibari is the captain of his own pirate crew, which consists of two ships that sail together. He’s the only occupant of his own ship, though his right-hand man Kusakabe is often aboard with him. The rest of his crew, who are known as some of the roughest, most dangerous pirates, sail in the other, larger, ship.
  • Hibari has made a name for himself as a fearsome pirate captain. His crew is known for being brutal to enemies and for conquering through fear. He has several islands under his command, who pass word to him if any other pirates pass through or the military moves against him. He is, however, known for being kind, in his own way, to those who help him and does protect these villages from harm in repayment to their information gathering for him and their food and goods they provide him.
  • Hibari collects animals from every new place he’s been. He doesn’t mean too - he just seems to end up with pets every time he turns around. He’s rather secretly fond of animals and he’s brutal to illegal animal traders whenever he encounters them on the high seas.