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all hail Queen Tsunami of the SeaWings




Honestly, she would be the most badass queen. She would treat her subjects fairly, and she wouldn’t sit on her butt all day writing fanfiction like her mom did while her kingdom suffered. 

If she had grown up in the SeaWing royal palace I could picture her conquering a bunch of territory when she got older (mostly MudWing and SkyWing barrier islands and maybe a colony off the SandWing/IceWing coast); but she hasn’t, and I headcanon that even though she likes fighting, she has a distaste of war and violence. Under her rule, the SeaWings would have extremely good diplomatic relations with the other tribes, and even though Tsunami has a very forceful personality, we’ve seen that she can be a good diplomat when she tries. 

Rather than conquering new territory, I could totally see Tsunami sending expeditions to the deeper parts of the ocean. Remember, the SeaWings have only scratched the surface of their kingdom. Their “Deep Palace” is still part of a coral reef, which means it’s only 330 feet max. I’ve noticed that they tend to hug the shore and the barrier islands, even though they have the gills to live out in the open ocean or deeper underwater. 

Wings of Fire Modern AU

-The Dragonet’s Cave would have a few computers, with no Internet connection but some games.

-The INSTANT Starflight finds out the SkyWings have better tech and Internet via Peril he’s like ‘GET ME DOWN FROM THIS JAIL I NEED TO S U R F’

-The whole time while imprisoned in the Sea Kingdom he’s like ‘OH COME ON I AM A GUEST I DESERVE WI-FI.’

-By the time he got to the Rainforest Kingdom he was 100% done because it’s his FIRST TIME in the REAL WORLD and he HASN’T EVEN GONE ON GOOGLE YET and the Rainforest Kingdom only has flip phones and crocs.

-His first time in the NightWing Island he cries himself to sleep because FINALLY he’s SO CLOSE to SO MUCH TECH but they WON’T SHARE IT.

-When he goes blind he furiously thinks up of ways to be able to still efficiently use computers.

-As soon as the war’s over Glory strikes a trade deal with Thorn to give Starflight the resources needed to start on his project.

-He’s still working on it when he goes to JMA.

-Clay doesn’t get why Starflight wants to use a computer sO MUCH

-He’s the only one who manages to calm him down when Starflight’s angry over the fact that he isn’t clicking keys.

-Glory hides it but secretly shares Starflight’s desire to have technology

-She’s working hard to bring RainWings up to modern standards

-Moon never had much of it in the NightWing Village, though the others always grumbled about how they wished they could’ve taken the Island’s things to the Rainforest.

-So when she got to JMA she was SO impressed.

-The Ice Kingdom had far advanced tech. However, they were secluded so they never shared it.

-Winter feels JMA was actually a slight step down from the palace.


-He somehow managed to make a bot that spams Winter with cat pictures ten times a day.

-The richer parts of the Mud Kingdom actually have lots of advanced technology, contrary to popular belief.

-JMA has a class on understanding technology

-Though Qibli just trolls Winter the whole time

-The Deep Palace’s technology, while far less advanced than others, has waterproofing that none of the other Kingdoms have figured out how to replicate.

-So literally all the SeaWings were impressed

-Tsunami was really smug about it

-Scarlet’s arena fights were televised

-The Dragonets of Destiny special was really hyped up and everyone was disappointed. The low ratings rubbed salt into Scarlet’s melted face.

-When Ruby took over she replaced that with an animated series for young dragonets. 

-It centers around eight dragonets: One from each tribe and a Sky/Mud hybrid.

-Ruby really wanted to include a hybrid, and decided on Sky/Mud because multiple of those had popped up after the war, and she wanted to stop discrimination.

-The show centers around equality.

-It’s shown in ALL the kingdoms.

-There are ten over an hour long specials.

-One about each tribe, one on hybrids, one on scavengers (Directed and scripted by Winter, after pulling a favor from Peril), and one on Jade Mountain Academy.

-The DoD would give every student a flip phone to communicate with their winglet

-Winter tried to throw his away

-Qibli somehow hacked into Winter’s actual phone  and made the group chat there

-Winter can’t prove it but he knows it’s Qibli’s fault 

-When Qibli introduced Kinkajou to memes she was shocked

-She showed them to Peril, and now she’s secretly helping Kinkajou select the spiciest to sent to the others

-I’ll probably add more in the future


Clay the MudWing
Tsunami the SeaWing
Glory the RainWing
Starflight the NightWing
Sunny the SandWing/NightWing Hybrid
Moonwatcher the NightWing
Winter the IceWing
Peril the SkyWing
Turtle the SeaWing
Qibli the SandWing

Art copyrights to me
Wings of Fire copyrights to Tui T. Sutherland

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AU where SeaWings have a breath weapon in the form of a blast of water.

-Tsunami abuses this
-So much
-Whenever she asks anyone to bet into the river and they decline she’ll just
-And shoot them with water
-Kestrel nearly killed her once for doing it at her
-Tsunami has no regrets
-When Clay was fainted in the river, she used it to wake him up
-He was so done
-She can’t make it harder at will, but if something really painful happens to her it just happens
-She did it when Clay relocated her wing
-And one time it was really cool in the arena a scavenger tried to jump at her face and she caught it dead in the chest with a blast and sent it flying
-Major applause
-It’s practically useless underwater though
-So she tries using it against her attacker but can’t
-It’s one of the reasons why she feels so powerless in the Kingdom of the Sea
-But RainWings are so impressed
-One’s like ‘cAN I DRINK IT’
-She gives them a deadpan stare
-Then hits them in the face with it
-Also there are epic clashes of water versus fire breath 
-Which means in battles between SeaWings and fire breathing tribes steam rising from them is common
-It wouldn’t make much sense scientifically, but I sorta wish this was a thing
-It would be really cool

So I am finishing reading book 2 again and I decided to do some character design practice with the Seawings in this book. I picked some of the characters people don’t draw as often, like Gill and Shark and Piranah. Yea i know Turtle and Anemone aren’t here, I couldn’t fit EVERY Seawing on one page I think I like Shark and Nautilus’s designs the most, Seawing faces are still hard for me to get right, the canon art for them show that they have very narrow snouts


These are the main characters from the first arc of Wings of Fire books.

Top to Bottom
Sunny the SandWing/NightWing Hybrid
Starflight the NightWing
Glory the RainWing
Tsunami the SeaWing
Clay the MudWing

Art copyrights to me
Wings of Fire copyrights to Tui T. Sutherland


revised(ish) tsunami! revisions include: 

  1. 64% less wing
  2. 45% more fin
  3. a 38% more thirst for water
  4. and finally, the rest of the dragonets of destiny have no choice but to make a little hammock for tsunami to carry her, since she can’t fly. 

 mainly based off of @amearu ‘s post. hopefully i’ll get around to drawing the other dragonets with the revisions!