They really are the new Sannin...

Sasuke is Jiraiya minus the whole perverted sage part.

Jiraiya was Nardo’s godfather and SHOULD’VE at least adopted Naruto in some form after Minato and Kushina died. Instead, he traveled the world searching for ways to make peace work and stuff while doing some spying on the side. He missed the first 13 years of Nardo’s life before coming into it. I love Jiraiya but I will always side eye him for that.

We’ve done this dance before with Jiraiya!

And Tsunade! Sakura is Tsunade!

Tsunade lost all hope after her brother and Dan died. She didn’t want to have anything to do with shinobi. She gambled and drank all the time. She mourned for years. Her story is more tragic of course and was beyond her control. Her life was in quite a sad state of affairs. Eventually Tsunade pulled it together. *looks mildly hopeful*

That would make Naruto… Orochimaru. Well, he is training an Uchiha and he did sorta abandon his friends in pursuit of his own goals. Damn. Naruto’s character has really taken a plunge. How the mighty have fallen.

Kishi why have you done this to my Sunshine?!?!

anonymous asked:

hi! I see in your typed characters list Sasuke and Itachi from Naruto. Do you have a full chart for them? Usually Itachi is typed as INFJ, how did you decide for INFP? Did you type other Naruto characters? What about Uchiha Shisui and Uchiha Madara? Thank you very much, your blog is awesome!!

Some reasoning for the INFP type:

Itachi processes the feeling function internally which is the first sign of introverted feeling. Extroverted feeling involves putting your energy outside of yourself to help others. This isn’t just more talkative, but typical acts of helping others or meddling with others outside of yourself. Now all types are able to help others. This doesn’t mean we are all FJ. But how we go about it, does help determine this function. Introverted feeling isn’t about how the outside world functions about about an inner moral code. That is big for Itachi. He can watch the world burn as long as he knows he stuck to what was right for him. 

He knew that his clan had to be taken down before taking the rest of the village with it. He also couldn’t kill his own brother and watched out for him for the rest of his life, and kept tabs on outside forces. The drive was what he felt was right, not necessarily to help others with their problems. Those types of concerns don’t really bother Itachi. 

The other big difference is introverted intuition vs extroverted intuition. Introverted intuition is the dominant function of an INFJ. That function if for someone to really figure out who they themselves are and a constant reevaluation of that. In characters this type of self-awareness can be so extreme that characters can be seers or spiritually connected. They access parts of their minds that others have a harder time getting to. However, that is it at its most extreme. This still doesn’t sound like Itachi. That introverted energy is focused on what is right, not on who he is. Itachi doesn’t care if he is a bad guy or is hated. As long as he didn’t break his own moral code. This is that introverted feeling again and not an introverted intuition. 

His intuition is extroverted. This function acts to gather information and its meaning. It is never ending leading to seeing endless possibilities and being okay with a lack of closure. Not only does this mean the Ne leaves an INFP more open-minded, but okay with open-endings. However, this isn’t initional as the INFP is introverted feeling dominant first. The Ne adds questioning and doubt afterwards, which is a constant stuggle. Itachi is okay with never having closure with Sasuke and he doesn’t feel the need to solve all of Sasuke’s issues. But he sees possibilities of hope for Sasuke whilst simultaneously doubting his own acts and how they effected Sasuke. That is more on an emotional level. 

His fighting style is very Ne. He is open to all forms of knowledge and fighting moves. This makes him a formidable opponent. He is also far better at adapting in a fight than planning the fight out. It is what makes Itachi dangerous. Sasuke is a planner. He comes to fight Itachi thinking he has it all figured out, but Itachi is easily able to adapt to Sasuke even when Sasuke surprises him. This is the perceiving with is interlocked with extroverted intuition.

If you look at my archive my first posts included typing characters from Naruto. If you want the graphics with descriptions check those out. The following is how I have typed so far:

ISTJ – Shikamaru

ISFJ – Hinata

INFJ – Gaara

INTJ – Sasuke

ISTP – Tsunade

ISFP – Jiraiya

INFP – Itachi

INTP – Kakashi

ESTP – Kiba

ESFP – Ino

ENFP – Naruto

ENTP – Minato

ESTJ – Temari

ESFJ – Rock Lee

ENFJ – Sakura

ENTJ – Neji


最後: NARUTO  - ナルト - 映画 | The last: Naruto the movie

Naruhina’s moments
Naruto: Was there a war long ago?
(Hinata’s screaming)
Naruto: What’s wrong, Hinata?
Hinata: It’s a spider web
Naruto: You can see far with your Byakugan, but you walk straight into a spider web. You’re so silly.

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