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Tsuna's fiance worrying that Tsuna is still in love with Kyoko?

You stared at your engagement ring worriedly as you sipped your coffee in the small café near the mansion. You tried to reassure yourself that it was okay, that Tsuna loved you; I mean he was- is going to marry you, but you couldn’t help but think about her. She was Kyoko Sasagawa a kind hearted beautiful woman, who happened to be one of Tsuna’s close friends, and the former lover of his life you hoped. You thought back to when you first met her.

You had walked into the kitchen to see her making something, Tsuna sitting on the bar stool in front of her. You smiled at him, and approached the two. Kyoko was the first to notice you and gave you a kind smile.

“Hello. You must be [Name]-san?” She asked pausing her cooking.

Tsuna turned to you and beckoned you over to him, putting an arm around your waist. You blushed a bit at the display, before turning your attention back to Kyoko.

“Yes. I’m [Name]. It’s nice to meet you…um?”

“Kyoko Sasagawa.” She introduced,

You blinked at her in surprise. This was the Kyoko. The one Tsuna had told you had been his first love. You looked at her more carefully; she was beautiful and obviously kind by the way she smiled at you.

“Do you want some?” She asked, “I’m making an omelet. It’s been so long since we had any home cooking.” She looked knowingly at Tsuna.

You stared at the way Tsuna looked at her in appreciation. You nodded to Kyoko accepting her invitation.

“Can I help you cook?” You asked.

“Of course, [Name]-chan.” She grinned.

You looked at the time on your watch and left the café heading towards the car that was waiting to take you back to the mansion. You tried to calm your nerves but your mind was working on overdrive. You knew they cared about each other a great deal but sometimes it seemed like the line between close friends and lovers blured with them. You had begun to doubt your relationship with Tsuna, and it showed. You knew that Tsuna noticed the little differences in your attitude.

You sat in the car and the driver took off towards the mansion. You thought back to when your fears began to run rampant in your mind.

You had been working when you heard the news about Ryohei getting hurt during a mission.

You had immediately called Tsuna, knowing he would take it hard and got no answer. You left your work and went to the medical bay in the mansion where you thought you would see Tsuna, you did see him and Kyoko outside what you guessed was Ryohei’s room. Tsuna was comforting Kyoko holding her close to him and reassuring her. This did not bother you. Ryohei was Kyoko’s brother it was normal for Tsuna to want to comfort a close friend in this time. You left them alone to comfort each other.

But it was the weeks after that bothered you. During that time you saw Tsuna twice in a two weeks period; both times you had to seek him out. Even after Ryohei was cleared you didn’t see Tsuna as often as usual.

Finally you went to Kyoko, she had become a friend to you to ask her if she had seen Tsuna around and was met with them talking together in Kyoko’s apartment. You watched the way they smiled at each other and the way they looked at each other, the way Tsuna held her hand and hugged her.  You left quickly before they could see you.

He loved her. You resigned yourself. He still had feelings for her and what were you? You wondered as the car stopped at the mansion. You thanked the driver and made your way to Tsuna’s office. You wondered how you had been so blind to their feelings for each other for so long. How you let this happen to yourself? Or if there was any way for you to have stopped it.

You opened the door to his office.

She was there, with a plate of omelet in her hand. They turned to you both giving you a smile. You steeled yourself for what you were about to do, closing the door behind you.


This is in response to @yourmoontothenightsky ask:

Thanks again for the message!! Here’s what I got so far. First picture is supposed to be Fem!Tsuna and Male!Kyoko… Mukuro and Chrome could just do a faceswap lol. I don’t have anything yet for Lambo… and here’s a bit of explanation for my interpretation of their Fem!versions:

Gokudera - In canon, Shamal said that Gokudera imitated his hairstyle…because we all know Gokudera idolizes Shamal (at least during his childhood). For Fem!Gokudera, I think she will take Lavina as her role model instead and this is why she imitated her hairstyle (even without knowing that Lavina is her mom). To complete her punk look she also has dark, heavy makeup.

Yamamoto - Fem!Yamamoto maintains the short hairstyle because it’s better for playing baseball.

