i7 Police: TRIGGER Part

Episode 1

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Ten: Thank you for gathering here today, Eagle Eye. Dragon Claw.

Gaku: I told you not to call me that. It’s a little embarrassing. I’ll just call you “Heaven’s Brain” too, then. (1)

Gaku: Hey, Commander. Why don’t you say something? You hate these names too, right?

Ryuunosuke: Not really, I’m fine with any name.

Ten: As quiet as usual, aren’t you, Commander? Do you hate that I’ve taken command that much?

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Ended up ordering exactly 10 books from Toranoana… It was all because of the IchiMika (with Tenka) one at the top. It’s the second part of a 2 part series. I have part 1 and preordered part 2 but then part 2 was delayed then cancelled then it was suddenly available!

Then I noticed that another older IchiMika doujinshi, which also includes Tenka, has been reprinted, so got that as well. I just can’t resist anything that includes Tenka… orz…

After that I decided to look thru some of the TsuruIchi doujinshi I’d bookmarked before and picked the ones I’m still interested in. There are 2 modern day AU ones in there. Modern day AU is another thing I can’t resist… I just love the ‘we were destined to be together’ aspect in these AUs… :3c

Then had to get these two new RyuSou doujinshi~♡ The very last one is a RyuSou anthology by various artists.


Crap… I can’t stop listening to this XD
Its just really interesting!!!
He person who make this thank you so much!!

Source : https://youtu.be/txrZcga3Ytc
YT name : LOVE ID7