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Another FMA Headcanon

…Yay!. Ok this one i came up with yesterday at 3 am so i’m not really surprised about the angst involved in it. So i’ll just go ahead and say what it is about. I was hesitant to post this one for some reason and i hope i don’t regret it..

Ok, so, Headcanon AU in which Ed is a young Marine Biologist (a surfer in free-time/hobby) that works in a huge Oceanarium Centre. Roy is an officer from the Navy along with his team plus Hughes. (I don’t know where they live ^^’)

One day, Ed goes to a exotic Country to get take care of a transportation of a certain rare animal to take to the Oceanarium and he ends up taking along with him Al and Winry (because he’s an awesome bro’ and friend *snorts).

The two of them meet at a bar by the beautiful beach where Roy was sitting by the counter having his drink while his team was sightseeing around the place and then he suddenly focuses on this “hot blond” that just walked in and stopped right beside him and ordered a coffee for himself plus two orange juices. 

Because Ed’s luck sucks balls, the two of them meet the day a natural disaster occurs (Seriously Ed you need to be exorcised or something bby) , like tsunami kind of natural disaster. Oh god what is wrong with you brain?

Anyways the meeting goes something like this: 

Beware, huge post bellow

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