Ryohei - Similar reason as Yamamoto’s.

Hibari - I imagine Fem!Hibari would be like a yamato nadeshiko, complete with pale skin and long, dark hair, and has impeccable skills with tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement and biting people to death.

By the way, I was thinking of appropriate names for them and I just realized that Kyoko and Hibari could just do a name swap!! Sasagawa Kyouya and Hibari Kyoko rofl

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You’re no ordinary person, Tsuna-kun

Kyoko-chan is my sun after all

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I.W.P-chan's Headcanons: How Tsuna Cuddles With Family

( @plunniewhisperer who asked and I couldn’t say no)

How Tsuna Cuddles With His Family (Guardians plus Reborn Edition):

- Gokudera: Tsuna likes to sleep in Gokudera’s lap. Bonus points if Gokudera uses his hand to comb through Tsuna’s hair (it’s a surefire way to make Tsuna sleep instantaneously and Gokudera uses and abuses it whenever Tsuna overworks himself)

- Yamamoto: Tsuna likes to curl up to Yamamoto’s side.

- Ryohei: with Ryohei being sprawled on his back and Tsuna sprawled on his chest.

- Lambo: the same position as with Ryohei but their roles are reversed.

- Mukuro and Chrome: the two like to sandwich Tsuna in the middle.

- Hibari: same thing with Gokudera but with their roles reversed.

- Reborn: side by side with one of them tucking the other’s head under his chin while wrapping himself around him, they switch places and don’t keep a set role for each.

(Kyoko, Haru and I-Pin Edition):

- Kyoko: Tsuna and Kyoko don’t have a specific or preferred position but they always end up tangling their legs together whether they’re laying side by side or back to back or oven in opposite directions.

- Haru: Haru always latches onto Tsuna like a koala, her arms and legs are always wrapped around him.

- I-Pin: same as Yamamoto but their roles are reversed.

(I’ve been having feels about them cuddling with Tsuna lately. The other thing about how Tsuna is with his lover will be posted soon~)

Insta Fame Tsuna

A modern day au, wherein Tsuna is Instagram famous.

No but imagine Iemitsu sent Tsuna new phone, with like an amazing camera and Tsuna makes an Instagram because everyone has one.

  • He uploads a bunch of random photos, like sunsets or his house and he has a lot of followers because he forgot to make it a private account and his bullies use the photos to tease him.

  • But then one night he uploads a midnight selfie and he’s just grown out of his old pajamas, so he’s wearing an old baggy pair of Iemitsu’s and you can see his collar bones and everyone is like ’???? Since when was Tsunayoshi so cute???’

  • Suddenly he’s gotten a shit tonne more followers and all these likes and he’s really confused and why did Mochida just blush at him this morning? Why are all these people saying hi to him?

  • Then Kyoko’s suddenly always around him saying hi and there’s a worrisome glint in her eyes, and she practically forces him into taking photos and he uploads them to his Insta because why not?

  • Cue more followers and photos of Tsuna with icing on his nose blushing or him kissing Nana’s cheek or family dinners+Kyoko, Hana and Ryohei who’re steadily becoming his best friends and more midnight selfies in too big pajamas because Nana ‘accidentally’ bought him the wrong ones.

  • Imagine Tsuna popping up on Lussuria’s newsfeed when the Varia is meeting with the CEDEF and imagine Iemitsu completely destroying the phone and playing it off as an accident.

  • Imagine Iemitsu calling Nana frantically when the meeting is over and trying to convince her to convince Tsuna not to post anymore, because ‘shirtless photos Nana??? We don’t know all the creepy people online, what if they try something on Tuna-fish?’ And Nana is just like, 'it’s fine dear, I’m sure Tsu-kun is fine and you should be happy he’s putting your present to use’ and Iemitsu is just crying because he can’t even threaten all of the people who likes his son’s photo’s without bringing his family more trouble.

And lastly, just think of all the embarrassing moments that could occur to Tsuna and how he’d be so freakin’ oblivious to all the flirtatious comments and ahhhhhh! Instagram famous Tsuna 💕💕💕