tsunade and temari


NARUTO - Couples - 

When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred.

This is a study I did at the askance of a friend- it can be used to create your own Naruto characters on the basis of what is already in the Naruto cannon.

Enjoy, and please don’t repost on any other sites without permission- reblogs are welcome!

edit: male character sheet is on my blog! It has a few more tips for male hair and stuff.

It’s not sakura being ooc and doormat around sasuke,

It’s about a woman that shows  her vulnerable and tender side only to the men she has feelings for.

But hey I guess not everyone has the same IQ as Shikaku Nara.

But hey I guess the mangaka is wrong, better use the asspulled interpretations of the most selective fandom I’ve seen in anime.

Because following the same logic

Tsuande is a doormat and ooc too

Same with Temari

Oh my I guess even someone strong as yahiko can act ooc

Oh but It doesn’t matter since It’s a men we’re talking about. You sexist trash

Nothing feels more appealing and intimate to me that a strong nd willed woman who isn’t afraid to show their vulnerable side to the men they love. That’s what made me fall in love with sakura, Tsunade and Temari as a woman and someone who can’t express her feelings in real life